I live in ALASKA. I want my GREEN Card.

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by DaDornta, May 27, 2008.

  1. DaDornta

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    I live in ALASKA, DAMMIT. I want my GREEN CARD.

    I want the medical community here to understand that I'm not some "recreational stoner that wants a cheap way out".

    I can already do that right now as easy as pie with local "dudes".

    I want, I suppose, the respect of the legal/medical community to my right to use cannabis in a responsible, medicinal way.

    4 years ago I underwent gastric bypass because of my obesity. I weighed 265lbs, at only 5'5. I was wearing size 40" jeans, and that is if i put my belly over top.

    I feel I was blessed with the surgery I had.

    It reduced the size of my stomach to about the size of a golf ball (instead of a baseball like normal people). I also had my gallbladder removed under my doctors recommendation (due to the fact gall stones can develop with rapid weight gain/loss).

    I was an avid pot smoker before this operation. I feel this may hinder my chances of obtaining a doctors approval for a medical recommendation.

    In all honestly, I didn't smoke at all for months after my surgery. I was seriously feeling like SHIT as my fat cells reduced in size and leeched out all the toxins into my body. I could only suck on ice chips for the first week, and after that only have a mouth full of food every few hours.

    I'm four years out of my surgery now, and times have defiantly changed. I still can't have milk products (probably a good thing anyway)...and I still have very loose stools due to my lack of a gallbladder.

    When I smoke marijuana at least twice a day, or vaporize (my intelligent preference)...I notice that I can eat about twice as much without total stomach discomfort, as well as being able to give my digestive tract enough "solids" to not give me liquid-shits.

    I never know these days if i'm gonna fart or piss my pants via my ass.

    But, if I eat enough, I don't seem to gain any weight, and totally absolve myself of that problem.

    If I didn't have the appetite-enhancing effects (that actually linger for hours even if you dont get totally high!) I would just "forget to eat" and get really, really thin.

    It was only after about 6 months post-op that I began to smoke again that I started to stabilize my weight. I got down to 135lbs...because food was just a pain in the ass...

    Even today, if I'm not some-what (like night before, or whatever) without THC in my system I can't eat. I just don't want to. It's just to much hassle. I'd rather be focused on my job or or whatever else im doing.

    Story really ends there.

    I've read the statues, I've viewed the application packet. I just don't know if I should even try and approach my gastric bypass surgeon to sign it. He had to have known i was marijuana positive due to my urine tests (which included all drugs) prior...(i was told by his nurse he doesn't care about weed thought when i seemed nervous..)

    That still doesn't mean that he is willing to stake his reputation on the line -- being the TOP and NO. 1 "Gastric Bypass Surgeon" in Alaska .

    Maybe I need to find other medical MJ Alaskan Patients. I have only run across one, he claimed to be one of only 40-50. There seems to be a lack of doctors here who are willing to take the risk of making the medicine available.

    Can any of those patients in Cali give me any hope/advice?

    I want this for myself not so much as a "legal way out" but more of a statement to my family and those who despise medical marijuana...

    I want to also want to help raise awareness as to the medical, instead of psychoactive effects of MJ ...that it DOES help.

    Damn. Unless I have AIDS or Cancer, it seems no doctor up here is willing to put their reputation on the line.

    If one does a search of my user profile, you will see posts the night before and thereafter my surgery.

    Yeah, I've been here that damned long. I'm sick of having to feel like a crackhead to get what I need to feel normal.
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  2. DaDornta

    DaDornta MJ.com MASTA SELECTA

    I've never met/come across any medical Alaskan MJ users on the boards here. They are that far and few between. Unless you are literally "for certain going to die in a few years" -- doctors up here won't risk their reputation.

    I say, if we have the laws...we have the state statutes...we have a beautiful state that pays you to live here...why NOT as a pot-using community, encourage sympathetic doctors to open up small-time family practice establishments?

    Where are the people on these boards that supported these laws? Where are the people that worked in the streets for the petitions? Why has a medical marijuana law been passed and only 40-50 people (according to NBC KTUU news last year) been helped?

    Where are dispensaries? Where are "caregivers"?

    WTF is up with Alaska's so-called "medical marijuana"??

    I understand--that the bill was written and now said statutes on the books are very strict...

    That doesn't in my mind explain as to why more people have not decided to either support, move north, or apply for State of Alaska protection.

    Um, we all voted for it...and it did nothing. Wow, what a false sense of participation in our own government we Alaskans can now feel proud of.

    Let's hope we don't get hosed with the natural gas pipeline proposal...like we did with this seemingly "empathetic" AKA "pathetic" medical marijuana "law".

    Sorry, I'm venting. Where are the Alaska NORML reps? do you NOT browse the boards? These boards are the voice of the people dammit!

    Whatever, I guess I'll continue to buy my shit from some shady murderer in a parking lot just to be able to eat AND shit like a NORMAL person.

    Whatever, AK MJ reps/advocates have FAILED IMO. Miserably.

    Seriously, what doctor up here is going to put their reputation on the line for me? What doctor is going to keep me from having my neighbors call the local cops on me if I use medical MJ after work in my own home?

    What if I found a quote "care-giver" to reduce the cost of my "medicine" for me personally...so that I'm not paying $300-$500 a month on "medicine" (not covered under ANY insurance)...now he's suddenly got a felony because he had 30 clones (plants) and not under 25 for a "misdemeanor"

    I hate this.

    We have "medical marijuana -- castrated" and "personal use -- castrated" ... I can't get what I need from the people I need it from without dealing with Felons.

