How to Smoke properly?

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by KidPoker, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. KidPoker

    KidPoker New Member

    Okay I've only been smoking weed for a couple of weeks, and the times I've smoked it I've definitely felt a little buzz going but I don't think I actually gotten like completely "baked."

    I think the problem may be in the way I'm smoking. No one ever gave me a proper tutorial so I've kind of been learning on the go, lol.

    I know you're not suppose to just take a hit and blow the smoke out. So what do I do? Do I swallow the smoke? (which burns the shit out of my chest when I try to)

    Do I just hold it in my mouth for a while and then blow it out?

    I know the whole point is to get the smoke into your lungs but I'm not exactly sure how to do that.

    By the way I've been smoking from both a pipe and a blunt if that matters.

    So any help would be appreciated guys. Help a weed newbie out, haha.
  2. headshot11

    headshot11 New Member

    It's pretty simple, but for new people it may take some practice. Try and snag a cigarette to practice on. If you get slightly lightheaded you'll know you smoked right.

    Anyway, you don't swallow smoke... just inhale deeply. For example when the doctor asks you to inhale deeply. Just do that exact same thing, but inhaling from a j.

    Inhale deep enough so you can't hold anymore in your lung. Doesn't have to be a "Hard" hit, just slow and steady and just keep packing it in your lungs until you can't inhale any more.

    To make sure you're doing it right, open your mouth. No smoke should escape if it's in your lungs, then exhale.

    Keep it in your lungs for 2-6 seconds depending how well you can handle it.
  3. mandeponium

    mandeponium Active Member

    Inhaaaaaaaaale! Exhale. The weed should take care of things from there.
  4. Frid

    Frid New Member

    DONT NOT GET A CIGARETTE! That is bad advice you do not need to put that nasty shit in your body to enjoy pot. If you are smoking a bowl put your hand on the little hole "carb" light the weed and put your mouth on the hole and breath in threw your mouth. Inhale and stop when it starts to feel uncomfortable or a couple seconds after it does. THen hold that in for 3-5 seconds.

    This may seem complicated but really isint once you try it. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask. And welcome to the boards and Marijuana
  5. headshot11

    headshot11 New Member

    What are you talking about? I'm saying to take one to practice smoking rather than wasting a dime/fiver on learning now to smoke. You won't get addicted from 1 cigarette. As for the nasty shit, it honestly won't matter. You don't even have to finish the entire thing.
  6. Everlong2019

    Everlong2019 Sr. Member

    Have you ever been nervous and somebody told you to just take a deep breath? Just do that, but instead of a deep breath of air take a deep breath of smoke. Same thing as breathing in oxygen and you have been doing that all your life.
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  7. Frid

    Frid New Member

    That is still very unpure and gross. If he follows that instructions he will not waste any.
  8. headshot11

    headshot11 New Member

    Unpure and gross?

    In theory I could follow just about anything, I would just smoke a bit of a dart to get the hang of it...

    FATHERPARIS Sr. Member

    After you have a mouth full of smoke, take a deep breath in, and then hold for about 3 - 5 seconds or longer if you want, and then exhale the rest of the smoke. If you are smoking a blunt then you should definitely be getting baked in your first few times.
  10. locket

    locket Oodalolly

    Everyone is giving good techniques, but no matter what, it's gonna burn, and it'll feel like that afterwards too (but you eventually just forget about it cos you'll be flying).

    But yeah, either pull the smoke into your mouth, and then inhale all the smoke (lighter on the burning), or inhale from the joint and make sure your ribcage expands while inhaling (burns a little more).

    Good luck and enjoy.
  11. Mikeebud

    Mikeebud Sr. Member

    Daniel Negraneu?
  12. krad

    krad New Member

    curve your mouth into an "o" shape and suck in, except with a pipe or blunt. You should feel hot smoke going down your throat, you know you're doing it right if you exhale through your nose and you see smoke. It also might help to hit a bong if you can, harder to mess up imo.
  13. cannabicide420

    cannabicide420 Sr. Member

    chances are if you see smoke coming out your doing fine. as for swallowing smoke, i have a friend who swallows the smoke like into his lungs if that makes sense and then exhales it out and says it gets you higher, but i dont know if thats true. personally ive noticed no difference. maybe you havent been smoking enough to get really stoned?
  14. KidPoker

    KidPoker New Member

    Hey thanks for all the tips guys. Will definitely try them when I light up a little later tonight and report back here.

