how to get high with little weed

Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by fogglungs, May 6, 2009.

  1. fogglungs

    fogglungs New Member

    :hail:have you ever been in the situation that for some reason you wont be able to get bud or cant for a day or more and dont think you can make that small nug last through these rough times?? well i have recently found out a method ,as i tried to smoke in my bathroom with minimum smoke (so my mom wouldnt catch me) that managed to get me mad faded off barely any bud....about .1 or .2 of a gram to be exact...VERY LITTLE... heres the trick
    in ur piece....pack super small snaps (im talking small as in the size of the writing part or a sharpened pencil or abut the size of this text "0000" and smoke it slowly and hold it for a couple secs and ghost it if you need to conceal the smell if not let out after no more than 4 this for a couple of snaps and it takes less weed to get u as high as it used to as far as ive experienced

    i think the reason is because when you take fat hits, all the smoke you exhale that makes you say "oh shit that was a fat milky hit" could indeed be re smoked and is therefore wasted. this is why a shot gun works as well as hot boxing. the smoke let out is PACKED with thc thats gone into the atmosphere..why not waste as little thc as possible right? well when u smoke little snaps it lets your lungs absorb as much thc as possible so i would honestly say that smoking this way can save you about 10 times the not a rocket scientist (obviously) haha im 17 almost 18 but from my experience it makes sence and it works for me

    dont get me wrong it takeslonger and u dont see the cool smoke so i only do this when im low on bud or i wanna keep the smoke and smell to a minimum
    PS: i found this out because i didnt wanna stink up the bathroom so if you dont need to hide it just hold in for 3 to 4 seconds and let out.:lock::lock::p:p
  2. fogglungs

    fogglungs New Member

    PS: i put a screen in my piece so the tiny nugs wouldnt go through and i get all the smoke there is in the baby nugg...hope i can help my fellow stoners out there make it through the day
  3. Zebra

    Zebra New Member

    Well wouldn't holding in a big hit absorb THC too? That's what I do and I take 3 heavy hits on my homemade bong and I get stoned. I just hold the smoke in for about 4 seconds.
  4. pkster8235

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    "0000" is a pretty big pencil tip.. anyway, I'll test out your theory since I am also running dry.

    Around 95% of the THC is absorbed within 4 seconds.. I don't remember the exact statistic but I do remember reading several times that the damage caused to your lungs from holding it in too long isn't worth the extra 5% THC. I think people feel higher when the do this only because of the oxygen loss.
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  5. femalesmoker

    femalesmoker New Member

    yea i heard the same ting its a waste, i used to think the same thing but with bowls, getin high of one, ha i used to sit and get high with this kid who said he sure new how to smoke weed. id hold it in and out in a few seconds hed hold it french it and i wouldnt see that much smoke left. (swallowed it) i was like wtf, we dude,
  6. MXM

    MXM Sr. Member

    go waterfall bong man.... i love it cause you save a LOT of weed and high really high.worked great for me when i had to hide... cause there are not like free smoke around. so irecommend you is both effective and cheap (homemade)

  7. If your in the bathroom, fire up the shower and let the steam fill the room up. It gets you pretty high because it relaxes your lungs so that you can take bigger, longer hits. Its like accelerated hot boxing in a way.
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  8. fogglungs

    fogglungs New Member

    well actually most of the thc is absorbed only in the inhale and exhale....the most you should hold a toke for is like 3 seconds because thats all the thc your lungs can absorb in one lungfull even if u ghost it...and i bet if you did what i tell in this thread ud b high off one bowl you would regularly rip out the bong and ull save 2 other bowls...haha im pretty high and i smoked at like 3 and all i had was a roach with barely ne weed...try it c if u like it
  9. fogglungs

    fogglungs New Member

    haha i no hahaha!!! im high off a baby roach i found and its lasted me like 2 hrs and the last 3rd hour has been a slow comedown so im still kinda faded
    hope it works for you man!
  10. fogglungs

    fogglungs New Member

    oh and what the holding in part was for mostly was to not get caught and have few smoke and smell so i said better to ghost it since its actually not that much ne ways but you dont need to
  11. fogglungs

    fogglungs New Member

    if your talking about the holding in part its just so it wont smell if your avoiding people from knowing ur smoking but yeah i recomend 3 to 4 seconds of holding it in
  12. fogglungs

    fogglungs New Member

    ive experienced that too haha it does get me higher
  13. Tweakedoutt

    Tweakedoutt New Member

    Try smoking a bunch of little snaps, your getting greens every time.
  14. AgentCherryColla

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    What I do is similar to this. I make sure I have my 20OZ Bong (Small enough hide, big enough to capture all the smoke) Then I get a nice burn going on with .2G's, and I take nice small hits. I do a mental countdown, 3, 2, 1. I'm high by the time the adventure time episode starts. I also find eating, and walking before you toke helps. Personally it gets my blood, flowing which helps get you higher. Eating before hand helps to because (Personally) eating while I'm high brings me down fast.

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