    This is bulls*t.
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  3. shibshib

    shibshib New Member

    Correct me if I'm wrong (which it appears I am), but from many things I've heard and read, it seemed like it was pretty much decriminalized up in Alaska. Last I read, you guys voted to allow people to smoke in their homes and what not.
  4. sterbo

    sterbo sailor dog...

    That's true. But it ends there.
    Go outside your home and you're toast.
    Those who need access to their medicine, regardless of type, have to be able to move freely about without fear of persecution (keeping in mind we're talking freedom within the State's framework, not the Feds).
  5. sterbo

    sterbo sailor dog...

    Forgive me DaDornata given that it seems obvious, but have you placed a phone call to Norml or MPP etc.?
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]NORML and the NORML Foundation
    Phone: (202) 483-5500

    Marijuana Policy Project (MPP)
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  6. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    I learned a long time ago that I must help myself, and I can't rely on anyone else to help me, that includes the government. I must obtain my medicine by my own means. Yes, it is extremely frustrating, but I have no other choice, until the powers that be get their heads out of their asses anyway.
  7. $moKeDanK

    $moKeDanK Sr. Member

    im pretty shure u can grow off-topic plants up to a ceirtain number in alaska as well
  8. kinghelwig

    kinghelwig New Member

    grow your own,I know easier said than done but give it a go so you dont have to worry about being robbed or hurt badly to get your meds,I feel lucky I live in calif,land of the fruits nuts and flakes,I have no problem finding pot here but our movement is under close scrutiny,nothing is free in this world,I hope you find what your looking for.
  9. SpiralArchitect

    SpiralArchitect The Cosmic Chronic

    Dadornta, I know two patients who are registered as medical marijuana users here in Alaska. They are both older and have chronic pain conditions. They haven't had any trouble with the law, marijuana really is a low priority crime in Alaska.

    Well, as you know Alaska doesn't really have much of a population density. Anchorage (360k) is the only city. Fairbanks is close at ~80k. The only place a dispensary could reasonably survive is in Anchorage.

    Measure 8
    I guess it was then modified so that patients not registered possessing more than state law can be prosecuted even if they are medical patients.(Senate Bill 94).

    As you know the State will not help you find a doctor to prove that you have a condition needing medical marijuana. That is soley up to you Dadornta.

    I suggest you do some reading, I just skimmed over this and it has it all. It seems Alaskas medical marijuana law is basically get a doctor, register, grow your own.

    Becoming a Patient

    And there is a bunch more... but yeah,
    when I read this I was kind of thrown off --

    You think so?! You really should give them more credit, they worked hard. We are allowed to posses up to an ounce in our homes and use it, even as a non-registered patient. Marijuana is a very low priority crime in Alaska, I dunno how you consider that a failure but its a lot more than most states have! You can't expect a dispensary with a state who's population is the lowest of all the 50 states, it's at like one person per square mile. haha

    You ask where the representatives for AK MJ reform are, well, they are probably in Anchorage. Look them up, with some research I'm sure you can come into contact with them and since your so passionate I think you would be a valuable asset to the cause :thumbsup: Hope this was of use :D

    Well, if this is the case and they despise medical marijuana do you really think a little card will do much use? Show them the facts, hell give them a link to marijuana.com and this thread, and if they still refuse to accept your need for medical marijuana than there isn't anything you can really do, is there? That's their choice.
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  10. shibshib

    shibshib New Member

    wow... i was so naive... I guess I thought you guys had it good... I kinda forgot about the whole... transportation and what not.

  11. SocataSmoker

    SocataSmoker New Member

    I'll have ya know as soon as I get on my feet in Alaska, I will open a dispensary, perhaps a chain of dispensaries. I do not care about legal ramifications or DEA threats, I do this out of my good heart. And Spiral, you shall be my right hand man! Of course I'll take all the heat if we do get busted... but to hell with them!
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  12. SpiralArchitect

    SpiralArchitect The Cosmic Chronic

    If by right hand man you mean designated smoke-tester and joint roller, than I am in! :thumbsup:

    Let me just change my bong water first, shits narsty.... :p

    Really though, I doubt any dispensary would survive in AK. Most people just grow their own or buy from a friend, their isn't really a demand for a 'weed store'. Where would you put it besides in Anchorage?

    Even then you would have a hard time managing with high crime rates and most likely not very many registered patients... besides the I think the law doesn't allow for dispensaries.. I could be wrong tho
    edit// yeah, I just reread my post
    I'll requote
    Maybe it will change sometime, until then you are SOL
  13. sterbo

    sterbo sailor dog...

    They do have it good.
    Decriminalization must be applauded wherever and however it takes place...
  14. richc25

    richc25 New Member

    Anchorage medical marijuana support group

    Hello, there is a new support group in Anchorage. We meet weekly at Denny's by Costco on Debarr. Every Wednesday 7-8:30 pm. Anchorage medical marijuana support group homepage can be found at meetup.com.
    To support local medical marijuana recipients and their needs. Create a referral system to access compassionate Doctors in Alaska, I have found it not only very difficult to obtain a referral in anchorage but also very humilating and a negative experience. There is strength in numbers so join and together we can make some positive changes so good folks dont have to go through what some of us have been through. Open discussions, you dont have stand on the corner to purchase your medicine. Caregivers, alternate caregivers, dispensaries, co-ops, debilitating medical conditions, review current medical marijuana laws in Alaska. Anyone can attend bring your friends and family...........

    Come support locals who feel like you........

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