How to make a homemade stem and bowl.

Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by Grass-Smoka, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. Grass-Smoka

    Grass-Smoka 303% Acid

    I'm going to make a homemade bong with a cranberry bottle (really big). I'm curious how to make a stem and bowl that isn't bad health-wise. Also, I want to put ice in it to make it smoother, do I just put it in the place with the water? I've never used bombs before. Only joints.

    BONGS not bombs, damn ipod touch autocorrect :p
  2. SenorSmokesALot

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    Use a socket for the bowl and any tube for the stem (pens work really well). Easy as that. If you need a more in depth explanation just use the search tool on the forum for "homemade bong" and you'll get a lot of threads. Good luck. Cheers
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  3. Acedeuceblazer

    Acedeuceblazer New Member

    Ya sockets work fine but the ash always gets sucked into the water and makes it dirty. Use a screen If you can. And for the stem bic pen tubes work best. I prefer unscrewing the metal tip part of one of those nice spring pens and taping or super gluing it to a pen tube. Works the best but make sure to save it!
    And ya just put ice in the water but put less water in so it doesn't overflow as it melts
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  4. Grass-Smoka

    Grass-Smoka 303% Acid

    you guys are saying sockets, wtf are sockets?

    EDIT: ok, i googled socket, so from like my dads tools. my dad would notice though if i take a part of his tools, maybe not right away, but in time he will notice. i guess i can just use one that's not of importance.
  5. Acedeuceblazer

    Acedeuceblazer New Member

    He won't know it was you though so your good. Use the pen thing it's better
    wow I'm soo stoned haha that took like 20 minutesss
  6. StonedCoder

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  7. Phylter

    Phylter New Member

    I generally avoid the bic pen stem, I don't like plastic that close to the flame. As far as other options, though...there aren't many.

    I had the luck of shattering my airsoft gun in cold weather, so I used the metal barrel from that. Err...but that's not exactly cost-effective.

    Spend a couple of dollars at a hardware store?

    Edit: You could also use the bic pen idea, but instead of a bowl, just stick joints into the mouth of the stem. Means you don't have a bowl to clean, means you do need to worry about dropping ashes, means you only light once.
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  8. Grass-Smoka

    Grass-Smoka 303% Acid

    Ok, I took and emptied out a pen that I didn't use for a long time, and also I 'borrowed' one of my dad's sockets. It's a fairly small one. I think it said 1/2. Well for a screen I cut out a piece of the dish things that are meant fr hard to scrub off stuff (tangled up plastic). Shit, I just realized that it's plastic... K I'm not going to use that lol. Well I put the socket in a container of rubbing alcohol to clean it. How long should it be in there?
  9. Acedeuceblazer

    Acedeuceblazer New Member

    It doesn't matter you don't really need to clean it but ya just stick the socket in the pen and glue or tape them together and you're all good
  10. Grass-Smoka

    Grass-Smoka 303% Acid

    I kind of had to clean it. It was greasy and dirty inside. Wouldn't want to be smoking that :/
  11. KA$H

    KA$H New Member

    Go to your local smoke shop or cigarette store, they'll usually carry glass stems for 10 dollars.
    With those, you'll be able to make a bong out of virtually anything you please to (within reason of course)

    Though if unable to do so, I'd suggest using all metal material, as if you light the bowl, the plastic stem may melt, which results in you inhaling melting plastic fumes.

    Try and find a metal pen/mechanical pencil and hallow it out, then use a socket as the bowl.

    Back before I bought my bong I used a metal lead case (ones to hold lead for a mechanical pencil), I cut the closed off end and attached a socket to the top. Cleaned it thoroughly and made a water bottle bong. The fun part of homemade pieces is being stoned and having to be creative with making pieces, then smoke more.
  12. knowpedder

    knowpedder New Member

    go to your local hobby shop, and they usually have a box full of metal tubes...

    I use a 5/16" stainless steel tube (12" long)

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