how to kill mold?

Discussion in 'Growing Topics' started by sassey52, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. sassey52

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    Hello, is there any way to kill mold once it starts? all buds dry but this red mold seems to keep growing. is there any way to kill it without ruining the weed? PLEASE HELP......
  2. BizzyB

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    PREVENTIVE MEASURES: Depending on what kind of mold you have, you can take certain measures such as:

    1. Spraying with a fungicide, such as Serenade (bacillus subtillis) or Bordeux. For powder mold the bible recomends spraying with a water mixture of baking soda and distlled water, which raises the PH to above 7.0 on the foilage leaf.

    2. Lowering humidity to below 50 and raising temperatures to above 76.
    3. Lots of air circulation

    To Kill It:

    Go to your local garden shop, or nursery, and buy a bottle of potassium bicarbonate - Mix an ounce of potassium bicarbonate in a gallon of water and 1.5 cups (12 oz, 340 grams) of milk—I prefer non fat, because it is less oily—but whole milk works as well.
    - Spray on your plants or dip them in it. It kills the living fungus and the potassium bicarbonate creates an alkaline environment that hinders germination of spores.
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  3. sassey52

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    i can use this on dried weed? it is already ready to be bagged....
  4. BizzyB

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    To be honest with you, you should not smoke it, no matter what. I agree if you are going to try to salvage the bud that a tincture would be the best bet, but I would suggest against it. Certain kinds of mold can scar your lungs.

    Throw it away and live to smoke another day!

    Just use my prevention method on your plants next time

    Sorry bro..

    EDIT: But you CAN inspect it, find all the mold, and pick it all off, or cut it off, that's probably the only way!

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