How to make dried activated cannabis capsules without any mess

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    1. Preheat oven to 225F and let the temperature stabilize. It is important to make sure your oven is at the proper temperature before adding the cannabis.

    2. Prepare the cannabis,remembering that one double O capsule (size OO) contains .2 grams dried cannabis without tamping and about .3 grams utilizing the tamping tool. it is suggested that you use the leaf/trim/shake or immature/harsh buds for the capsules and save the good buds for vaporizing. Dry the cannabis thoroughly before grinding.

    3. When dry,put the cannabis in a food processor (like a Cuisinart,and grind it up to the maximum. It will be a rougher grind.

    4. Take the rougher grind out of the food processor and pulverize it to dust in a coffee bean grinder. Turn it into dust or at least small enough to easily fit into the capsules. Some think this pulverizing to dust may improve digestion particularly in persons with irritable bowel or malabsortion problems.

    5. Transfer that to an oven -worthy dish (like a Corning Ware casserole dish with a cover). Now rake the cannabis dust with a fork to get it evenly distributed on the bottom of the dish to improve the odds of cannabis getting to the right temperature for activation.

    6. In the pre-heated to 225F oven,place the cannabis mixture for 20 minutes or longer. Set a loud timer. Sources say 10 minutes at 210-220F-will decarboxylate (removes the carbom dioxide or -COOH or-CO2) from the raw cannabis and makes it more potent. The extra time is arbitrary so all the cannabis (even the material insulated in the middle) gets hot. NOTE: I have only done this for small amounts of cannabis so if you use more cannabis it might mean more cooking time with some stirring to get an even temperature distribution. There is no cannabis smell in your kitchen at this low temp until you lift the lid and get a little whiff of vaporized terpene. If you are not sure about your oven temperature you can put an oven thermometer in a seprate dish. Just keep the temp around 225F. WARNING: if the oven gets too hot,you will vaporize your cannabis and ruin it. At extreme temperatures,you might even ignite it. This is making medicine,so pay close attention please.

    7. While the cannabis is activating,set up your capsule rack. I use one from Commercial Link deleted but they are sold at many health food stores where natural herbal medicine is offered. My capsule rack is for 50 of the (OO) double O capsules and this seems to be a good size.

    8. Remove the hot activated cannabis from the oven and pour or spoon into a room temperature (not hot) dish that wont burn you.

    9. Make the capsules from the dried activated ground cannabis just like you would from any dried herb. The instructions for legal herbs are at the above mentioned website. Use the tamping tool to pack it in if you want to raise the amount of cannabis contained in the capsule from about .2 grams to .3 grams.

    10. The ideal dose one swallows will depend on the quality of the cannabis. It is always easier to add more medicine than it is to take it out once you swallow it, so "start low and go slow". An average dose might be one capsule every 4-6 hours as needed for pain or spasm. They work faster (30-60) minutes and better if taken on an empty stomach. (1 hour before or 2 hours after eating). With a big glass of water and an empty stomach it gets into the small bowels rapidly without belching or bad aftertaste issues like some have experienced with oil capsules.

    If you live in a medical marijuana state these are cheap and totally eliminate the need for Marinol,which cost $15 to $25 for a 10mg capsule. Any oral cannabis capsules can cause sleepiness but there seems to be less adverse effects,such as anxiety while using oral cannabis than the pure THC (Marinol). Otherwise,adverse reactions for new users are approximately as described at Commercial Link deleted

    Finally,when put in an Echinacea or vitamin container,they don't attract attention. A medical marijuana patient could easily medicate without attracting attention. Hope this helps medical marijuana patients get easier relief.

    This information is not intended to serve as a guide for how much or how often to medicate yourself.

    Any and all questions you have reguarding dosage or frequency should be discussed by you with your own doctor!



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