I Officially love dunkin donuts

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by Maine207420, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Maine207420

    Maine207420 New Member

    Tonight the boys and I all got toasted as we were cruising around the city. Towards the end of our adventure, we passed another bowl around and got a little more toasty and a little more hungry and decided to go to dunkin donuts. I had two gift cards, so I checked what money amount was left on them. The total of the two came to about 5.92. So, while I'm trying to decided if I should get a halfdozen donuts, the lady says, "Tell you what, I was just about to dump these donuts, so I'll give you a dozen for the price of a half dozen." So, my friends and I are naturally pumped. So, we get a dozen donuts, and then I asked if I could get a coffee coolatta. I reach into my wallet to pull out some more cash because the half dozen price was about 4 dollars, the coolatta 2.50. She looked at me and said "Don't worry, we'll figure this out." The woman scanned both of the cards, took off the senior discount on my purchase, and the freaking police discount(25%!!!!). So it actually only cost me like, 4 bucks. I was so happy that she was so incredibly nice and I'm assuming she could tell we were baked because she hooked us up so much. I officially am in love with this franchise. I just thought I'd let everyone know!:)
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  2. cthcforlife

    cthcforlife Sr. Member

    Oooh I miss d&d so much. San diego sucks cause they don't have any. I even had my ma overnight to me once haha
  3. WeedAndSnow

    WeedAndSnow New Member

    I had those tuna on a bagel a couple times high. That was good
  4. Rocketman

    Rocketman Sr. Member

    Too bad we don't have em here. We had one for like a month but business wasn't good enough so they shut down.
  5. emuhhleee

    emuhhleee emtard smash!

    oh man, i wish we had some here. sometimes during the summer there's people that will bring it up & try to sell it... but i've never actually had them before. reminds me of this one day, we went to fred meyers & the lady at the starbucks counter was looking at us weird (because we were stoned?) then when we were about to leave she said "take anything you want off that tray, i was just about to throw them away, but take as much as you can!" so we did.
    we walked away with our hands full of samples of lemon cookies, & raspberry jam cookie things & banana bread. lmao, we were happy.
  6. Maine207420

    Maine207420 New Member

    That's exactly what happened to us! She said she was gonna get rid of the doughnuts anyway, so she didn't give a rat's ass. It was like Jesus worked at Dunkin Donuts.
    And nobody has Dunkin Donuts in here? I live in Maine(if that wasn't already given away...) and we have them all over the place, I love it.
  7. Ska

    Ska Sr. Member

    Yes! Our D and D hooks up the free donuts. The coffee was probably old but tasty =). Had to be better than the coffee I'm drinking now
  8. MemphisBBQ

    MemphisBBQ Sr. Member

    We have a few around here, but they are hella expensive. Cheaper to get some decent donuts at Mapco or the local Howard's donuts.

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