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Have you ever smoked oil?

  1. Yes, and it wasn't that great.

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  2. No.

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  3. What's oil?

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  4. Yes, and it was sweet.

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  1. BoneyDragon

    BoneyDragon New Member

    Before I proceed I should mention that I did in fact search for "how to smoke oil", "oil", "how to smoke hash oil", etc. and got an error every time.

    I will be buying a $20 vial soon and I am wondering what is the best way to smoke it. I am aware of the hot knives method but I'd rather avoid that. Are there any suggestions? I have never tried it before, but I hear it is good. One hit ****. Thanks.

  2. orion8585

    orion8585 New Member

    if you smoke ciggs, you can dip a cigg in the oil. you only need a little if it's good oil.
  3. CanadianToker

    CanadianToker New Member

    Im not a big fan of ciggs so i always stay away from brewing bots (with the ciggs). Oil is key though. I think the best way to do it is smear it on a paper then put another paper over top of it and roll it up. Makes a super joint and u get so high off of it . Another way ive used is to pack a bowl and put just a tiny bit on top of the bowl. Makes that bowl last for ever it seems but the bad part of this is that it can make your bowl and bong kinda messy and so i usually will just do the paper thing.
  4. cronhead

    cronhead New Member

    take your car lighter, and just a small drop of oil (put the tip of a pin in the vile) and drop a small drop on the hot lighter. have a straw with you and suck in the fumes. works awesome!! great high!!
  5. BoneyDragon

    BoneyDragon New Member

    Well, I smoked it, and God damn was it strong. I smeared it on some banana flavored tobacco and smoked it in a glass pipe. I'm not sure how efficient it was, but judging by how incredibly high I got I'm guessing I did OK. I bent a staple into a L shape and dipped the long end into the vial and then smeared it on the tobacco. I did that two or three times, and I couldn't even finish the bowl. The effects were strong, to say the least. If you can find hash oil BUY IT, and if you can get flavored tobacco (this stuff is Arabic, has molasses for flavoring, low nicotine and tar) use it for smoking the oil. Be careful with the dosage though.

  6. Leithreas

    Leithreas Toilet

    here's a link on smoking hash oil. first search i did.

    you've got your problems, i've got my hash pipe :)
  7. bo-battie

    bo-battie Senior Member

    the way i usually do it is this:
    take a pin and dip it in the vial. hold a lighter to the pin, above where the oil is. hold the pin above the bowl of a pipe, and just wait for the pin to heat up. the oil will start to melt and flow down to the point of the pin, and eventually you'll see a ball, or drop, of oil forming on the end of the pin. keep holding the lighter to the pin, and eventually the ball of oil will drip into the bowl. the oil is now ready to smoke.

    note: this method works alot better if the bowl has some bud or ash in it already, it'll work no matter what though.
  8. BoneyDragon

    BoneyDragon New Member

    Heh, I even posted in that other thread back in January. I always knew about the cigarette method, but I don't feel like buying a pack of cigarettes, let alone smoking them.

  9. DoritosMan

    DoritosMan Seasoned Activist

    if i had some oil i would dip the whole joint it :D

    how do you make oil anyway? is it sorta like liquid hash?
  10. bo-battie

    bo-battie Senior Member

    yeah, pretty much...i think it may be a little more potent though.
  11. AnarchistBarbie

    AnarchistBarbie New Member

    Funny that you mention it, why just last night, as a matter of fact... :D
  12. ProJoe959

    ProJoe959 New Member

    Just follow Leithreas' link and read all of Scooby_Doo's posts. He answers a lot of questions about making and smoking oil.
  13. HarryPothead

    HarryPothead Banned

    If u want to use the oil, just make a joint like normal, and just drip it over the contents,and roll it up.
  14. Knobley

    Knobley New Member

    A friend of mine somehow has a relatively regular hash oil supplier, and he says the best way to smoke it is simply knife hits.

    I have no idea if this would work, or ruin the oil, I don't know, but it seems to me a fun way to try to smoke it would be to take a solid sized bud, basically coat it in the oil, let it dry... put another coat on, then let it dry again. Break it up and smoke it just like you would any other bud, only now it is super-fortified. :cool:
  15. Feorge Gorman

    Feorge Gorman New Member

    Find an old tablespoon...'ll never eat out of again. Drop about 3 drops of oil in the middle. Heat the bottom of the spoon gently with a lighter (this starts looking a bit off-topic) until the oil starts to thin out. Then, by moving the spoon around, make sure the spoon is coated evenly. Grab a pinch of finely ground weed and drop in the spoon. If needed, reheat for a second, then with your finger smash the weed into the oil until it's completely saturated. You can now roll a joint or smoke in a bowl! :D

    That's how I used to deal with oil. ;)
  16. The~High~Pirate

    The~High~Pirate New Member

    The hot knives method is the only way I smoke because this way you smoke only the oil and nothing else. Watcha do is A.) go a store and buy a propane torch or B.) Use your stove. You then heat up the tip of a butterknife till its about orange. Now take a safety pin or a sewing needle and gently take a dab of your oil on the very end of your pin. (You only need a drop for 1 hit). For a hooter just use the tube of a pen or a straw w/e. Take the knife just below the tip of your hooter in your mouth (very funny if reread the last 4 words) and smear the oil on the knife and theres your hoot. (PS inhale all smoke).
  17. ian r

    ian r New Member

    i have a wuestion once this kid had marinol pills and he squeezed one drippin the oil across the weed inn a blunt.. i didnt feel anything different but im not sure? is this the same?
  18. Dark

    Dark Fool on the Hill

    I don't really enjoy oil that much. Smoking it is a pain and bud has always tasted better. You may be able to get higher off few hits, but you have to go through more processes to get those hits, usually with unconvential means such as hot knives. I've seen a bong with an attachment for oil before, but it was only a picture online. Maybe once these catch on, I'll smoke more oil, but until then it just isn't worth the hassle.
  19. Noeone

    Noeone Sr. Member

    Bub-L-Hash Bowls

  20. Dark

    Dark Fool on the Hill

    Not quite what I saw. The one I saw was custom by a glassblower, and vastly different, but I suppose that would work

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