I need a way to hide the smell AND the smoke

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by Th3MadMan, Nov 22, 2009.

  1. Th3MadMan

    Th3MadMan New Member

    I am moving to an apartment and my mom doesn't want me to smoke because she doesn't want it to smell or to be smokey. We made a deal that if there is no smoke or smell it doesn't matter. She doesn't care that I smoke its just the smell and smoke thing. Any suggestions on how to hide the smell and smoke. The thing is that she doesn't want me to be spraying fabreeze everywhere. Any suggestions? I will probly be useing a bong, if that helps. Also, will a vaporizer help? :bong2:
  2. Cheeseluver

    Cheeseluver New Member

    a vaporiser would help as you wouldnt get that dirty smell from a bong, it smells different. also you could vape some pot pouri oils after better than fabreeze. keep room well ventelated, the smokes a toughie try running a real hot shower so rooms steamy n hit in bathroom with extractor fan n window open . Try to use as little or no tabacco.
  3. GoldenYggdrasil

    GoldenYggdrasil New Member

    A vape would help alot in this situation, though there is still visible vapor or if you turn the temp to high it could possibly burn. One good setup for a bong, or anything really, would be the simple setup of burn one or two incense, open a window and point a fan, preferably a box-fan, out an open window and just blow any smoke toward the fan, or just sit relatively close to it. I've used this setup personally a few times for smoking, and the after smell was near non-existent, and there was no smoke in my room left when i was done. Even without the incense it's somewhat effective.
  4. FreddyC

    FreddyC Pot is a better drug than alcohol. Fact!

    Vaporize and use the "mute tube". I do that when I travel and stay in hotels and have never been bothered. Freddy
  5. lllDINO

    lllDINO New Member

    Sploof with dryer sheets in a plastic water bottle; If you need to get rid of the smoke too, try blowing into a pillow (with the sploof). Your room will smell normal with just a hint of fabric softener opposed to the overpowering smell of febreeze.
  6. Skanking4ever

    Skanking4ever New Member

    What i use that works amazingly when im smoking in my room is a gas mask filter. It works the same way as a spoof but instead of just hiding the smoke it takes it away completely. You can find them online or at army navy surplus stores. :thumbsup:
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  7. MXM

    MXM Sr. Member

    dude i saw this home made stuff

    you get those things you put into the dryer for better drying and smell (i think)
    and get the toilet paper roll, you know the carton center one....
    and then at one end you put like 10 of those sheets inside and finally make one like a mask to it and secure it....

    and then you smoke thru the other side, you know the smoke smells good.

    hope it helps
  8. Kushy

    Kushy down


    This is a "spoof". It's the tube of a toilet paper with those smelly dryer sheets. Just put a rubber band around them to keep them on, and then stuff one in on the other end and blow the smoke through it. Won't completely get rid of the smell, but I'd say 95%
  9. MXM

    MXM Sr. Member

    the more you put inside rugged in the better
  10. Th3MadMan

    Th3MadMan New Member

    how does the gas mask filter work?
  11. Doc Zee

    Doc Zee New Member

    A word of warning against using sploofs, the chemicals they stuff in the dryer sheets seriously mess you up if inhaled. If you use these a lot without exhaling out of a window then chances are you'll be doing a lot of damage to yourself that you may not be able to undo.

    I'd swear by using a gas mask filter, they start to lose effectiveness after six months or so, but at $5 a pop they aren't exactly difficult to replace. Just breathe into the smaller circle, the part that would usually be on the outside of the gas mask and the smell should be almost completely eliminated, not just masked. Make sure you test the filter out somewhere first, I've read that some types don't always work, although I've never actually had one that didn't.
  12. zappy

    zappy Pondering Primate

    Now that there is a fine example of stoner ingenuity. :thumbsup:
  13. Splendens

    Splendens New Member

    A WORD OF WARNING: Don't listen to this guy, or anyone else who doesn't know what their talking about.

    If your breathing in dryer sheet, your doing something seriously wrong.

    So what happens to you when you breath in the charcoal from the gas mask. And why are you doing that instead of BREATHING OUT.
  14. shoreweed

    shoreweed New Member

    If you had read the post you quoted, he didn't mean breathe in through the sploof, that is why he said "If you dont exhale out a window" he means when you breathe out through the sploof the chemicals in then in the air and you breathe them.
    Next time, think a little harder before you go ripping on a fellow stoner.
  15. Koavah

    Koavah New Member

    I light incense
  16. smokeymadpot

    smokeymadpot New Member

    Lmao, out here in missouri we call them bounce barrels or deuces. Haha
  17. Parakeetman24

    Parakeetman24 New Member

    Smoke it on the balcony, if you have one.
    Other wise I guess sit by a window/in the bathroom with the fan (sucks in the air0
  18. WolfGang Paco

    WolfGang Paco Sr. Member

    Bong Busters here. :p
  19. Kushy

    Kushy down

    When you "exhale" through a sploof you're not detaching the chemicals of the sheets into the air. Just because it smells like dryer sheets does not mean that inhaling the scents would be bad for you. To actually inhale the chemicals would require them being melted off or washed off of the sheets.
  20. BayAreaMML

    BayAreaMML New Member

    im not allowed to smoke in my house either, and i vape in my room all the time. my room is 10x10. i have a hepa filter cuz im allergic to a lot of shit, so iturn that on hgih, burn inscnese, window open, towel under door. but honestly a sploof with dryer sheets or TP with axe on it blown out the window will do you fine.

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