howd should a minor get a bong... first post

Discussion in 'Water Pipes' started by one love 420, Aug 4, 2004.

  1. one love 420

    one love 420 New Member

    i v been smokin for about 6 months now and i really want to get a good bong. i've been smoking out of a peace pipe i bought from a native american guy at a yard sale. it works good but i think its time i need a bong. Im only 15 but i can ride my bike to an awesome head shop in like 10 minutes.i tried to buy one there and i asked for an incense burner and the next week i asked for a water pipe.
    Both times the guy behind the counter recited the same speech about not sellin tobacco smokin products to minors. should try to bribe him or ask someone in the store to buy one for me.
    I dont wanna hang out outside of the store and ask people because the chance of someone who knows my parents will see me and ill have to take a drug test every week till i turn 18.
    should i try to buy one over the internet or is that even riskier.
    pz, :thumbsup:
  2. Weed_man420

    Weed_man420 Banned

    Well a couple days ago I made a post about buying a glass pipe (i am 14) and I will give you a summary of the answers I got. Try hanging out by the headshop till you see someone that looks cool, and give them the money to go buy it, but throw in an extra 5 bucks or sumthin so they go through with it. I wouldnt try buying online unless you get it sent somewhere other then your house and use a credit card other then your parents, because if it shows up at your hosue ur busted and if u use ur rents credit card your busted cuz itll show up on the bill. If you have a friend a year or 2 older then you see if he will buy it for you, they may not card him if he looks old enough. Other then those if you cant get ahold of one, try building one. BNe creative it doesnt have to be the old pop bottle. Some of the best bongs out there are home made.
  3. DonkeyPunch

    DonkeyPunch Seasoned Activist

    This would be the one weedman's talking about, if you wanna read it yourself, but his summary pretty much nailed it on the head.
  4. anonymity

    anonymity New Member

    I'll reiterate my response. Go to your local bank and open a checking account. Request a debit card with it. Deposit enough money to buy your bong, plus shipping. Visit,,, or Order your bong. They'll usually tell you when it's gonna be sent, so make sure that you'll be there, and, more importantly, that your parents won't. Unless you're sure that they won't ask what the package is.
  5. one love 420

    one love 420 New Member

    thanks for the advice. this shop is real strict though and wont let me even look at them or tell me how much they cost. how much would just a decent one cost from a head shop. i have a lot of $$$ to spend on it but id rather spend that on gonna go get it tomorrow after work and get it. could somebody give me a estimate on the cost.
  6. Weed_man420

    Weed_man420 Banned

    I dont know where your located but up here in washington at the headshops they rip you off, a decent glass bong up here is like $450. Make sure you dont get ripped off, maybe have an expierienced friend with you. Also request one with a sliding carb, you'll thank me later.
  7. one love 420

    one love 420 New Member

    north west glass said the require an Adult recipent for all orders. does this mean someone over 18 will have to sign for it. does require this.
  8. Cheerio

    Cheerio New Member

    a quick trip to the hardware store can solve your troubles. a 1.5"" 1 foot piece of PVC pipe [1.50 canadian], and a cap for it [3$ canadian] and a simple home drill can make you a great bong. just install a joke, and your own bowl/necking piece [possibly use your old pipe, its what i did.] voila, you have your own great little bong. seal it around the cap/etc if you feel like, with sealer you would use on a window or whatnot. use water of course =]

  9. Weed_man420

    Weed_man420 Banned

    I think he would still get busted if he had his own debit card, cuz if hes a minor, it goes thru his rents and they get a copy of everything he buys with it.
  10. one love 420

    one love 420 New Member

    what if i sent cash to pay for it. do u think thatd work?
  11. Weed_man420

    Weed_man420 Banned

    Maybe, but you cant send cash legally so that wont work, check out Not sure how it works but I heard you can get an account not throguh you parents. But a trip to the hardware store my solve your problem in a cheap way.
  12. Cheerio

    Cheerio New Member

    if your determined to buy a storebought pipe, hit up a buddy or someone who is over 19 or whatever the age is for tabacco near you. if you dont have any older friends, and you still cant get a hold of a bong.....try conveniance stores? thats where my first pipes were bought heh.
  13. one love 420

    one love 420 New Member

    ill probly end up doing that but i feel so much cooler wen i smoked out of a glass bong. if all else fails a gb gets me ****ed up more than anything
  14. FitShaced

    FitShaced New Member

    i feel your pain man,if i were there id glady buy it for a bad influence on kids,ill buy them whatever they want as long as they got the cash.smokes beers, porn,bongs i dont care.i do do this cuz i remember when i was a kid how it was always waaaay cool when someone would buy me something like that.heh my friends dad got me my 1st pipe when we were like 14.and this dude that used to live up the street from me and my friend would always buy us beer or sell us weed.its funny cuz like now he works at the same place i do and i saw him one day and was like "hey, arent you that dude that used to buy us beer all the time" :laugh:
  15. If your in high school- no pun intended- then just make friends with some of the older stoners and get one of them to buy it for ya.
  16. RotiEatter

    RotiEatter New Member

    get a gun, rob a headshop, pick the bong you like, and grab me a hemp necklace and call it a day

    hahaha, I'm joking. I'm high. Don't Lie. I'm Fly. Don't Die.
  17. IceFire

    IceFire New Member

    In your situation, I'd say find an older pothead in your school and have him buy you one. Any highschool that is not some innercity ****hole would have loads of potheads. Make friends with some of them.

    Remember, most Headshops are weary of selling ANYTHING to a minor because if they are caught, they will get closed down.

    Lastly, why use a bong all the time? The best thing to do? Learn to roll nice j's.

    Everyone loves the guy who knows how to roll a nice joint. If you learn that skill you will always be a useful asset. There is alot of skill that goes into rolling a good joint. It is a highly respected trait, and it can impress people alot if you do it well, and shows that you know your stuff.

    I was taught by some older Dutch men while I was in Amsterdam on vacation, I was in HighSchool at the time. I could always do it before, but they taught me how to really do it with mastery.

    Everyone likes the bong or glass pipe because they are convenient and easy to use. You will earn admiration if you learn to roll your own.

    I'm sure there are places on the internet that would teach you how. But the best way to learn is to observe someone else, and be taught by someone.

    Practice on rolling tobbacco first. Once you have mastered that, use cannabis. Remember to break the cannabis down really fine so it is not clumpy and rolls well. You will find out what I mean.
  18. GrassyAss

    GrassyAss New Member

    Yeah joints are nice but I like to taste my weed not the paper plus you need to use at least a g for a nice joint. If you smoke by yourself it's better to have a bowl. My bowl has a huge bowl and lasts forever.

    There are sites out there to teach you how to roll different kinds of joints. Check out It's like a search engine only for weed sites.
  19. lilk

    lilk New Member

    midnight toker] hey man it best to just make one i did
  20. kissthesky

    kissthesky New Member

    Yeah but would you rather have a cheap homemade plastic coke bottle bong, or a beautiful swirly blue glass bong with a glass bowl that makes yhou high just looking at it? :drool:

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