How young is too Young?

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by LanDaddy, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. LanDaddy

    LanDaddy New Member

    Alright guys my friend has been a little anxious since he found out that his brother has begun using marijuana at the age of 15. I'm not sure what to think of it so I'm asking you if he will suffer any long term effects from starting at this age.

    My friend sat him down and talked to him and found that on average he smokes about once every 7-8 days. Each time he smokes, it is somewhere between .1 to .5 grams. He has never increased in how much he consumes since he started back almost a year ago.

    Could this lead to any long or short term effects? He is inclined to stop if there are any consequences from his activities.
  2. funnymax4u

    funnymax4u New Member

    LOL i started smoking at 14, ive had no problems what so ever i dont understand why it would cause short or long term effects just because he started smoking at 15 thats when most people start u need to chill out man
  3. HashterChief

    HashterChief New Member

    Talking like that is NOT the way to reassure him weed doesn't harm you.
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  4. scofieldr3199

    scofieldr3199 Sr. Member

    As long as he doesn't sufficate himself with weed all day, everyday he will be fine. As long as he keeps moderating it and doesn't move on to any harder drugs.
  5. LanDaddy

    LanDaddy New Member

    I need to chill out? 15 is pretty young to start by my standards...

    Is it wrong to ask the community on behalf of a concerned brother?
  6. IVIario

    IVIario New Member

    Age doesn't really matter. Think about people before you. Say, your parents. Everybody starts around this age, and I don't know anyone who is really messed up because of it. Its more of a maturity thing, than a health risk.
  7. Drew420

    Drew420 New Member

    I had my first time at 15.

    The only thing to worry about is that he smokes multiple times a day. I don't think anything bad will come of that since he hasn't been doing more and trying other drugs, but who knows.
  8. iPoser1024

    iPoser1024 Black Mamba

    The way I see it is..if you think you or someone you know might be too young, they are probably too young. However, because your friend doesn't smoke heavily landaddy I think it's safe to assume there will not be any long lasting effects.

    Sorry, but this is completely false. Late teens is ideal to start smoking weed. Preteen or younger than 16 I think is too young. The brain is critically developing at this time, and marijuana usage does interrupt brain function. It's only logical to assume there could be ramifications of smoking at a young age. I'm 17 and started smoking at 15. I smoke quite a lot of weed at each session, but I don't smoke daily. Not anymore.
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  9. OrangeJuiceandKush

    OrangeJuiceandKush Sr. Member

    If he starts now he's going to be doing crack on the streets and become a prostitute to support his habit by 17.

    Drugs are bad mmmmk.

    Not really as long as he doesn't let it affect his grades and doesn't get caught in school with it or the cops it should be fine. I've seen many stoners fail out or nearly because they did nothing towards school, can't get past a minimum wage job without a high school diploma.
  10. LanDaddy

    LanDaddy New Member far it sounds like he'll be alright healthwise if he keeps it in moderation. We're also hoping that he doesn't experience the negative side effects like anxiety and ego-loss. Since both of those things happened to me at a young age from marijuana, I know what they're like and I was fucking traumatized by it for a while :D

    I'm hoping to hear from someone older who tried it at a young age to hear how he/she ended up. I wouldn't really know, I'm pretty young myself :D
  11. iPoser1024

    iPoser1024 Black Mamba

    My father who is in his late 50's smoked weed from age 14 to 30 pretty constantly. He's one of the most intelligent people I know. Bear in mind, certain effects are relative to each individual.
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  12. fungrass

    fungrass New Member

    i started at 15, i think 14/15 is a decent ago, i mean usually in high school people mature a little...usually
  13. IN YO GUMZ

    IN YO GUMZ New Member

    I started at 14,18 soon and I play sports and am going to college,and im a straight pothead haha,take care of you body,and smoking some weed isn't as bad as were taught,just stay active,eat right and drink water,and you should be fine,although everyone is different,and I've always been healthy and advice:don't start smoking til 16 or later,but if u do,don't be a pothead like me lol,I have an amazing memory,and im a good athlete,but imagine what I could've been without smoking,smoking weed just keeps you from reaching max potential.
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  14. bmeister

    bmeister New Member

    Its too young. I started smoking at 18 and i know quite a few stoners who started in their early teens, and they are not the sharpest knives in the drawer, if you get what i mean. It has to do with the fact that younger than 16 your brain is in a critically developing stage. Your brother will be fine, but if he became a regular smoker, it would not be a good idea.
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  15. IN YO GUMZ

    IN YO GUMZ New Member

    It is too young bmeister,but,like I said,Ive been smoking since 14,great memory and very intelligent,just don't always convey that side of myself ya know?just don't smoke too much!it all matters on the person,that's y I usually don't give advice to ppl on what to do with their bodies,I feel that it hasn't impaired mine much at all,and after all this,will he care?doubt it,if your a smoker your guna smoke,but at least u tried to get Him to stop/slow down
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