How to tell if weed is laced?

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  1. Alexandriaa

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    I live on the East Coast and my best friend said she got some Chronic weed mixed with a little bit of purple kush and she wants to smoke me out on Friday (It will be my first time smoking weed). I read that Chronic is weed laced with cocaine and if that's the case, I don't wanna do it. I'll smoke weed, but coke is just shit I don't ever wanna get mixed up in. My friend has done cocaine before and she tried some of the weed last night and swears to me that it isn't laced, but I kind of think she might just be saying that so I won't pussy out. I asked her where she got it from and she said one of her best friends got it for her and would never give her laced shit; she also told me that she only paid $20 for it and that the weed is most likely the "west coast" chronic. I wanna do it, but I'm fucking scared...I don't want laced shit. How can I fully tell if the weed is laced? Both my friend and I are 17, by the way.
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    I've never heard of a particular strain named "Chronic". Where I'm from, chronic is just a term for good weed. Like headies or, dro (yes, dro generally refers to hydroponically grown marijuana which is usually of better quality since the grower spent the money on the set up and likely took care of their crop, but it doesn't refer to a specific strain, so the term is still used to describe good quality bud).

    One thing that most people dont think about when worrying about laced marijuana is that it would cost more. $20 for a gram is about going rate nationwide when buying high quality bud (obviously the price drops with quantity). So there's most likely nothing mixed in with it. Another thing to consider is that marijuana and cocaine give two very different highs. So marijuana smokers would be able to tell if there were any in the bud, and since most mj smokers don't want cocaine mixed in their bud they wouldn't buy from a dealer who laces their bud. Not to mention the dealer would want to charge more for it since his cost has went up.

    Marijuana has what are called trichomes, more commonly known as crystals, that give the bud a hazy white appearance. Essentially what this is is an oil or resin on the outside of the buds/leaves of the marijuana plant that is rich in THC. Many novice smokers see this and think the bud has been dipped or rolled in cocaine. This is simply a misunderstanding.

    Here is are pics of a marijuana plant and a bud that have trichomes all over them. Note the hazy white appearance.



    Here is a picture of trichomes close up.


    The bottom line is that marijuana is very rarely laced. If it came from a friend whose dealer sells marijuana regularly then it's a safe bet that its only marijuana. Unless your friend added in the coke, it's unlikely that a gram of any chronic would sell for only $20 if it had been laced with coke.
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  3. Love4TheNugg

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    Don't worry.

    I'm 99% sure she meant Chronic as in "high quality" not weed mixed with coke.

    As vvicked said, the price would be jacked up significantly. People don't give away extra drugs for free.
  4. friedfever

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    ITA. Most dealers would never lace weed. It cuts into the profit margin.
  5. Alexandriaa

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    Thanks, everyone. I smoked it and yeah, it definitely wasn't laced :)
  6. Herbinator3000

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    I'm glad it wasn't laced, but like most others have said, it very unlikely that it ever will be. But for future use, the best way to test if it's laced is to smoke it. But sometimes it'll have very obvious signs such as smell, look, and feel of it. In most cases, if it's laced youre probably with a bunch of friends who decided to wet the joint with pcp. In that case, you'll know right away.

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