how to make smoking devices

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  1. thaCARTER_III

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    Post ways to make your own smoking devices at home. Post pictures too if you can!
  2. ctwalrus

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    the lung (Rumpelstiltskin)
    take a 2 liter bottle or smaller (smaller works better but you can use big stuff)
    cut off the entier bottom of the bottle and a hole in the cap
    take a bread bag or a newpapper bag and make sure there are no holes
    tape the bottom inch of the bag into a little grabby thing
    then tape (electrical tape works best) the bag to the bottom of the bottle
    take your cap and shove a socket in it (glue it if needed for an air tight fit) and a screen in the socket

    take the cap off suck the bag in put the cap on fill it with bud put a flame next to the bud and pull as slowly as possible down on the bag

    it will FILL i mean fill this can be passed around its so full
    or if you think you can take it (first time users of the lung cant, they just cant) clear the whole thing by your self
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    THE BONG DESIGN PAGE! Has a lot of bong how-to's with pics.

    There's also this thing called search. Come on man you found homemade Paraphernalia, there's hundreds of other threads about making them out of apples, to 2 liter bottles, even saw a 3 chamber pipe with mason jars on here once.
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