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    Fellow Stoners,

    All of my life (I'm 38) I have been perfectly healthy. Apart from a cold here, or a sinus infection there, one or two cases of pneumonia, and a compresed vertebrae in my back (freak basketball accident lol), I've been just dandy.

    Over the past 3 weeks or so I've been experiencing some pretty wierd crap. It sorta felt like my blood sugar was plummeting, my heart would start racing (around 90bpm), I'd start sweating profusely, and I generally felt like I was gonna pass out, or I just reaaaaally wanted to go to sleep. But it was enough to freak me out after a few times so I decided to pay a visit to my Dr last Wednesday (15th). Told him what was going on, he did an EKG to see if my heart was wiggin' out on me, that came up normal, so he decided to do some blood work.

    I have the blood taken Saturday because it was simply more convenient. He calls me up yesterday morning (Monday) and tells me my Thyroid isn't producing enough hormone and he wants to take more blood. I promptly went to the lab and gave another vial of blood. Bear in mind the symptoms described above continued, but not as frequent and not quite as bad. He also mentioned that my good cholesterol was low, but the bad stuff was normal. My blood sugar was higher than it should be but nothing critical, just gotta back off the sugars.

    This morning, I got up, ate 2 fried eggs and had a tall glass of instant breakfast and within 5min, my heart was pounding, sweating my arse off, and I'm really concerned about passing out.

    I contacted my advice nurse to ask if I needed to get to a hospital or call an ambulance. She of course was concerned about my heart, even tho she was aware of the thyroid issue. She spoke to ER Dr about what to do. He told her to have me wait by the phone (for 3 hours I might add) until I could have a telephone appt with my Dr at 1:30pm (30min from now).

    Since then the symptoms have subsided a great deal. This is all very strange to me, and its even stranger that I can be experiencing this and sit down at my drum kit and blast it wide open and the effects seem react in a positive way to my exertion. None of this makes sense to me.

    I've read through several of the articles here about both Hyper and Hypothyroidism (thank you very much for the provided links Vicki).

    But, being healthy all my life and rather abruptly having these pretty wild symptoms (they're wild to me), is kinda freakin' me out, to be quite honest.

    Moreover, when I smoke, thats generally when this hits me. Which saddens me really, because I really dont wanna give up my smoke. I wont lie, I love it. Not to mention it does wonders for my back when it decides to get cranky with me.

    I'm not overweight. In fact, I'm underweight. I have been all my life. I'm a tall lanky guy. I'm 6'6" and as of my Dr's Visit I weighed in at 170lbs. And believe me, its not because I dont eat. I eat like a horse. lol I can't say I've had the best diet throughout my life. Lots of fast food, not much sweets at all save my Mt Dew addiction (which is now over as a result of this). I've partied a good portion of my adult life. I've tried a lot of things and I've done my fair share of drinking. (also not part of my life anymore).

    I live in Northern California, and we have some of the best bud mother earth could provide IMHO. I spend more money on it than I really should. But I'm not the only one smokin' it, so, I need more than most. I dont like to run out. :D

    But since this has been happening, my intake has been cut more than in half, mostly just out of fear of bringing on one of these episodes. They're pretty freaky and I'd like to avoid going through that (esp like today) if at all possible.

    I guess my question is, how is any medication I might be given for this thyroid issue effect my MJ consumption. Would MJ have any particular cause to make these symptoms come on?

    Can you simply throw every single bit of useful information you have in my direction concerning this and my questions?

    I'd really appreciate it.

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  2. toothfairy420

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    Just about every female on my moms side of the family has it...thankfully, I don't...yet...but chances are you have hyperthyroidism, not hypo...hypo is generally caused by the gland killing treatment for hyper. The symptoms you are describing also correlate with hyper, not hypo. Hyper/hypothyroid problems predominantly effect women, and it is usually passed from mother to daughter, but can skip a generation.
  3. HazeX

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    The Doc says its not producing enough hormone, so I suppose its Hypo as opposed to Hyper. On the other hand, I wont have results from the tests till tomorrow likely.

