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Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by caz, Aug 15, 2001.

  1. caz

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    I was wondering how people make hash and how they smoke it. I have tried before and was told two ways to do it. 1st was to put it in a coffee grinder and grind the hell out of it and then scrape the sides of the grinder and that is hash. But it didn`tt feel any diferent than smoking regular weed.
    2nd way was to take it and just rubbit all over your hands and then try and make little black balls by rubbing your hands together, but that didn`t work very well at all. in both those cases i ended up f**king up $150 in krypto.:redhot: so please help me out so i don`t waste any more precious budha.
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    hash is consistent of up to 3 things;
    pure cannabis oil-this is what produces that "stoned" feeling

    kif-this is crystal trichromes and tiny plant matter, i think it's higher on cbn and cbd since you get "higher"

    binding substances-not substances as in drugs but something that takes away that extremely high percentage of cannabinoids and make it normal, also this binds everything together it's added before theypress the hash

    there are different methods of
    making kif and oil and i don't wanna list everything here but anyway kif is made of plants shaked and pressed in these TINY screens and oil is made by for example the finger method you mentioned or beating a rough sack with plants in it and collecting it that way..
    hope i can be of help.
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    regular hashish is made by (if done by hand) rubbing the juicy cola nugs (fresh from plant) repeatedly between your hands with good pressure. after you keep doing this long enough, the resin will become a thick film on your hands and then you roll it into a ball, like clay or somethin. i've seen pics of it before, you might be able to find em on the net.
  4. sifion

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    save the "butts" and then put a lot of them together and you'll have hash
  5. Panama

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    No, you won't, Sifion, you'll have a ball of roach dope.

    Hash is the trichromes and fine leaf shake from mature female plants that is compressed into bricks.
  6. theinfamousgoat

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    i MAY be wrong but...

    hashish is thc resisn taken from the tops of female buds, you cant really make it unless you actually grow the weed

    smoking it- hash pipe or hot knives

    hers a link thatl help-
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    ah.. good 'ol hotknives .. but what happened to the topic?? Im confused:wave:
  8. yardDarts

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    theinfamousgoat is right
  9. thepetro420

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    I met this hippy at a fest and we bought some weed off of him and hung out with them most of the weekend. really good weed,cookies(oatmeal raisin and sugar) and we were tokin on sat. morning and he pulled out a film container and gave me a hit of his hash. he said after every joint he rolled he took the rubbings off of his fingers and saved it (said he got a half of a hit per joint he rolled). and i was extra f*cked up the whole day. if your ever having a joint rolling session break it up with your hands and save the rubbings.

    Peace out

  10. Bongzilla

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    The way they make hash in Nepal and all those other countries is by rubbing the plants, and scraping the resin from their hands to make balls of hash.

    My friend does this: about once every month or two, he scrapes his bud buster for the resin. He ends up getting A LOT, and then puts it all in a ziplock bag. Puts the bag in a vice for a while, and voila, homemade hash ;)

    It does the trick!
  11. t0ker

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    effects of hash

    hash is just stronger than weed. It takes a smaller ammount to get f**ked up. I think it tastes a little different (can't remember)
  12. \/\/EEd $/\/\0K

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    truth about hash oil

    Hash oil can be made several ways:1 solvent- Pure rubbing alcohol is a good solvent, but gives small amount of ok stuff. Pure acetone makes alot more which is also alot more DANK! They say 70% thc is about the best you'd come across. Isopropyl(rubbing) alcohol gets maybe 15%, Acetone gets around 30% to 50%. You also get about three times the yeild with acetone. Petroleum ether works best but I'm afraid of it. You take a glass container and put ALL of your chopped up plant wet or dry into this container with enough solvent to dilute your marijuana's thc to a ditch weed level (or worse?) put a crap on the container and shake the living tarcrap out of it. let it sit, AND ATTACK AGAIN, let it sit AND so on. after about an hour and 2000 calories put it in a glas container with EXTREMELY FLAT inside edges put this on a pot of boiling water until the solvent is dry. scrape the"flat" sides of your container and put this SUPER DANK AWESOME KICKa$$ INTO A DOOBIE COMIT SUICIDE BY THC!:D :cool: ;) :eek: :eek:

    You can also use cold water and a filter to get out "kief" but all these methods ar wasteful and difficult to do successfully, unless you take the wet weed and put it through solvent extraction, because the weed is no longer good once it's wet. Also cold water extraction takes practice before you can get any significant quantity, but you can smoke this by itself in a bowl(pipe)as hash oil will go through your screen to be recycled again at a lower quality when your clean your bowl
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    bongziller what is a bud buster? this idea interests me. :)
  15. aneyhenderson

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    Hash, or hashish, is prepared from the most potent part of the cannabis plant .Hash will often look nothing like weed, but the highs are very similar, one is just more condensed.
  16. Adelaideyouth

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    The above method on solvents is pretty good, you can make hash from the trichomes etc from the plant, the solvents used to make it you generally want to be non-polar because they absorb thc but not other plant matter. Butane is a good solvent for this. Other solvents that work are (as afore mentioned) rubbing alcohol, high-proof rum or other alcohol, WATER IS NOT A GOOD SOLVENT you'll just waste your money so don't try that. However, I don't have time to explain everything here, so I'll link a brief video from youtube that briefly explains the details.

    Also this is more for oil, but making hash is similar.

    To make the hash (bricks etc) another way is to collect the resin off the plant matter, can be done with a screen or something, put the resin into an old bag, press the bag evenly and eventually you should end up with a form of hash.

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