    Haha, not exactly. Just a huge fan of his.
  15. numerocinco

    numerocinco New Member

    When smoking i get mouth sores and i don't look or feel high; Any idea why?
  16. morbid squid

    morbid squid New Member


    I agree, dont smoke cigarettes, its unhealthy, ( Yes even though popular belief dictates that pot is worse, its not) When trying to get the hang of it, I just took the biggest hit i could take, While still leaving room in my lungs. The reason for the extra room is so you can take a normal breath, so just inhale normally after your hit. You should be fine then.
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  17. beko1987

    beko1987 New Member

    If you can roll, smoke a rollup to practice, not a ciggy. Too many chemicals in a ciggy! Just inhale it. It's difficult to say that, because I have images of you taking a huge breath and inhaling too much smoke and coughing your guts up, I smoke rollys normally and still do it sometimes.

    When you've had a few pulls and get the hang of it, try to hold it in, then breathe out after like 5 seconds. I find that helps get high. Also, take shallow pulls, it don't fill your lungs with one big heave, take a loooooong breath. I find this gets me more stoned as the weed in you for longer, hence more absorption.

    Same with bongs. I smoke a few, and other people just take one big heave and splutter or just exhale lots of smoke. I take a looong drawn out breath, so it doesn't screw my throat and the reflex makes you gag/splutter. Can empty a bong that way.

    Above all, ther isn't "a way to smoke", do what feels naturally! If you don't get high doing it one way, try another. At the end of the day, it isn't a test which you pass or fail, you do what feels natural and go from there!

    If you have to practice, smoke rolly's. Golden Virginia tobacco is nice and smooth (UK, not sure about overseas), so it won't be as harsh. Ciggys contain so many chemicals. Ever wondered how they stay alight and just burn down when not toked? Tobacco (rolling) doesn't contain half the shit, so is smoother and healthier (put a rolly down, it goes out quite quickly as the chemicals are not there, also, rolly smoke burns white and clear, ciggy smoke is blue!)
  18. PeterParker

    PeterParker New Member

    You can't swallow smoke into your lungs, that's called inhaling. :p

    As per the OP:
    Let's detail the pipe first. Cover the carb with your finger, hold the lighter over the weed (not touching it). Flick the lighter, put your mouth to the pipe, and slowly inhale while you move the light to touch just a small part of the weed. Once you see a little bit of the weed burning, you can turn off the lighter. Keep inhaling, until that little ember goes out. Once you think you've pulled all of the smoke out of that bit of weed, take your finger off the carb, and breathe in the smoke. You want to breathe as deeply and coolly as possible: take your time, let it settle in your lungs. If you can't get it to your lungs, keep practicing. I find it helps to ease the coughing if you "settle" your throat a bit before breathing out. Make sure to hold the smoke in for several seconds, to allow the THC to affect you.

    Breathe out, take water and/or cough as you need to.

    Hope that helps. :)

    P.S. As you grow more and more used to smoking, you can light up more and more of the weed. Doing so will result in a larger hit, but it can hurt your lungs and throat a lot more.
  19. HighOnDubstep

    HighOnDubstep New Member

    its better to learn how to smoke before wasting 50 dollars on stash, ofcourse dont get addicted to these cigarettes, like me unfortunately.
  20. smokedsober420

    smokedsober420 New Member

    Step1 load the pipe
    step 2 put the pip to youre lips
    step 3 light the weed
    step 4 inhale (take a deep breath, dont swallow just a deep breath to where you can open youre mouth and the smoke does not come out ULTRA thick
    Step 5 Exhale
    step 6 repeat step 1-5 until high

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