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Discussion in 'Hand Pipes' started by sweetvictory, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. sweetvictory

    sweetvictory New Member

    hey everyone,
    this might seem like a dumb wuestion, but how do i use a pipe? a regular ceramic or glass one. i have only smoked joints until now and don't know how to use a pipe. doesn't the flame go out easily? and doesn't the pipe get hot? thanks.
  2. Put some weed in it then smoke it.
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  3. voltion

    voltion Banned

    Fill the bowl, get a lighter and suck on the pipe (cover up the rushhole before sucking), light the lighter and the flame will make contact with the love and start burning it. Keep sucking in untill a nice hit has been taken, blow out the smoke you have in your mouth, start to suck and then let your finger off the rushhole releasing the pressure and the rest of the smoke.
  4. sweetvictory

    sweetvictory New Member

    by pipe i meant spoon. is this different? do i need a screen or anything?
  5. A spoon is simply a certain shape of a pipe usually glass.
  6. TriggerHappy370

    TriggerHappy370 New Member

    hm, I always hit the bowl and at the end of my hit I always took my hand off the shotgun. Now looking at it, voltion your way seems better.
  7. fyse0

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    cover the carb, inhale.
  8. InLoveAndDeath

    InLoveAndDeath New Member

    I remember a couple years ago when i was trying to spark my first bowl. I couldnt figure out how to get the fire in the bowl but then i was like how did chong do it in that movie. Then i choked my ass off. :rolleyes:

    Make sure you dont have any seeds in the bowl, they blow up. :wave:
  9. robby

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    This is how I do it, and how I teach other people. I have a picture below if you are a person that learns visually.
    First, Pack the weed in the "bowl" portion of the pipe. Do not pack to tight or you wont be able to inhale or suck through the bowl's hole.
    For me, what I do is grasp the pipe with one hand(left hand). My four fingers hold the pipe in place while my thumb is placed ON the Carb hole. Press the other end of the pipe to your lips and get ready to suck(NOT INHALE).
    I use my other hand to light the pipe with a lighter.
    Then the lighter is lite and applied to the weed, I then puff but not inhale. The purpose of this is to light the weed. Once the weed itself is caught on and is smoking, I then remove my thumb from the carb and finally inhale as much as possible.
    and that's it, not so hard.

    Here is a picture of a pipe/bowl so you get an idea. Sorry for the picture, I took it with my Phone's camera and edited it.
  10. Fluffhead

    Fluffhead New Member

    you should keep the carb covered untill your hit is just about done. The carb is ment to clear the chamber of smoke when released.
  11. theculture

    theculture New Member

    Another key thing is to not breath in very hard. at first i would suck it hard, and it would burn and i would suck in a bunch of weed or even ash. just suck in very gently.
  12. AngiezPlanet

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  13. buzzmobile

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    That's better.
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  14. 420tokathon

    420tokathon New Member

    thanks for the tips.
  15. This is just a thought so work with me on this.

    If you are having trouble figuring out how to use a pipe you may want to step away from this endeavor
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    :D ...
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