I get tired and can't sleep when smoking weed

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by MonarchX, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. MonarchX

    MonarchX New Member

    I get that a lot recently. Pretty much when I smoke i get relaxed but afterwards I get tired and I acquired this sleeplessness.

    So, I can't really tired when vaping or smoking, but I can't pass out/sleep either.

    Does anyone get this too? How do you fight it?
  2. t-1000

    t-1000 Sr. Member

    Never experienced that. The only insomnia I have gotten as a result of smoking is when I quit after smoking multiple times a day for an extended time period.

    I always had a really easy time going to sleep after smoking, or vaping. More so with smoking (which is one reason I prefer the vape) but I always sleep exceptionally well after getting high.

    Recently I have had sleep issues and found it is totally psychological. I am in a country that I find truly depressing and angering. My stress level here is much higher than back in the US. I can't smoke... in fact there is no entertainment at all. That plus a mechanical engineering program at a famously challenging school leads to sleep problems. It seemed like when I went to bed, even if I was physically tired, things on my mind would distract me and prevent going to sleep. I tried putting myself into different states of mind until I eventually found one which works.

    Basically what I do is casually stare at "something" about 1 foot in front of my nose. Not actually conciously forcing my eyes to focus on that imaginary point... but just sort of a spaced out stare. Just relax and do that.

    I find that after a short time, dream-like thoughts being to wash in and out of my mind, until I finally fall asleep. As the thoughts come in and out, I never focus on them, I just keep being "spaced out" and casually looking at an imaginary point in front of my nose.

    Works every time. On days when I'm not stressing and just relaxed I go to sleep without problems. Lately I have had a lot of stressful weeks and the only way I can sleep is to do that, but it puts me to sleep in about 5-10 minutes every time.

    I always found that things like "counting sheep" were actually counter-productive. Any time I force myself to visualize something I never go to sleep. I have to be in a careless state of mind.

    I still often wake up in the middle of the night with a cold sweat clinging to my entire body. It seems like once I fall asleep and my mind truly takes off on its own, the daily depression and anger issues resurface. So I get out of bed, leave the sheets unfolded to dry off, maybe take a leak, and then just relax for a bit and go back to bed using the same staring trick.
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  3. Triklino

    Triklino Falling Into Infinity

    Usually what I do when I enter a state of sleeplessness like that, is I pretty much do what T said, and focus on something, and let my mind take over. Lay down, make sure you're comfortable, and let your imagination run free with thought. That's what I do, I lay down and let my imagination take me where it needs to go. If you don't read books this could be a good way to kick-start the imagination; get caught up in a certain thing so that you think about it while sleeping, and you will eventually fall asleep. As hard as this sounds... don't EVER think about sleeping when trying to go to sleep, you'll end up killing yourself in frustration.
  4. feedyourhead

    feedyourhead Girly Girl

    i can never sleep when i smoke, it turns my brain on too much, just like any other psychedelic.
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  5. t-1000

    t-1000 Sr. Member

    I only had that when I first started smoking and got super high. I would close my eyes and get lots of closed eye visuals (CEVs) that would take my attention.

    As tolerance increases, and the less surprising a high becomes, the more the weed will help you sleep. Once I got over the surprise factor, mj greatly aided a flowing imagination state of mind, which led to me being able to sleep almost immediately.

    Not really make me tired... except on the come down. I can sleep right after hitting a bowl if I want to, though.

    course I can go to sleep within 5 minutes any time of the day sober too... lol sleep feels good, and it isn't boring
  6. feedyourhead

    feedyourhead Girly Girl

    thanks for the tip but... i'm no rookie. CEVs have nothing to do with why i can't sleep -- i think too much when i'm high and for about an hour after i've come down... i.e. 'turning my brain on too much.' i've never even had CEV's to speak of (i'm talking the CEV's from off-topic drugs) when i've smoked marijuana.
    i can't smoke an hour or two before i go to bed. i've never been able to.
  7. Quiet420

    Quiet420 New Member

    Try to wait to smoke until closer to bedtime, sounds like what is happening is that your getting a second wind.

    Even with the prescription sleep-aids, if you take one before your ready to go to sleep, there is a window.....if you stay awake through the window, then you won't be tired any more, and if your already in a sleep-deprived state (as most people in modern societies are) it makes this window effect even more pronounced.
  8. wem511

    wem511 New Member

    Awesome. i've had problesm ffor awhile with getting to sleep and i take med for it. thats makes sense.
  9. blackanthony

    blackanthony New Member

    dude that was totally me my first times i would be too hyper and see visuals god i miss those days.
  10. styles215

    styles215 New Member

    What type of Cannabis are you consuming?
    Indicas are for sleep
    Sativas are not for sleep
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  11. toothfairy420

    toothfairy420 Stoner Chique

    Vaporizing makes my brain soo active, indica or not. If you are vaping for medical purposes, and you do not want to compromise your lungs, try making an indica edible and eating it an hour or two before bed time...edibles really knock you out.
  12. Melizzard

    Melizzard New Member

    Styles is right ... I can't sleep on sativas ... it's indica for me, all the way! Appetite too ...

  13. zoo

    zoo New Member

    A lot of folks can't sleep after using either indica or sativa dominant strains. For individuals in this category I would simply state the obvious; do not use cannabis before bedtime. Do not use it as a sleep aid.
  14. GlassyOffshore

    GlassyOffshore New Member

    Bud, Sleep, and maybe Cyclothymia / Manic Depression

    I have the same thing. It's great to have my brain feel more 'on' and reeling with thoughts these days when I smoke, as I feel there are too many unresolved things in my life (relationship, job, etc). But the not-being-able-to-sleep thing is annoying though. Heart feels speedy too often times.

    Do you find your personality to be even-keeled or do you ever swing at all between high energy and lots of thoughts (manic-ish) to anxious and cloudy headed (depressive). I have had subtle symptoms of this over long stretches of time, e.g. half a year at a time, one year per up/down cycle. This has been since my early 20's, following a few months of time when I first smoked more regularly (daily for some time).

    Mild manic depressiveness is called cyclothymia and I wonder if I have that sometimes, or if I just have, and have had too many unresolved things in my life for too long. It's probably a combination of both. Bud helps lift the depressiveness, but sometimes can make it worse if I haven't gotten good exercise to get me 'up' to a better baseline emotional lever. When I'm not depressed feeling and typically energetic and maybe a little manic-ish, I am drawn to bud with even less hesitation than when I'm depressed feeling.

    People talk about aaderal or ritalin acting in opposite ways between people who are more ADD and those who are not. I am tempted to think that maybe there is something similar going on with me and bud.

    Would love to hear from people who may have some thoughts or experience with this kind of thing. It's been too long and

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