I don't think I'm getting high

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  1. ef53928

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    I've only smoked twice..both times only in the past week, but it has been a little dissapointing. I took about 4 hits the last time and I held it for about 5 seconds. The first time I swallowed it but then I heard you aren't actually supposed to do that so I didn't the second time I smoked. My friends were really high but they've been smoking for a while. I felt like my heart was racing for the first 5 minutes but the rest of the time I just felt really calm which felt great since I stress a lot, but I didn't feel happy or funny and I didn't observe things and think deeply about them..I just felt calm and tired. My friends were laughing and having a good time but I just felt like I was in a dreamy state of mind. Maybe I'm not inhaling right? I'm not really sure. Advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  2. Teleo9

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    As long as you inhale the smoke just like you inhale to take a breath then you're doing it right. Sometimes you don't get high the first couple times. I don't think you really got high because when you're high there's no question about it. The thing that makes me notice the weed has kicked in is when I feel lots of pressure in my eyes.

    Just keep trying, you'll probably feel it next time.
  3. Ryan Overill

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    It gets better trust me, just relax.
    Don't even think about it, just listen to some music and you'll know.

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