How to smoke with my brother

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  1. JustinSmokes

    JustinSmokes New Member

    So im 14, and my brothers 17. Were not very close but we pretty much stick together because our family is fucked. Iv'e told him i smoke and he said he has too.i also know that he smokes too because i have a lot of older friends and they say he smokes a shit ton of weed lol. I want to confront him and have a smoke session with him, but i think it ill be awkward because he might say no. He's already enlisted into the marines and is going to be leaving at the end of this upcoming summer, which is far away. I really want to smoke with him at least once before he leaves. What should i do? :eek:
  2. SchwaggMasta

    SchwaggMasta New Member

    just casually ask him to smoke! maybe your home alone and hanging out and u drop a dime down on the table and ask him if he wants to hit it with ya, like a going away gift:bday:
  3. Emarosa

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    I kind of understand how you feel. I'm 17 and my sister is 15. She just started getting intrested in weed, and at first it was really awkward to even talk to her about it. But now we are comfortable talking to each other about it and we are planning on smoking soon (I can't smoke now because I just got my wisdom teeth removed) Before just asking to smoke with him, I would have some sort of discussion about weed with him to get more comfortable with him about it.

    Good luck my friend.
  4. I ask myself

    I ask myself New Member

    Id roll a joint and casually pull it out and ask if he wants to smoke..the worst he could say is no and then you can still go outside and get baked..then if he says yes its win win.
  5. JustinSmokes

    JustinSmokes New Member

    Just saw this, and he said he dosn't want to smoke with me or have anything to do with smoking with me. oh well :/

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