I GOT CAUGHT My Whole Adventure inside

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  1. KaliKush

    KaliKush New Member

    Ok so heres my whole story ive been selling/smoking weed of and on for about a year so 1 month ago i started up selling again and smoking more because its the school year i have to smoke in my house most of the time usually i smoke in this kinda basement room that noone goes in anyways going back a year ago when i started my herbal adventures

    so when i first really got introduced to marijuana i was selling it just selling no smoking so my provider would give me an O and id have to make him 100 within 3 weeks and i keep the rest and then we do the whole money split w.e but i was sellin for a bit and then one month i finished ahead of scedule so i had all this weed in my safe and i was home alone so what else am i gunna do home alone with a quad of weed. Well one thing led to another and next thing im in my basement room with mouthwash a can of oldspice febreeze my brothers piece and a lighter. Now this is my first time lighting up so i cough a fair amount and im really paranoid about my parents smelling it so i spray febreeze mouthwash and all tht stuff and it was all good i continued doing this more and more the next few months my brother new and he just said dude i would stop if i were you mom and dad are going to catch on but i thought i was slick and said naww bro calm down and hes just like remember bro every dog has his day and i was jus like w.e i was makin bank,and gettin high practicly for free but as time went on i got sloppier and sloppier with keeping it lowkey i seshed a few times in my room with out febreeze stopped using eyedrops all that little stuff my mom got suspicious and drug tested me I passed with a homemade wizzinator with pee made out of water yellow food coloring and viniger but i passed so i was like now that there off my back i dont have to worry so i continued the same high key routine and then my provider graduated so i stopped selling therefore had no more income except my 30$ a week allowance therefore no more weed so i kinda calmed down a bit for the summer maybe smoking here and there on a friday but thts it thn when the school year started this year i found a new dealer and bought from him it was more to smoke then sell this time so for tht month i was back to my old routine and one day i had smoked and my eyes were red and my mom said your high arent you? and i said noo y dont u test me so i got my fake pee ready again thinking shed say yes but she said no no so i just let it be.that was 4 days ago last night i smoked about 3 bowls then this morning my dads over and he said ure getting tested. he watched me the whole time i couldnt get my fake pee i was fucked and sure enough the test came up positive they gave me talk and said theyll discuss whats going to happen and of course took my allowance.this is a kind of notice to every kid out there dont slip up like i did i thought i was slick but in the end my carelessness got me like my brother said every dog has his day:sad:

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  2. Vexxie

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    cool story bro
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  3. MestUp7

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    You're just lucky your parents caught you before the cops did. If you really want to smoke just get a real job. Sure - dealing can be profiting, but it also can ruin your life if you get caught with intent to sell.

    But I guess right now you have to deal with your parents. Good luck bro.
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  4. Fiddlesticks

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    It's always the two seconds you get careless is when you get caught in my experience. And the enter key is your friend. Use him more.
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  5. KaliKush

    KaliKush New Member

    yeah man ure right. im probaly going to get a job but yeah dude thanks
  6. Sykes

    Sykes New Member

    cops caught me first :/ then again parents caught me 4 times again.
  7. Lurkerboy (T)

    Lurkerboy (T) Sr. Member

    Also, don't we have another topic for this kind of stuff?
  8. giftedchild00

    giftedchild00 New Member

    same thing just happened to me. SUCKS. my dads cool though. but my mom flips. but to top it off my cheerleading coaches just found out AFTER ive been clean for a month and im about to get kicked off and they called my mom. im the only cheerleader who smokes worse then guys
  9. Ell

    Ell New Member

    I'd say stop smoking and pay attention in English class, first off. That was painful to read.

    On topic, If you aren't prepared to deal with consequences then get out of this game today. I'm sure all of us have smoked in our parents homes, and when we got caught we had to catch some heat for it, but I will tell you trust is hard to rebuild.

    It sucks, but while pot isn't as dangerous as people say you need to concentrate on your future, as Chef said ''There's a time and a place for everything and it's called College'' :D

    My last peice of advice, one which I will undoubtedly say many times before I die: If you're going to do something wrong, you've got to do it right.
  10. Grass-Smoka

    Grass-Smoka 303% Acid

    Man, learn to use the period. I almost suffocated reading that post.
  11. Zeroxtreem

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    Posting Guidelines

    Inc. tank.
  12. PepeTheMano

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    Cool story bro....

    1. 30$ a week allowance, shit.

    2. Every dog has his day, true.
  13. sweetladyluck

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    I love every single grammar freak on this forum.
  14. Dawq902

    Dawq902 New Member

    Well that blows. I use to be careless and once my parents started getting suspicious I started to cut back a lot. Now I just smoke casually, or anytime I don't have to cough up some cash.

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