How to smoke black afghan hash

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  1. AmnesiaHaze965

    AmnesiaHaze965 New Member


    I have some grams of some super good black afghan. My question is, how should one smoke this effictively? It's so super icky sticky that it is virtually impossible to mix with weed / tobacco, only thing I can do is roll it into very small balls, long "sausages" etc. I can stretch it and bend all I want.

    I've tried a pipe, but I need to hold the lighter close to the pieces for a very long time, which leads to a lot of unwanted inhalation of butane (not to mention waste of butane..haha!!). My waterbong did not do a good job igniting the hash either...

    so, anybody got any tips? How to mix it with something or anything?? Thanks!

    By the way, it looks really similar to this photo I got off of Google.

  2. greenmonster2420

    greenmonster2420 Sr. Member

    You have many options. First (how I normally smoke darker, stickier hash), you could take a piece off and roll it into a long, very skinny snake-like shape (the skinnier the better). then, break off very small pieces off the "snake" so it's broken up finely. Break up some bud, and mix the pieces in with the weed and rool a joint or smoke it how ever you please.

    Another favorite way of mine to smoke hash is hot knives. First, cut the bottom off of a plastic bottle. Then, heat up two knives over a flame or electric stove (stoves and blowtorches work best, but any flame can be used). take one knife and touch it to a small piece of hash (it will stick to the knife because it's so hot). push the other knife on the hash so the hash is squeezed between the two hot knives. Suck up the smoke through the bottle. Here is a video of it being done. They use two people but it can be done alone either by placing the first knife you use on the table or by holding the water bottle in your mouth.
    [ame=""]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/ame]

    You could also use stainless steel screens in any pipe or bong and smoke the hash on that by its self. Instead of the screen, you could also place a piece on top of a packed bowl and smoke it.

    There's also a way to do it using a cigarette but I've only done it once and kind of forget because I don't like that method. Maybe someone else on here could help you out with that method.

    Happy tokin'! wish i had some quality hashish right now....
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  3. AmnesiaHaze965

    AmnesiaHaze965 New Member

    Woah, definitely gotta try that knife method! Thanks. I have tried using steel screens, but got way too much butane taste in my mouth...yeack!

    If you ever come visit Norway I will share all the hashish you could ever dream of with you :)
  4. greenmonster2420

    greenmonster2420 Sr. Member

    Search eBay for a product called beeline. It's a string made of pure hemp dipped in beeswax. You light the string, then hold the string to the hash. This prevents any butane taste. I use it with weed and hash, it's a wonderful product.
  5. sub_graf

    sub_graf Sr. Member

    I use a method similar to the hot knives. Like greenmonster, my hash is also usually darker and stickier. I get a soldering iron, an emptied out pen tube, and a sewing needle. First, I plug in the soldering iron and hang the tip off the edge of a table (so I don't burn anything). Then, I get a small dab of hashish on the tip of the needle. Put the pen tube in my mouth and touch the needle to the soldering iron while inhaling the smoke through the tube. I don't know if anyone else uses this method, but it seemed easier than hot knives, and essentially the same concept.
  6. Canta

    Canta Sr. Member

    I smoke black soft hash quite regularly as its easily available to me. I've experimented with quite a lot of ways of consuming it my favourite being bucket bongs or eating it.
    A pretty original method is to put a glass in the freezer and leave it there for a good 30-60 minutes, get a screw or nail and stand it up on a table with a bit of hash in the air at the point. Light the hash and let it burn for a few seconds before blowing it out. When you blow it out lots of smoke will start to pour out of the hash so put your frozen glass over it. When the glass is full-ish, turn it over and the smoke should linger around the glass (assuming its cold enough) you can then appear to "drink" the smoke out of the glass.
    Otherwise rolling it into thin snakes and putting it in joints is good, I also like smoking it in a hookah.
  7. AmnesiaHaze965

    AmnesiaHaze965 New Member

    Soldering iron doesn't sound bad at all, actually. Tried something very similar yesterday with a plastic pen tube and hot knives only.. I used a candle to heat the knives, though, which took an AWFUL amount of time.

