I have a bad chest cold; should I ease up on the smoking?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Zeroxtreem, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. Zeroxtreem

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    I've been smoking everyday for 6 months, usually only towards the night somewhat heavily with a little bit in the morning. I have been buying the same stuff from the same guy.

    Lately, I have gotten a cold (in 90 degree weather) that was similar to what a girl I know has (we're friends), however she got over it in a couple days and it wasn't bad at all during.

    Mine is worse to the point where I can't eat, don't want to eat (even when smoking now), I'm throwing up anything I DO want to eat, I'm coughing up phlegm, I'm coughing very hard and can feel all the congestion in my lungs.

    I haven't done or changed anything new in the past few days, or really even months.

    I'm assuming this isn't from smoking ganja...if that's true, would anyone know why after 6 months? And to be honest, lately my use has gone DOWN due to always being outside in my community.

    Will smoking at night to help me fall asleep screw with my cold, make it worse or make it harder to get over? I don't feel comfortable asking my doctor (who may be slightly more biased) these questions.

    Before anyone tells me I should see a doctor, I'm writing this at 4:10am and will be making an appointment later today if I don't get at least a little better. :thumb:
  2. Texas Toker

    Texas Toker Sr. Member

    Ya I always have t stop smoking when I get a chest cold.
  3. ashlee lynn x0

    ashlee lynn x0 Sr. Member

    Damn, I hope you feel better! That doesn't sound pleasant at all...

    I'd ease up on the smoking, at least until you start feeling better.
  4. Up In Smoke

    Up In Smoke Guest

    Convert to Vaporization if possible.

    It acts as an Expectorant.

    Which causes you to cough out the gunk in your lungs.
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  5. toothfairy420

    toothfairy420 Stoner Chique

    Yes, stop all combustion, eat it or vape it if you don't want to cut back...or cut back...
  6. ahriman22

    ahriman22 New Member

    Stopping for now, or at least greatly reducing should be fine. Phlegm is a common by product from constantly inhaling a smoke source like tobacco.
    I've got the same thing, just with added sore throat and stomach pains, just tough it out.

    And since you're vomiting, do not drink allot of water, I mean drink it of course, but just not jugs upon jugs upon jugs, last time I had this I did just that.... And ended up redecorating my hallway.
  7. SleepyJohn

    SleepyJohn Sr. Member

    A Vaporizer, would fit You better. It is good for keeping colds,and sore throats a whole different glow. Otherwise, Medical Science says the combusted temperature to be very traumatic, for a disabled respiratory system. Try allot of Orange Juice. Keep warm.
  8. e-4Rippin

    e-4Rippin New Member

    Don't smoke when you have a chest cold. I did this and ended up with pnuemonia, and that sucked big-time.
  9. Zocalo

    Zocalo Sr. Member

    Yea stop for a while dude. I used to smoke a lot outside in the winter, and since it was only spending 10 mins outside I rarely put on something over my short sleeve shirt I ware inside. The result was that a month later I was coughing like a 10 yr old chain-smoker.
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  10. MorbidKitty

    MorbidKitty New Member

    Sounds like a bad cold mixed with smokers cough. Just because you don't smoke cigarettes (do you?) doesn't mean you don't get smokey gunky build up in your lungs. try not to smoke weed in large quanities. It will help the nausea and loss of appetite in small doses, like half a joint at a time.

    smoking won't set back your recovery, but it won't help your cough and phlegm problem either. drink hot liquids to break up the phlegm, see your doctor anyway, and smoke in small doses. :) Get well soon!
  11. MagicSmoke

    MagicSmoke New Member

    Go get checked up asap. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but those signs seem almost identical to the Swine flu.
  12. potboy

    potboy New Member

    don't smoke if you have a chest cold.
  13. maggie_monster

    maggie_monster New Member

    vape it. i'd tell you to eat it, but i guess you'd just puke it up...
  14. Plainsman1963

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