How to smoke out of a pipe?

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  1. Drew420

    Drew420 New Member

    Fender green had the best idea. Just get someone over 18 to go into a headshop/smoke shop for you and get a $10 glass pipe. It really is worth it. Real pipes are a lot less of a hassle to use.
  2. stonerr6758

    stonerr6758 New Member

    just get something like my bowl
    it costed like 30 bucks and ive had it for 3 years now i think.
    i have a metal screen in it from a sink
    just take the thing off on the end of the part of your sink where the water comes out and you should find at least 3 screens in it. take one and then take your lighter and burn the coating off it before you use it to smoke. after you do that just get it so its flat if it isnt already and put it in your bowl and push down so it fits right on in. if your bowls clean youll need to smoke a few bowls before the filter will stay without falling out so just watch out when you empty the ash. ive lost a lot of screens from dumping the ash and the screen falling out and one of my friends finished the bowl and went to blow the ash out and the screen flew out the window of my car.
  3. Sproggs

    Sproggs Sr. Member

    Though the screen from the kitchen sink isn't a bad idea if you're in a bind, it's better just to spend the $1.25 on a pack of screens at a store. The screens from the sink are going to have built up residue (calcium, lime, rust) that could be harmful if the fumes are inhaled.
  4. Drew420

    Drew420 New Member

    EDIT- Scratch that.
  5. AtomicBlunts

    AtomicBlunts New Member

    Haha. Steal one. i shit my pants. yeah, dude just get a real glass pipe, i have a little one (His name is Ponyo) i bought at the liquor store for $10. Didn't even ask my age. (Not that i lied during registration ;)

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