I Passed My Hair Test!

Discussion in 'Blood, Hair & Saliva Testing' started by jimbusnimbus, Mar 23, 2002.

  1. jimbusnimbus

    jimbusnimbus Guest

    I beat the man dammit. i tested the other day. hair was taken form 3 spots on my head.
    two days later i had my answer.
    so it can be done naysayers. if anyone should have failed it was me. a long time chronic daily user.

    it is a good day indeed america

    jimbus nimbus
  2. Bailey1138

    Bailey1138 Senior Member

    So, how'd ya do it? Don't keep us in suspense, share your knowledge!
  3. jimbusnimbus

    jimbusnimbus Guest

    first of all i would like to thank god and all the members of the academy....my possee, puffie, biggie, and howard stern the wackest caucazoid on this here mofo.

    now i can not say what process definitively worked, but i can list what i did to beat the alleged unbeatable hair test.

    history- i am a 30something and a 20+ years, daily smoker; so any weekend warrior should pass easy.

    a) stop smoking, (i did for 31 days longest span ever) i assume the longer the better.

    b) start using hair "clarifiers" or strippes, the stronger the better, they can be bought at beauty supply stores. try and do 3-4 treatments before test. soak with vinegar before stripping.

    C) www.detox.com, i used their hair test "root clean" shampoo/gel everyday sometimes twice starting about 2 weeks before testing.

    d) daily 5-10 min. soaks with apple cider vinegar before 2-3 shampooings. starting 2 weeks before testing.

    e) several times 4-5 , after rinsing vinegar out i quickly followed with 10 min. vodka soaks, then shampooed out with detox shampoo.

    F) new product- EDTA based aloe gel i would put this on right before bed, 2-3 weeks before test, found at local super market. use any edta based clarifiers, shampoos or gels. check labels, you can not clean and strip enough! i sometimes spent 2 hours in the shower. shampoo and soak 2-3 times a day every day.

    g) www.hairtest.com- new product- AFTERBURNER, i bought this, paid around $140.00 inc. freight. once again i can not say if this alone worked, but i did pass. this comes with a pre testing soluton which i used daily for about 8-9 days before testing, usually following a vinegar soak. vinegar is supposed to open the pores on the hair shaft. so soak with that prior to any new process.

    f) new product - hair perm- do it at home or have a salon do it. my g/f is a salon owner so i had access to professinal grade clarifiers and perm solution. professional stuff supposedly works better. mine was done the day before test. note you do not have to curl your hair when getting perm! the perm straightens your hair. you must put curlers in to make it curl. just use 1st solution then lock it in with 2nd solution.
    in my opinion this is what helped the most in passing test.

    g) day of test- basically used everything one more time excluding clarifiers and perm and vodka. soaked with vinegar before and after each step to open hair up. then used afterburner 3 part kit. first seams to be a heavy salt leaching. soaks for 30 minutes and literally crystalizes up. rinse with water( i did this whole process in my pool so chlorine might be a factor dont kmow) and they say to use vinegar between each step. caution it burns a wee bit at this point.
    next 2 steps seemed to be a cleanser/shampoo, which are done back to back and both must be left on and deeply massaged for 30 mins. each.
    rinsed out final wash but did not use vinegar.

    H) hopped in shower used detox shampoo, followed with edta based aloe shampoo which i also laced with edta aloe gel, rinsed, added big wad of detox root clean gel, blew dry and headed to test.

    I) 2 days later i passed and got me a $20,000 pay raise!

    thank you and goodnight

    executive mr nimbus
  4. burnt311

    burnt311 New Member


    That sounds like a little much of work no?
  5. nomadtw

    nomadtw New Member

    my guess is the staying clean for 31 days that did it

    that's probably the pd that they tested
  6. PokeSmot

    PokeSmot New Member

    Sounds like you fried the **** outta your hair man!!!!
  7. DeltaLima

    DeltaLima New Member

    Is shaving a solution? I have that look, I shave my head (1/8 left) every 2 weeks and it cost nothing at all.
  8. BLEW

    BLEW New Member

    it costs about 0.2 cents to shave your head in electricity
  9. Hahahah

    .2 cents to shave ur head.. that dude must've been blown at the time.. hahaha this place is hella cool.. and funny at times..

    but yo.. i think that was just a little too much work for your hair.. i hope u don't go bald or nothing.. i don't think i can do all that vodka soaking.. i'll let it soak up my tummy, but not my hair..

