I Quit, No More Pot.

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Massive_Attack, Feb 7, 2005.

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  1. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Smoking for three years is not much history. I've been smoking since 1967 and have noted no major changes in my life other than having a lot more insight into other people's minds, a much calmer attitude, and a sense of humor that sticks around through all kinds of adversity. Those things might be attributable to age and experience but they seem pot-related to me.

    I think the greatest thing about being a pot smoker is the friends I've had over the years. They've been funny, compassionate, and the least judgmental people I've ever met. I don't know if imaginative people become long-term smokers or long-term smokers have a less rigid hold on consensual reality. Either way, they are much more into speculative flights of fantasy than "normal" people.

    Different strokes for different folks. I'm sorry my muse didn't work for you. I wish you all the luck with your new life. It's good to have direction. It sounds like pot got in the way of yours.
  2. Massive_Attack

    Massive_Attack New Member

    It's called romatacizing(sp), when u only want to see/remember the good things of a situation. Like people who long for their ex not remembering all the bad times or for the drug addict who doesn't see the negative effects.
  3. stonedpeanut38

    stonedpeanut38 New Member

    Just putting my two sense in....no offense!

    I have been a long term smoker :chokin: ...I am 23....but smoking since I was 13 on a regular basis....and for the last 5 years....on a daily basis 3-4 times a day....I have noticed a difference in how I am. I am more a homebody...just want to sit and chill and watch TV I work full time, go to school full time at night, and smoke right before class...and I have a GPA of 3.75....was a 4.0 but....so, I can see some of what was said...for awhile I was uninterested :huh: in sex ..... NOT :nono: ANY :nono: MORE!!!!!!! :help:Anyhow...I take Psychology :sleeping: and they say that 1 joint :chokin: equals 4 cigs :doh: .....I smoke a pack of Newports a day and at least 2-3 joints, bowls :bong2: ....if not blunts. How the hell are my lungs holding up? :sigh: I am 5 ft even so tell me :shrug: ....LOL Also I can see losing some weight because I was skinny when I smoked ALOT 24/7....I was about 90lbs....now I don't smoke as much and I'm 115 :munchies: ....so....anyhow!!!!! I am having to write a paper :bawl: on Medicinal Marijuana" :laugh: Any ideas? :idea:
  4. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    Wow that's a lot of smilies. And Massive, you're just supplying me with nothing more than anecdotal evidence, not fact.
  5. Terrryluvs420

    Terrryluvs420 New Member

    This post is funny, Im going to re-read it after i finish this bowl.

    Thanks for the laugh !!!
  6. Massive_Attack

    Massive_Attack New Member

    What is a fact for me in personal experience may not be one for you. This isn't about me trying to tell everyone 'this will happen to you' Im sharing my experience and saying 'this may happen to you'.
  7. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    Buzzby, while not smoking for nearly as long as you have, I do have over 10 years under my belt as a smoker, and find that what you said in the above post is a nearly perfect description of my feeling towards marijuana. Aside from a few minor legal issues, marijuana hasn't negatively affected my life to any degree. If any changes have occurred, they aren't apperant to me or those I am in contact with on a daily basis. I can honestly say, however, that even if I have done myself any harm, the positives definitely outweigh the negatives. I would have never met many of my closest friends had it not been for cannabis, nor would I have had so much life experience. I've met smokers from all walks of life, from the bums in the street to those that make more money than I could dream of. marijuana is a common bond, one that can make you feel at home anywhere when you are surrounded by like-minded people. Aside from the people I have met, its helped me become a better person...one that isn't quick to rush judgements, one that can laugh no matter how dire the situation may be. As a favor to my now wife, I abstained from smoking for about 6 months. She rewarded me by buying me a small bag, and after seeing the about face in my attitude and behavior, she promised that she would never ask me to completely abstain again. At that time, her smoking career was on hiatus, but she has since joined me. Suddenly, the arguments and fights became rarer and rarer, and shorter in duration when they did occur. For us, pot mellows us out, and allows us to concentrate on the important things in life, instead of fighting about the petty stuff that won't matter tomorrow. We can both get pretty high strung, but cannabis is our equivilent to other people's xanax. As a sidenote, my wife suffered from panic attacks previously. While cannabis may cause anxiety in some people, she has yet to have one since picking up the hobby again. However, I strongly believe that marijuana should be used to enhance one's life, and not be the sole focus. Once you begin to soley focus on it, the other things in life don't seem as important. I think once that level is reached is when many of the problems people have occur.
  8. killavanilla

    killavanilla New Member

    More for me....
    Your decision seems to be made on some false assumptions and general misinformation.
    Ignorance is bliss.
    I have a friend who thought that POT made him clumsy, spastic, and generally freak out.
    He quit too.
    The funny part is, we all new that he was like that to begin with. Nothing changed, except he got high and mighty on us for awhile.
    Now he smokes every once in a while.
    Quit, don't quit.
    Who cares?
    Not me.
  9. Burninbrooke

