How to make a Homemade Smoke Buddy for less than $5

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  1. c_weiler

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    What you will need:
    • 1 AquaClear Activated Carbon Filter Insert (any carbon filter pouch will do, from any pet store)
    • 3 Bounce sheets
    • Toilet Paper
    • 2 Toilet Paper Tubes
    • Tape

    Optional but I like better:
    • Empty gift card or thick cardboard material to act as end cap


    Step 1: To start off you are going to take two toilet paper tubes and connect together. When doing this you may need to dent in one of the tubes so it fits properly, slide the one tube in about 1 inch or so or until held firm.

    Step 2: (skip to step 3 if you do not want an end cap) I prefer to have a secured end cap on the end of my tube, the reason is that it keeps everything in place, and nothing will fall out of the one end when you are blowing through it. To make an end cap, I used a plastic gift card that I took from a Tim Horton’s, traced the toilet paper tube onto the card and then cut it out. From there I then took a single hole punch (you can also use a knife in a screw motion) and punched a series of holes into the card like the picture shown. I then used pieces of tape like shown in the picture and folded then over the edge of the tube to hold it tight. To make it a tight seal I put tape all the way around the edges.


    Step 3: Now you are going to begin putting the materials inside of the tube. I highly doubt that it matters what order you put all of this in, but for the sake of this tutorial I will explain the order I did it in. To start I put 1 dryer sheet at the very bottom of the tube, to cover up all of the holes we had just made.

    Step 4: I then took the activated carbon Insert and wrapped a dryer sheet around it (not completely necessary, but I did it so no smoke gets by the sides) and piece of string to tie the dryer sheet around the activated carbon insert. I then put the carbon insert into the tube and pushed it all the way down to the bottom.


    Step 5: You are now going to make a ball of toilet paper, enough to fill almost the rest of the tube, leaving about an inch at the end so your mouth has room.

    You have now created a Smoke Buddy for under $5, although it won’t last as long, the only thing that you will really need to change is the toilet paper every couple days.

    This homemade Smoke Buddy will filter all smoke out of the air, leaving behind a very faint smell of dryer sheets, unlike a regular spoof where the whole room smells for a very long time afterwards of dryer sheets.

    Happy smoking everyone and enjoy your new homemade smoke buddy!
  2. SouthCentral

    SouthCentral New Member

    hoow long does the carbon filter pouch last?
    nd does this really work?
    does it help with all the smell??
  3. I'mwithweed

    I'mwithweed New Member

    Carbon filter will last for a ton of seshes. I don't really think you need to change out the toilet paper but it will probably start to smell like weed.
  4. DoprahWinfrey54

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    How to make the ULTIMATE smell proof room. (And yes, this even goes for dorm rooms)
    Step 1. Make the Air Filter as described above. It should cost you around $10 to get enough supplies to make about 20 of them. (Thank You C_Weiler, I wish I had known about the activated carbon when I was still living with my parents. Hell, we had a fish tank, I'm sure we had some lying around.)
    Step 2. Put a Damp Towel on the bottom of the door and cover the bottom door crack completely.
    Step 3. Cover the rest of the door cracks with Duct Tape.
    Step 4. Open any and all windows in your room as much as they will open.
    Step 5. Put a fan next to the door with the air blowing away from the door and toward the window. (or turn on a ceiling fan if you have one)
    Step 6. Since you are going to have to encounter side stream smoke and there is always the chance of coughing out a huge hit and stinking up the place, you're going to want to purchase a big ol bottle of ozium. a big bottle will last you forever because a little goes a long way. I have a bottle now in 'new car smell' scent. That should get rid of the side stream smoke and the unpredictable. Get the room back to perfect before you remove the towel and duct tape. Good Luck everyone. P.S. This is my first post or reply or anything thing as a member :D

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