How to make a vape?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by robTHEstoner, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. robTHEstoner

    robTHEstoner New Member

    How could i make a vape at home. nice and easy please. nothing special
  2. stevebeast

    stevebeast New Member

    you can do a search on youtube and get some good vids on how to make the lightbulb or soldering iron vape, wich is ok to see if you like vaping, but i strongly recommend you buy a commercial convection vape. A convection vape works with hot air not just heating the surface, there is a huge difference. The efficiency of a good vape will pay for itself in no time, I am still amazed at how long my material lasts.
  3. SleepyJohn

    SleepyJohn Sr. Member

    There are lots of information, in the"Home made" forum. In my opinion, please stay away from the light bulb method. it may work, but the danger of electrocution isn't worth it. The "convection" method seems more stable. It is really worth it, to save up,and purchase a good manufactured model. A good look through THIS FORUM, is a way to find out what works. Too young for stores? Internet trade? Search engines.
  4. stevebeast

    stevebeast New Member

    i was reffering to the light bulb method where the inside is hollowed out and no electricity is involved.
  5. robTHEstoner

    robTHEstoner New Member

    ok thanks guys. the only reason im not out buyin one is the fact that im not 18 yet. just to let you know i dont have the powers of someone like you guys at the headshop
  6. Auralis

    Auralis New Member

    If you're really looking to buy one without being 18, you could always buy some sort of visa gift card and order it online.
  7. dk15

    dk15 New Member

    How the hell could you electrocute yourself when making a lightbulb vape/disposing of the metal part of a non-plugged in lightbulb?
  8. Up In Smoke

    Up In Smoke Guest

    LightBulb Vaporizers are great and do work. There is a learning curve involved, Once you find the minute details involved in constructing and/or operating your lightbulb vaporizer, it should work just like any store bought vaporizer, albeit efficiency figures etc.

    This style of Vaporizer gave me a chance to explore the then, untapped world of Vapour. It sure did have an impact. I now have graduated to a V Tower Extreme. I thank the Lightbulb Vaporizer for this.

    (Note: Unless you're contructing your Lightbulb Vape in a puddle of water and near an open source of electricity, there is a slim to zero chance you'll get electricuted. Inaccurate Info posted above)
  9. robTHEstoner

    robTHEstoner New Member

    i couldnt get my lightbulb one to work. the actual that lights up inside it would never come out. when it did the whole bulb broke
  10. Up In Smoke

    Up In Smoke Guest

    Gently tap the plug end of the bulb with the back of a spoon.

    Not forceful, but consistent light tapping will break that seal.
  11. robTHEstoner

    robTHEstoner New Member

    im actually thinking about just using a glass bottle. anyone think it would work?
  12. Up In Smoke

    Up In Smoke Guest

    It will be much harder to get an accurate (stable) temperature.

    The glass needs to be quite thin, or else you'll just heat it up until the point of combustion.

    It should work, just not as well, and will be much harder to figure out.

    Trust me with the Spoon. I've never broken a bulb.
  13. robTHEstoner

    robTHEstoner New Member

    ok. well ill go ahead and try the bulb again.
  14. tenacioustornado

    tenacioustornado New Member

    if you can get somebody to buy you a cigar(or test tube if you can get it at a chemistry type store) with a thin glass cigar tube holding it basically a test tube vape. You can direct inhale or put two holes in the top for a carb hole the other for a straw for inhaling.
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