How to get a pipe if your underage...

Discussion in 'Hand Pipes' started by The Blazemaster, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. ctwalrus

    ctwalrus New Member

    an easier way would be buying it online and having it sent to an over age friend
  2. Tony4/20

    Tony4/20 New Member

    theres also a chance that someone here could be selling pipes.. just for underagers..creative way to buy them and make money. im pretty sure underage people can make money orders, either way, theres many possibilities
  3. watchyoursix

    watchyoursix New Member

    to be quite honest, i had this same trouble when i first started out.
    I said screw trying to buy one, and started making my own, i still do it to this day (only bought 1 piece in my time)
    it takes a little effort to make your own, but if youre good at it, youll reap the benefits quickly
  4. Tandaman

    Tandaman New Member

    Would that store possibly be in Regina SK?
  5. joltting

    joltting New Member

    Well before I became an adult.. I was lucky that I look older then I was when I was 15. Since I looked older then average 15 year old, I was able to buy my self a pipe.

    But something to think about if you can't get your hands on one.

    Get a vacuum tube. Clean it to where you can see your face on it. Get you self a socket (for a wrench) . Use the lighter to melt the plastic at one end of the vacuum tube, and stick the socket of your choosing size into the hot vacuum tube. Seal the holes from the hole you made with candle wax. Then there you go, you got your self a home made steam roller :). (this does burn your bud FAST, but you do get some pretty massive hits.)

    It's amazing what you can come up with, just with average house hold items.
  6. Joeyy

    Joeyy New Member

    I can't take the humility of them rejecting me because of the look in their eyes when the say No. Where I am i have a head shop and a san diego and i just cant take that.
  7. Spazzer

    Spazzer New Member

    Luckily the closest headshop around in my area will sell to anyone, especially if they have seen you in there before. I'm underage and just walked in, picked out a pipe and bought it. Just got a new glass one from that place, bought to go down there this weekend to grab a dugout.
  8. CrazyBlaze

    CrazyBlaze New Member

    Im 14, and I have baught 2 pipes and 1 bong from the local headshot 5 mins away from me Called "Culture Rising" really cool people and they give you huge discounts! =D.

    Mississauga, Ont.


    I remember when I was underage they would not even let us in the back rooms ever to look at them we would get creative with what we had lying around or just go to home depot and get pieces and make metal pipes or the prefered steamroller (easier and bigger hits)
  10. Bowlblaze

    Bowlblaze Banned

    Dude, not a good idea to give the name AND location of a place that hooked you up with a pipe illegally.:nono: This is a public forum and anyone with a computer can read your post.
    Don't incriminate the people who've helped out out, or they may not be in a position to do so in the future.


    Just had a great Idea for a underage buyer to get a nice piece
    go get a visa/mastercard giftcard they sell the everywhere, get one with enough money on it for what you want and order it off of the internet............done deal
  12. TokingOnKadoka

    TokingOnKadoka New Member

    here is the best thing you could do, apparently you know someone that smokes which is over the age of 18. if not than iam veyr very suprised your smoking at all, but just find someone that smokes thats 18+ or atleast ok with thte fact that you smoke and ask them to buy the pipe for you or try buying one of their older pipes.
  13. Smallfrie

    Smallfrie New Member

    ....i think ur best bet is to either have an older friend who's "in the loop" that friend can hook u up w/ a pipe, or u don't have that and u're worried about hiding it from ur parents, u can always just make a pipe out of a pringles can or a soda can or an apple....that way you can destroy the evidence....some of my best highs were out of an apple when i was younger...


    I have a lot of nice pieces but I do miss my super soaker bong I had in 7th grade, I had some of my best highs from that thing
  15. mirzadeh

    mirzadeh New Member

    It might not be the safest way, my friend took her older sister's i.d (they look really similar) and we both went in there and got what we needed. The guy barely glanced at the picture.
  16. Mikeebud

    Mikeebud Sr. Member

    Nah Man, I swear its nothing to do with age, It's all about maturity, Me and my cousin went to a few pot shops in edmonton one time.

    And we just talked away and got to know em a bit, ( Im a friendly guy, Like to meet new people)

    And They all gratefully offered to sell us pipes, bongs, and other crap.

    They had a bong made of gold!
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  17. Up In Smoke

    Up In Smoke Guest

    I agree Mikee.

    If you present yourself well, you wont even have to dabble in the age conversation.

    Be polite and always speak with a positive attitude.

    It may just be me, but I notice when you dress nicely, (golf shirt, collar, i.e.) you get a lot more respect.
  18. lucam

    lucam New Member

    we were at the berkely flea market the other day and there were people selling nice glass pipes all over the place, who looked like they wouldnt care if someone underage bought one. unfortunately i had my moms money and she wouldve been suspicious if i spent it
  19. Logik

    Logik New Member

    the first post sounds like a "hey mister" for when some kid wants to buy booze, but when i got my first pipe i just had a friend that has connections, i mean i wouldn't always suggest asking around if you don't want people to find out, but if you have some friends, or are friends with a dealer, i'm pretty sure they could hook you up.
  20. byrned

    byrned New Member

    Kind of like some other people have said, you just have to be calm. Act like its no biggie. Me and a few buddies got one when we were 16. Just find the kid who looks the oldest and get him/her to get it. The place we went didnt even check, even though all of us were in the shop.

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