How to on making a Bamboo Bong

Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by WesWolf88, May 18, 2007.

  1. WesWolf88

    WesWolf88 New Member

    Yeah I'm pretty sure bamboo holds it's green color, at least for awhile. I need to make the bowl bigger. I used a head of a wrench nut, but too much of the weed falls through if it's not big enough.

    The bong idea is much better, just takes more work and supplies. My cousin made one (it hit TOO hard, but it broke).

    Oh yeah, also bamboo is built on various different sections, like a foot apart. (like tree rings). Cut right after one of the sections while making the piece. One side of your bamboo log will automatically be closed off (no need to make a base or hold the smoke with your hand).

    Here's what I had in mind for my next creation
  2. KiwiLaser

    KiwiLaser New Member

    Oh, I should have mentioned, the hole usually is way to big at the bottom of a ratchet head, but if you go down to your local head shop they should sell little screens for bowls that work perfectly for what you need. It's like a little round meshy thing that fits perfectly in the bottom of the ratchet head and prevents all the ganj from falling through. They work really well for regulars spoons and stuff too if the hole is too big. At the head shop by me they only cost like a nickel so I usually pick up a bunch of them for whenever I need them.
  3. ZephyrEire

    ZephyrEire Guest

    so I have spent a bit of time today attempting to make a bamboo bong, and thus is my progress so far
    I used the bottom of a section of bamboo for the base, and punched out the top section to get a little extra height on it. The hole I just drilled using a boring tip at an angle, more or less eyeballed it. Then the down stem is a wooden dowel, and drilling through it proved to be a bitch and a half. I have a drill press in my garage, but it was still really hard to do. The bowl is another piece of dowel that i drilled a little bowl into and made it more or less fit into the stem :p
    then i sealed up the stem with JB Weld (thanks for the tip on that!), and also put some at the tip where the bowl goes, for some extra seal. I'm not going to let the bowl set there, I just want it to be more airtight.
  4. WesWolf88

    WesWolf88 New Member

    Looks good man, just need work on that bowl. Bamboo just looks so sweet. I hate smoking out of things that look unnatural. When you're smoking out of something like bamboo, you just get the feeling you're doing it the real way, like out in some jungle or something.

    When I make the bong I'm gonna make with a water chamber and slide. I just need to do some more research. I'm really surprised this idea isn't more known...
  5. ZephyrEire

    ZephyrEire Guest

    it works :)

    tested it out last night for a trial-run. The wooden bowl is nice - very natural feeling and dosn't get hot quickly so it's easy to pull out, which is good because theres no handle for it or anything.

    It's still a little awkward to use because the top is pretty big and theres a piece sticking out that makes it hard to get a good seal, but i can fix those problems with a little more work

    my friend named it Jungle Fever :p
  6. Nuke0063

    Nuke0063 New Member

    This thread has inspired me to build my own out of bamboo.

    its all bamboo, including stem and bowl. No glue needed. all i used was a knife and fresh bamboo out of someone's backyard


    (sorry for quality, it was taken with a phone)
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  7. The Kush

    The Kush New Member

    Ok, im convinced i gotta make one of these. I get off on making homemade stuff to smoke out of haha.
  8. Joffy

    Joffy New Member

    Good idea(Y)

    hey guys. i found a mad idea on the net while searching and researching its an awesome idea , the bottom of the bong is a coconut but im pretty sure you would sand it down or something at the bottom for a flat surface. then the pipe is bamboo and all that jaz. also i highly recomend getting some lacquer/varnish for the outside of the bamboo as a finish, it looked pretty mad. Coconut and Bamboo Bong --- Pipes and Bongs Superstore -
  9. Hypetrain

    Hypetrain New Member

    BAHAHAHAAHAHA that got me. I can just see this dude walking through all this bamboo looking for the perfect piece. :D
  10. seanof_thebud

    seanof_thebud New Member

    when i made my piece out of bamboo i just made a zoomtube it was alot easyer
  11. jamesgregory

    jamesgregory New Member

    bamboo bongs? These are from my college days

    First post here.

    When I was in music school, I met a friend who made terrific bongs out of bamboo. He used three distinct diameters. one for the body, the stem and the carb. The stem is held in place with modeling clay (you roll into a long band, about as big around as a worm). You seal the stem that way, and when it comes time to clean the whole thing, you can simply remove the stem, and replace it with new clay when you're finished cleaning.

    I read that some people in here had the experience of it tasting funny, I never ran into that.

    One advantage I find with a bamboo bong (one made well that is), is that when tipped over, it allows you that extra split second to grab it before it spills bong water all over the place. That is due to the natural lip inside the bamboo (at the seam).

    I spoke to him recently and he said he has some bamboo left over, enough to do another one for me.

    If I can get him to share his secrets, I'll post some tips on how he does it.

    I do know his only tools are an Exacto blade set, some masking tape, and an emery cloth.

    Thanks! Pic added. Mine is the shorter of the group. The old brown one on the left was his first effort (the B1 he calls it), and it's still working. The first time I drew a hit out of it was 1976!)

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  12. BudSmoker92

    BudSmoker92 Sr. Member

    Welcome. Attaching a photo is easy..when submitting a reply or post, scroll down and click the button "Manage Attachments" and then just find the picture in your folder and click upload...simple.
  13. toothfairy420

    toothfairy420 Stoner Chique

    Those are pretty sweet, James, are those little carbs on the stems?
  14. jamesgregory

    jamesgregory New Member

    Yes. Those were made from small stalks of bamboo. They were found in town (Denton) while the rest was harvested in Florida I think.

    Lol, you can really tell how old that picture is by the television. When is the last time you saw one with knobs?
  15. chadfm

    chadfm New Member

    This video can help

    YouTube - ‪Tropicalpipes's Channel‬‏

    That video shows someone making a bamboo bong.
  16. PumpKing

    PumpKing New Member

    good seal at mouth

    i know that this topic is basically dead but just encase some1 happens to look at it and is trying to find a good way to get an airtight seal between your face and the bamboo (or ne other material u decide 2 use for your bong) i suggest bees wax. get a lil ball of it in your hand and kinda squish it around till its plyable, then rub it between your hands till it makes kinda like a snake. place if around the top edge of your bong and squish it down a lil bit. i also like to melt some more of the wax in like a lil bowl and dip the same end of the bong in it so the wax is less likley to fall off, and it looks alot more aesthetically pleasing.

    hope this helps some1

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