How to pass mouth swab test.

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    My husband has smoked marijuana daily for years. He quits for about a month before a urine test and has always passed along with using SureGel. He is now applying for a new job and they do oral swab tests. I need to know how long he should be stopped before taking the test to pass and any suggestions on things to do just to be sure he passes. I was thinking it would take months before he could pass, but then I read on here somewhere that he could be stopped for a few days and still pass. PLease help and thanks in advance.
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    Hey guys,
    I'm a daily smoker, & I have an interview at Universal Studios next Friday. I was wondering..I smoked last night, & am planning to stop today until the interview. Do you think I'll pass the swab test (so I hear they do) they give?
    Thanks :)

    & i wish you a happy smoking session :))
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    intercept oral by quest

    i just had an interview and they wanted me to start asap, i already have my start date, i am a big fella, 240lbs and smoke 2-4 blunts daily for years, last blaze was 40 hours before swab, i used a little peroxide 2 hrs before and i held it between my teeth not on gums but it was soaked of course, is it safe for me to give my boss the stone cold ????? i cant stop thinking or celebrate and i cant call and ask if i passed, that would seem odd i think. gimme some honest thoughts please..:confused:
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    Thank you grillmeat!!!!!!!

    I passed my test, it was an instant result 6 panel swab test.
    I didn't smoke for 44 hours
    I just brushed my teeth probly like 20 or so times.
    I kept swishing my mouth out with peroxide and mouthwash every hour. (seperately)
    also I rinsed my mouth out with both peroxide and moutwash before I went in for the test.

    I passed no problems at all. $17 an hour here I come!!!!!!
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    i have dentures

    i have dentures ,will it show up if they just rub the plastic??
  7. shoot

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    ill find out today

    ill find out today i just bit the bullet and quit for a few days(about 72hrs)
    i am a very very heavy smoker. i will try the mouth wash and peroxide
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    Mouth swab tests dont seem to work to well to me. I smoked for my first time 4 years ago in 6th grade and it was at marley fest with my friends. And the district had a policy where they sniffed with a dog and if someone got caught and you were in there friend circle then they would do a mouth swab test on you right away without notification and they would suspend you for a week for not passing. I had just smoked a week earlier at Marley Fest for my first time and they mouth swabbed me and I passed and so did all my friends who were daily smokers.
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    I passed the swab test

    WOO HOO! I've been reading up about how to pass my swab test, and I did! Here's what happened:

    I did not smoke the night before, BUT..... I did not have a full 48 hours clean.
    I drank a lot of liquids the day before the test. I brushed my teeth four times, flossed twice, and used an anti-septic oral cleanser twice.

    The day of my test, I brushed my teeth & flossed, used the oral cleanser and sucked on a mint on the drive to the test.

    Once I got into the parking lot, I swished HIGH VOLTAGE Saliva Cleanse Mouthwash. The bottle says that if cleanses your saliva for up to a half an hour. I'm not sure if this step was essential or not. The little bottle of mouthwash cost me 18 dollars at a local headshop.

    SO! My point is:

    brush your teeth OFTEN and do not smoke the day before your test! Use an anti-septic oral cleanser with hydrogen peroxide and you should be fine! :)

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