    My mother is Hypo, and well I'm a guy. The youngest, with 3 older sisters.

    Apparently, according to my Doctor, I'm also Pre-Diabetic, and this mornings episode was likely do to an over production of Insulin due to the Instant Breakfast I shoved down my mug (and all its glorious sugar).

    Again this is all brand new to me, and has just begun in the past 3 to 4 weeks. I'm trying to soak up every bit of information I can so I can be as vigilant as possible in preventing Diabetes and in coping with whatever Thyroidism I apparently have.
  4. toothfairy420

    toothfairy420 Stoner Chique

  5. Doc Mitch

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    Have you ever thought that this may not be a thyroid problem, but rather an anxiety attack? I'm not saying that your doctor is wrong or anything-but if the tests turn out to be less than convincing, it's something that you may want to look into.
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  6. Plainsman1963

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    Probably best and most prudent for you, HazeX, to really lessen your use of MJ during this time that they are figuring out your diagnosis. No need to add an extra set of variables to this already complex issue. We realize that it'll be hard to not smoke herb for a spell though.
  7. ashlee lynn x0

    ashlee lynn x0 Sr. Member

    I would just wait and either stop using or moderate your use until they figure out what exactly is causing your symptoms and what is wrong.
    Good luck! Hope all goes well :)
  8. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    I am Hypo-Thyroid, and I must take a Thyroid tablet everyday, have been for over 7 years now. I have toked the entire time with no adverse effect.

    Low TH levels also produce fatigue, slight hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), if you are in fact, Hypothyroid.
  9. SleepyJohn

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    Good advice preceding. You are also "middle aged" You mentioned too much sugar,and "Instant Breakfast", check the ingredients/Sugar! If it's hormones, completely listen to Your Doctor of Medicine. Getting older doesn't happen all at once. Things just start creeping up on You,and everybody else. Tall,& thin, makes the diet more important,as time goes by. Keep up with the tests,and take it on with stride. You sound OK to me.
  10. toothfairy420

    toothfairy420 Stoner Chique

    I remember when my mom had a hyperthyroid before she got the iodine treatment, she had a hard time smoking, it did make her heart race. Now that she has a hypothyroid, and is on the meds like you, she has had no problems. She also couldn't continue smoking cigarettes, which is always a good thing!
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  11. HazeX

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    Results are in

    The Thyroid blood test came back negative, or normal. But because of my previous blood test showing low thyroid hormone he prescribed 0.05mg of Synthroid because he believes my thyroid is, shall we say, declining.

    He also prescribed a Onetouch Ultra2 glucose meter. So far, my blood has been within normal ranges, except around midnight last night. shot up to 136 after the wrong kind of cheeseburger. Yes, I've learned yet another valuable lesson. No more McDonalds. lol

    I've already cut down on my cigarette smoking. Hell, my pot smoking for that matter. Smokin' weed now comes with a bit of apprehension. Cigarette smoking, just sucks in all directions. Sucks cause its bad for me, and sucks that I have to quit (I'm without a doubt a cigarette addict). But my health means vastly more to me. And this has been sort of a wake up call.

    I'm taking 500mg of Cinnamon with my breakfast and dinner. Umm, what are your opinions of Chromium as a supplement? I've read that its great but should be taken several hours *after* my synthroid. What other supplements would be safe for me to take that will help with this problem that can be taken in conjuction with synthroid and one another for that matter?
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  12. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    I'm actually not sure about Synthroid as my doctor prescribed me Armour Thyroid. My Mom takes Synthroid, and lots of different vitamins & supplements, but I would ask your doctor to be safe.
  13. stonedK1982

