How to permanently clean urine and hair for drug testing

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  1. lila0522

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    High everyone,
    I'm new to this site and created this account to know how to pass my drug test. I need help to pass a urine and hair drug test in 2 weeks. I need suggestions like what kind of affordable products can permanently clean my urine and hair. I'll take home remedies, secrets on how to pass, and affordable products that permanently clean my urine and hair.

    I've smoked this past week at least 2 times and in the month of December ,of last year, I've used a lot, so I might say I'm a heavy user but recently I have been cutting back, for my own reasons.

    I've already purchased The Cleaner and Natural Sources Cranberry Concentrate would these work to totally and permanently clean my system in time for my urine drug test?
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  2. GabbyF

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    There are many remedies that you can try at home on the web. For hair the treatments those can be harsh...scalp burning sensations. But when you smoke the chemicals are inside your hair shaft and you need to open up the follicle to strip MJ chemicals out and replace it with new hair color...usually. So bleaching and then redeposit color into hair. Depending on how much time you have you can try it several times. I only found one site that has a ton of info. educational and recipes to try yourself and lots of comments from people. It won't let me share not sure how to tell you where to go. I did the home remedy several times and I ended up passing the test. Talk about being on pins and needles for awhile!!
  3. lila0522

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    Thank you for the advice but when you used the home remedy did it damage your hair and scalp?
  4. GabbyF

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    It felt pretty bad...coarse the hair stylist messed it up...and that is because it does damage your hair. But shaving my head was not an letting damaged hair grow out seemed like my only choice...considering the situation. Your skin on your scalp will feel like a burning sensation...not particularly pleasant...but all in the name of passing the darn test.

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