how to get rid of smoke smell?

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by StonerSimpson420, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. StonerSimpson420

    StonerSimpson420 New Member

    My friend and i smoke all the time in his house and we use a paper towel roll stuffed with dryer sheets to exhale all the smoke into. It works ok but i wanna know if there is a better way.
  2. BornOn420(:

    BornOn420(: New Member

    If you have a window, try blowing the smoke into the sploof and out of the window. Also try to make sure that no smoke leaks out of your piece. Afterwards, try a light spray of febreze and/or light a candle or incense. Happy tokin!
  3. blazinallday

    blazinallday New Member

    just turn a fan pointed out a window and blow out the window. the only bad thing about weed is that once your house smells like weed it lingers.... like hell
  4. Ryan 4891

    Ryan 4891 New Member

    when i smoke in my room....I have door closed, towel rolled under bottom crack of door. window open fanon, blow my hits in my closest and spray axe of whatevery when im done. only got caught 1 time buts thats cuz i was gettin ready for work with my door cracked (jus took a hit) and my dad walked upstairs :(...but ya works really well
  5. Teleo9

    Teleo9 New Member

    I really wish I had some sort of gadget that told me if my room smells like weed :p. I always think I'm being too paranoid but you never can be too sure.
  6. TP4BungHole

    TP4BungHole New Member

    Try a window? lol
  7. Dankitydankness

    Dankitydankness Sr. Member

    By a window fan. They're just fans you put in your windows like portable air conditioning units. You can either have the airflow bring air into your room or blow it out. Obviously you want to smoke by the fan and have it blow air out of the room.

    You could also try buying a smokebuddy instead of sploof. They're more efficient. You can order it off the internet, but they're like$20. And the only problem is you have to keep buying more cuz they wear out. So they're alot more expensive then sploofs.

    And also buy ozium. It's the best smoke odor eliminator I know of. And you can buy smoke candles
  8. Luke Jazz

    Luke Jazz New Member

    Use lavender Oil.. Its very effective and potent to sh*t, It comes in a little bottle. You might be able to find around your bathroom if your lucky.. Just spray a bit around your room and your room will smell like lavender for days :) l.jpg

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