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    Hey bud I might listen to doc mitch and check that out as well. I kept getting those exact same symptoms along with my vision being so fucked up that it was like looking through a really fuzzy tv screen as well. Turned out I was having anxiety attacks. So because of that and my diagnosis of depression as well my doctor put me on paxil and those problems have gone away completely over the months. However if you are put on an anti-depressant I would stay away from paxil. It has horibble withdrawl symptoms. Like the "zaps". Honestly I'm about as addicted to this medication as I am my cigarettes. So a word of advice unless that is your only option don't use it.
  14. HazeX

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    Well, I wont lie. I really dont know much about anxiety/panic attacks. They "sound" like something that I wouldn't understand why its happening. lol

    I mean, I'm not depressed. I dont have anything to be depressed about. Sure, this latest news isn't the greatest, and while it has been life altering, its not bringing me down. Hell, I feel challenged if anything. My personal life is pretty darned good if ya dont mind my saying so. I'm in a happy marriage, my kid is excellent in school (grades and behavior lol), my dog is cute as a button. lol I suppose I have the general stresses most folks have about daily life, bills, money, etc. But, nothin' I'm gonna lose sleep over. There was a time several years ago I thought I *might* be depressed. Dr prescribed Paxil. It didnt last long. While it didnt give me ED, it sure made having sex a marathon. lol We're talking hours and hours with no climax. lol
    And it frankly, made me feel like crap, so I figured I'd just deal with whatever it was and move on. I didnt feel like a pill could solve a depression problem that wasn't chemical in nature. Maybe I just had too much shit on my mind at the time. Nonehtless, life went on and all is well in that dept. lol

    All that being said, I'm started to get control of my sugar intake and I really think the Cinnamon is helping a great deal.

    I had 2 Grilled Chicken Breasts from KFC this evening (1g carbs), a serving of their taters and gravy (19g Carbs lol/1g sugar) and half a biscuit (about 12g carbs). 2 hours later my BSugar was at 83mg/dl.

    Last night had 2 slices of Round Table Italian Garlic Pizza (skinny crust) with the same results. I'm taking 500mg of Cinnamon at Breakfast and dinner. And it really seems to be doing the trick. Well, along with cutting the sugars out of my diet of course. Well, the hard stuff at least. Working out obviously is helping.

    And instead of smoking a pack and a half of cigarettes a day. (Sometimes 2), I had 6 cigarettes today. My my my, the difference.

    Today is the first time in a couple weeks I've been able to "partake" and not feel wierded out or just wierd in general. I actually got to enjoy it today. :)

    I've noticed adrenaline rushes make my chest a whole lot tigher than they used to. My heart doesn't pound out of my chest, but you can tell I almost shit a brick for a couple mins. lol

    I've always had a very fast metabolism (why I was always able to eat like a horse and remain thin). And While I know it can take weeks for the synthroid to get rollin'. . .just the past few days of cutting out the sugars and making a real attempt to eat right has really done a lot.

    I feel freakin' great today. Even right now at 12:48am. I feel pretty freakin' good. Best I've felt in a couple weeks to be honest. lol

    Maybe there's hope afterall :)

    Pardon the rambling, its gettin' late. :D
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  15. stonedK1982

    stonedK1982 New Member

    hey keep up the good work with the cigarettes bro. :) well hopefully you can get to the root of this problem. sorry i couldn't be of more help.
  16. toothfairy420

    toothfairy420 Stoner Chique

    The inevitable has happened...I've just been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism...possibly brought on by graves disease, as it is hereditary and my mom has it.