    Burninbrooke Sr. Member

    "Quit, don't quit.
    Who cares?
    Not me."
  10. His Highness

    His Highness New Member

    Cannabis is a convenient scapegoat for people to pin their personal failings on.


  11. killavanilla

    killavanilla New Member

    Darn tootin!
    I get a little tired of people swearing by the information they got from their D.A.R.E. meetings. Clearly, this person has other issues - one's that have nothing to do with his MJ use, but it's much easier to blame pot.
    I've been smoking for over 10 years, and find his claims to be ridiculous.
    Truth is, someone should probably close this thread, then bury it under the 'myth' section. That said, I apologize for jumping on the bandwagon and pickin on the poor guy.
    I'm so very alone. :bawl:
  12. panert

    panert New Member

    eek only one more year to go then
  13. The_Doors

    The_Doors New Member

    Cya, in regards sorry for your bad time with mj. we all seem to make good use of our time. we dont just spend the day toking. we have other activitys. me mainly is guitar and hanging with old friends. just chill im taking a break from mj today becouse my friend UNDER18 got busted and i was mentined in this. so i gotta go talk to his dad (who smokes) and be like he never smoked with me etc. but sorry for the babble later fella's :poke: :poke: :poke:
  14. WoCkLe

    WoCkLe Member

    Hmm Im going to have to agree with the loss of memory... I'm slowly turning into that guy who constantly asks the same questions that I have already been told. Could be lack of sleep... I'll do some testing before i jump to conclusions
  15. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    One thing I've noted to my distress in this thread is how cold and mean some people are towards someone who had a problem with pot and corrected it by stopping smoking. He didn't insist that anyone else stop smoking, he related his story and cautioned smokers to watch for the same kind of problems.

    It bothers me that pot smokers can be so narrow-minded and intolerant - just the things we complain about in non-smokers.
  16. Burninbrooke

    Burninbrooke Sr. Member

    I don't know about anyone else but I wasn't trying to be mean or intolerant, and come on now BUzz you know the irony of someone posting I quit no more pot when they're stoned is pretty darn funny ;) granted some of the posts were a little harsh, but I think most were trying to offer advice or their opinion on why he may have experienced this problem, when he shot down all of the others opinions the only other answer we can really have if we disagree has been said , smoke, don't smoke, whatever I guess it would be better said, smoke, don't smoke, cool, peace, but I think it is great that people here aren't scared to disagree. That is after all the beauty of message boards. (please note that I am extremely high and may be taking buzz's post completely the wrong way, please let me know tommorow if that is the case :) that said Buzz you rock!)
  17. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    Well then I ask: what does this guy quitting pot have anything to do with a physiological discussion? Seems off-topic to me...
  18. Burninbrooke

    Burninbrooke Sr. Member

    can't argue that...... if that is because I am high or because there is no argument to be had remains to be seen ;) LOL
  19. AlanBX420

    AlanBX420 New Member

    You only have 9 posts but you've been smoking weed for a long period of time of 3 and a half years.LOL it seems like you barely post or you just registered a short period of time ago or something.Why would you wait until 3 and a half years to register then all of a sudden quit on your 9th post it wouldnt make sense to register :laugh: ..Seems like all of a sudden had all these problems with weed then just hurried to post it so quickly and instantly decide you wanna quit weed but as long as I dont have any of those problems as you except for being paranoid sometimes im good lol.I usually smoke everyday btw.Anyway do whats best for you if you need to quit, quit its YOUR decision.
  20. AlanBX420

    AlanBX420 New Member

    Oh by they way to the ciggarette smoker who was worried about they're lungs and the damage that can be done,why do you need to smoke cigarettes then?It's not even gonna get you high like weed and weed will not damage your lungs like ciggarettes.Youre also smoking a pack a day I wouldnt even smoke one you crazy or somthing lol?A pack is a lot of ciggarettes you're smoking.Stay helathy dont smoke ciggarettes.AND dont complain about your lungs if youre the one smoking the cigs its not like someone told you to.
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