  10. johnno420

    johnno420 Guest

    If his RAISE was 20 grand it's worth any amount of work =p
  11. jimbusnimbus

    jimbusnimbus Guest

    Follow Up

    Hey All-
    just wanted to check in.
    new job kicks butt and
    my raise is closer to
    30K per year.
    don't go down without a fight!
    It Can Be Beat.
    and my hair did not fallout.
    it was hard to comb for a few
    weeks as my hair was wavy
    before straightening it, but after
    3 weeks or so it was back to normal.


  12. Wish I had read these posts before I had my hair test. Used Aloe Rid, failed..on second try ordered Clear Test. Failed. So much for 200% guaranteed.
  13. vwlover

    vwlover Guest


    i did everything that jimbus said
    except instead of the detox shampoo i used Nexxus Aloe Rid shampoo and treatment every day, and i bleached my hair with Clairol Super Blue
    i quit smoking for 2 weeks and did all the treatments for those two weeks, the shampoos twice a day, permed my hair twice, vodka 4 times, and i used the Afterburner kit from hairtest.com three times ( i have short hair) and i passed!!!!!!! i used vinegar to saok before every treatment
    guess what i am doing this weekend?

    Jimbus you are THE MAN!!!! thank you
  14. boznong

    boznong New Member


    you have no idea how much you just helped me. everyone can now ignore my other seemingly annoying begs and pleas for information. i don't know how i missed this post before.

    right on vwlover. jimbus....you are TRULY the man.
  15. djkidrock

    djkidrock New Member

    congrats to jimbusnimbus, but........

    what about someone like myself who is on probation with the state of Missouri who has little money left over at the end of the week, and lives pay-check to pay-check? i cannot afford to pay for one of the (reputable) hair treatment kits, much less all the other crap he used. i know the simple answer is for me to just quit, but i cannot believe that their is not a simple, cheaper solution to my problem other than quitting. honestly, who here at this site is gonna tell me quitting is my only alternative? we are here for each other and i would appreciate it if anyone could help me out here. i love my freedom, my wife, my kids, and my herb, why can't i keep all of it? please reply if you have something intelligent to post, otherwise i am sick of all the wisecracks from you wise-acres. thank you!
  16. stunned

    stunned New Member

    Is it safe to soak my hair in apple cyder vineger every day. I have long dark hair and I don't want to do any real bad damage. I was a daily smoker but quit two weeks ago (when I found out I was going to be drug tested). I have purchased Testin products - 15 pills a day and then a shampoo. I am currently washing my hair twice a day with Aloe Rid and then Aloe rid treatment.I also bought Afterburn shampoo which sounds like it is stronger than Testin. I was planning on using Testin two days before my test and then Afterburn the day before and the day of my test. I am sure I will be getting a hair test, but the might ask for pee also.
    Any advise?
  17. whybnorml

    whybnorml New Member

    So in January I smoked (a lot) of weed with a friend. Then, in April I hit a joint 3-4 times. Shortly after, I received an awesome job offer. However, after I accepted the job, I found out that they do the hair follicle test. OK, I panicked! I worried myself sick and finally decided to go pay for my own hair test before my preemployment physical. It was quite exspensive at $129.00! But for my sanity I gladly paid it. After 3 long days of waiting; I found out that I passed. I know pot should be legalized, but in my state it is not, so I will not be smoking anymore weed. I need to work and it just isn't worth losing a good job over smoking pot a few times a year. What's so sad is that I am going to Colorado next week to visit my son!!! He wanted me to go the social club with him and try some different kinds of weed. But, I will pass on that. So, I hope this helps someone who is in a similiar situation. Do not worry about passing a hair test if you aren't a heavy hitter. Just my :2cents:worth.

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