    Is anyone aware of the effects of indica dominant strains vs. sativa dominant when someone with this disorder smokes? I am thinking that the sativa dominant might be too much for my heart, as my bpm is currently about 90-110 resting and smoking anything recently is making me have some crazy heart palpitations...Ive done my fair share of research into hyperthyroidism since my mom was diagnosed ten years ago...but I haven't really looked into marijuana correspondences...so any info would be greatly appreciated. I guess if anything, the munchies will help me to keep some weight on...I have plummeted 40 lbs in the last 5 months...
  17. mysterybabylon

    mysterybabylon New Member

    I've got hypothyroidism and I take Levoxyl every day and I probably will need to for the rest of my life.
    When I don't take my pills for a couple days, my lymph nodes on my neck swell but when I smoke and don't take my pills, they don't swell.
    If anything, it seems like it helps me.
  18. sabina

    sabina New Member

    Wilson's Syndrome

    well, i am glad you are out there because i have been here for a loooong time suffering from a love of MJ vrs the craziness that it makes my body go through sometimes. I have had smoking sessions where my chest starts to hurt, my heart going fast, a sudden panic attack about possibly just dieing which is just the fact that i have faint feelings taking over me. AWFUL! These symptoms combined with an INSANE catholic education... :hail:... , resulting sense of guilt and self hatred, and chronic back pain and numb hands, have NOT been helpful for my emotional and physical stability.

    So, was feeling super depressed, anxious and unable to keep it together for a long time, that i decided to get in for some checks with a Naturopathic doctor and a Functional Medicine doctor. The first one had me take a blood test and body temperature as a research procedure to try and find out why i have so much back pain (i did not tell him directly that i get the panic attacks while being stoned). I took the test and a bunch of stuff was out of whack (with some in good shape thank goodness), and my body temperature resulted to be on the very low side: 96.1 average.

    He diagnoses me with Wilson Syndrome, which is a syndrome where your conventional thyroid tests come out as "hypothyroid" but really what it is is a low metabolism due to low body temp. which affects the thyroid in such way that its hormone production goes bzurk and you get hypothyroid symptoms and you are not supposed to treat it like hypothyroid, rather get on a different thyroid hormone treatment.

    You might want to do some research about it because the syptoms are like a bad trip like the ones we get which makes me think that pot tends to aggravate Wilson's Syndrome. Take your temperature for 4 to 6 days twice a day (not after excercise or upon waking) and see. If you have low temp. i guess you have Wilson's Syndrome. If not, mmmh... check what's going on in your life that makes you go low... i don't know, go to a naturopathic doc. They have sometimes new perspectives than conventional docs.

    The Functional Medicine guy i have not seen yet after labs. IF you are interested i'll let you know. For now my plan is to start weaning little by little and let it go more and more. I want to treat MJ like a gift that is used in very special occasions or for specific purposes more and more. Not so much like candy. . :angel:
  19. scottyg354

    scottyg354 New Member

    Restarting an old thread but definetely glad I found this. Was diagnosed with hypothyroid 6 months ago. After feeling like hell for years I had now idea what was up. I thought for sure I was dieing. I would sleep 16 hours a day, I went from 250 up to above 300 lbs. I was going bald. My joints hurts. Constant headaches and GI bullshit, and to top it off, everytime I would smoke it would send me for a loop. I would get so paranoid and stressed out, my chest would tighten up, I couldn't breath. I actually smoke maybe once a year for five years and believe before that I loved to smoke.

    So anyways I went to my doc and explained my situation nix the not being able to smoke. He drew some blood and found out I was hypo. Since starting my levothyroxine treament ,plus he put me on 5mg ox lexapro to get help cover up the anxiety until the pills start to work, I can know smoke again.

    Only thing still giving me issues is alcohol. If I over do it im hungover for like three days and my system gets all goofy, but I read that hypothyroidism can also cause problems metabolizing alcohol.

    Anyways, guy or girl your thyroid is def. a bitch.
  20. drakedrakenson

    drakedrakenson New Member

    Hey hazex or whatev uh im 15 iv had hyperthyroidism for about a ye and a half i can help out alot with info if you hav an xbox my gamertags drakedrakenson itd be easier to tell u that way if not email me at drakedrakenson@gmail.com ask me whatever you want i will tell u DONT SMOKE WITH OUT MEDS if you hav hyperthyroid you will 9 outa 10 youl have a heart attack no thin with caffine til u find out if you have it

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