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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by metal_head, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. metal_head

    metal_head New Member

    Ok, I haven't exactly had the warmest welcome before, but I really am in need of help. I got popped with a POM, and luckily, since we were not in my car, but a buddy's car, my lawyer says if I pass a court drug test, it will be dropped to a PDP. The court date has been reset to Oct 26, and I need to pass that day. If I fail, I could go to jail.

    I have since quit smoking, and I need to detox...fast. I'm a little overweight and have been a daily smoker of High Times caliber chronic for over seven years. I have since stripped my diet of fatty foods and any liquid other than water and cranberry juice. I now drink LOTS of water and cranberry juice.

    What else can I do to pass a drug test. I'm hoping on a piss test, cause if it's a hair test, I reckon I'm screwed anyway.

    Any advice on other ways to detox in 2 and a half weeks?

    I just noticed I posted this in the wrong section. Mods, can you move it, please. I have been doing some reading and would Quick Fix 5.7 work for a county court test? $$$ is not an issue with me, so any products on the market would work. I'm really wanting to completely detox to be safe. I'd rather not dillute or substitue.
  2. LiveForMusic1827

    LiveForMusic1827 New Member

    Quick fix is your best shot if you are positive you wanna fake the test. You need to buy 24 packs of water and bottles of cranberry juice and down them. Also make sure you exercise cause THC is stored in fat cells.....its a good thing exercising burns fat. You've got a long while before your test, if you stay focused on the fact that you need to piss a billion times you should be okay. You COULD try taking niacin every day that supposedly will speed up your metabolism but ive heard that it doesnt do much. This just came to my mind but there are PLENTY of detox kits....ill give you a link..


    I dont know how much you way but if you weigh over 200 lbs right on the front page there is one specifically for that. Best of luck to you man!
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  3. metal_head

    metal_head New Member

    Thanks, Live, I do have time and I am about to start working out about an hour a night in sweats. I will find that niacin and try it too. I REALLY don't want to use synthetic at the chance I'm monitered durring the test and I'm really scared to attempt to mask it or dilute it. I want toxins COMPLETELY out of my system. I figure a couple of weeks with LOTS of water and cranberry juice along with self-abusive work outs will do it.

    Incase I cannot pass a home drug test the night before, would I be monitered in one of the largest county courts in the country or could I use the synthetic stuff?
  4. WildRide09

    WildRide09 New Member

    Again..drinking tons of water before doesnt help...If you do plan on drinking water you need to plan on being on the tread mill..if moneys not a factor buy a sub kit. READ the sub thread and dilution thread.
  5. metal_head

    metal_head New Member

    Treadmill won't work for me. I'm gonna have to do eliptical, and I will for about an hour a night. I found a complete 7 day detox kit. If I drink nothing but LOTS of water, cranberry juice, and work out while eating non-fatty foods, then do the 7 day detox again, I should be in the clear, right?
  6. lew scannon

    lew scannon Banned

    Niacin is a myth. It does nothing to help pass a U/A.

    There is no product that can rid the body of THC. Only time and fat-burning exercise can do this.

    "Detox" products work via the dilution factor - meaning that they "work" because of the water that you have to drink with them. By drinking the water, youre only diluting the concentration of THC metabolites thats present in the bladder. Its a balancing act and the actions are only temporary - once all of the water taken had been voided out, a "dirty" donor will resume testing positive for THC. The actions of those magic detox products are duplicated at a fraction of cost by following the guidelines outlined in the Dilution sticky thread.

    Drinking fluids is only helpful on the day of the U/A. Like WildRide pointed out, drinking fluids days before the U/A is of no help. To find out why, read the opening post in this thread:

    Exercising is helpful for the long term, but if your U/A is 1-3 days away, you should avoid any exercising. When fat cells are burned, the THC metabolites are released back into the bloodstream, in which are then filtered by the kidneys and deposited in the bladder. For this reason, you want to be as lazy as possible those 1-3 days before the U/A to avoid releasing a bunch of THC metabolites into the bloodstream, which will end up in the urine to be detected.

    Most court-ordered U/A's are observed, making any urine sample substitution not a viable option.
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  7. metal_head

    metal_head New Member

    Thanks mod-man! So my plan after the help of this website is to go on an Ethiopian Diet (then eat fatty foods and stay lazy in the 3 days before the test), run and sweat my ass off, stay hydrated and stay off the pot. The sad thing is I can go with out food and starve myself while running hard, but not smoking for 3 weeks will be tough. I'm gonna have to try to fill in the void with that legal bud crap.
  8. SenorSmokesALot

    SenorSmokesALot Subscriber

    Tough break man but look at it this way. After this you'll be fitter, healthier and when you smoke you'll get higher than ever. Good luck on your test. Cheers
  9. Chronical

    Chronical New Member

    Get some niacin at a local walmart or pharmacy. Well I do know that Orange Juice has about 6% Niacin in it.
    But doesnt it take around 3 weeks to get it ALL out of your system???
    Im still not to sure on that subject :O
  10. kirbygirl57

    kirbygirl57 New Member

    The Niacin you want is flush niacin, and walmart or drug stores don't sell it, got to GNC to get that.

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