    Canta: Woah, that really sounds awesome if it works the way you describe.. drinking smoke!! Went straight on my to-do list! I would expect it to not be a very efficient method, though, as you let the piece of goodness actually burn for a few seconds. Anybody got ideas on this?

    Thanks for all your input, folks! I have plenty of sticky, black mass left, so I'll re-attempt tonight.. :)
  8. Juank

    Juank Sr. Member

    Hell yes, That would be awesome.

    That knife method seemed to be wasting a lot of smoke though. I'd probably do the first method that greenmonster said, rolling and breaking it up. I've never tried it though, so I guess I can't say.
  9. Canta

    Canta Sr. Member

    It does work as I describe the only thing you have to watch for is that when you turn the glass over (when its full of smoke) I usually put my hand over the glass to stop the little bits escaping (if its really full). Also if you don't want to waste any put two glasses in the freezer, when you remove the full glass chances are the hash will still be smoking so put the second glass over it.
    Also, remember to inhale the smoke, not drink it.
  10. 1956

    1956 Sr. Member

    Use a straw

    Instead of turning the glass over simply lift it a crack and place a drinking straw in the crack and inhale. You'll lose very little smoke this way.
  11. pkster8235

    pkster8235 Lazy Dancer

    The hash that is usually in my city is the same as yours.. black afghan hash. It looks kind of like a tootsie roll, anyway.. sometimes I heat it up and crumble it into a joint. I also like taking a piece of hash, lighting the end like an incense, put it under a glass and take a straw and suck the smoke up that builds up in the glass. It's awesome :D
  12. IndiStoner

    IndiStoner New Member

    yea i've done this a lotta times.. it really works and the glass does'nt need to be cold for this...

    if i dont do that then am usually smoking it in a joint with some weed...
  13. Hashishi

    Hashishi Unf*ckwit'able

    That's your answer (regarding joints and blunts, at least) right there. You layer a paper with tobacco/bud, place your uber thin 'sausage' of hash on top, cover it with another layer and roll. It'll burn perfectly.
  14. Bcbaby

    Bcbaby New Member

    the cigarette method's pretty easy.. take a 350 ml pop bottle and burn a hole in the side with your lighter, just a big bigger than a cigarette (keep the cap on the bottle). light up your cigarette and take a few drags till its burning well and tap off all the ash so its pretty clean. roll a piece of your hash into a tiny ball and put it on the table, and press the tip of the cigarette (where its red hot) onto the hash ball so it sticks (this can be tricky if the ball is too big to just stick or you dont get the red hot part of the cigarettes burning tip in contact with the hash right away). then, holding the cigarette between your fingers with the filter on the outside of your hand, put the lit end into the bottle through the burnt hole and cover up the rest of the hole with your hand thats holding the cigarette. by the time you get it in the bottle the hash ball should have lit up and started smoking (around 2 seconds). hold the cigarette in there until the bottle fills up with smoke and the hash ball burns out (you should be able to see that either theres no more smoke coming form it, or if you can still see it through all the smoke in the bottle the hash ball will no longer be a burning red ember but rather a black ball of ash), then remove the cigarette, plugging the hole with your thumb. remove the cap of the bottle, take your thumb off the hole (choke), and inhale the smoke from the top of the bottle.
    Ta-da! i find this method more efficient than hotknives because there is very little stray smoke, and you can get a big hit that actually fits in your lungs in one go since the smoke gets very concentrated in the small bottle. no time or smoke wasted exhaling while the hash is still smoking either.

    peace out
  15. greenmonster2420

    greenmonster2420 Sr. Member

    ^ I think this would be much more enjoyable using a joint instead of a cig, but maybe thats just me? I dont really like tobacco, especially the shitty stuff in cigarettes.
  16. Bcbaby

    Bcbaby New Member

    True about using a joint instead, definitely better for you and better tasting than a cigarette. I just usually have cigs around and since I don't find that much cigarette smoke really gets into the mix (or at least not enough to mess with the flavour of the hash sinificantly) it's just a lazy way to get around rolling a j for that purpose (or a way to do things if you don't have any green kicking around).

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