I stopped smoking 3 days ago and now I feel like crap

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by TreesNSpliffs, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. TreesNSpliffs

    TreesNSpliffs New Member

    So I won't go into too much detail except to say that I am a heart patient who smokes pot. My doctors know I smoke, they've told me to smoke in moderation or not at all but that of everything I could possibly do/put in my body, marijuana is the least harmful.

    I tend to smoke between an 8th and a quarter per week. I think I've smoked less and less the past couple of weeks.

    The last time I smoked weed was Sunday afternoon, almost exactly 4 days ago now. It's the longest I've gone without weed in almost two months, I think.

    I'm suddenly feeling really bad. My heart rate is up, which it hasn't been in forever. It's actually been pretty low while I've been smoking. My lungs felt good and two days after I quit I got REALLY congested and flemy and it's felt weird. I've also basically lost my appetite. The last time I felt like eating I was stoned and ever since then I've had to remind myself to eat. I totally forgot on Monday actually. Didn't eat a single thing. And I'm somebody who everybody complains eats whatever is available so that there's never any leftovers left in the morning after they're put in the fridge at night. Get the picture?

    It's like I quit and my body turned on me or something.

    Basically I felt fine on weed, I stop smoking and now I don't feel fine. Any ideas?
  2. muttdawg509

    muttdawg509 New Member

    well u really should have a doctor check u out, because the only advice you'll get here is SMOKE MORE!!!!! Why quit smoking? I only quit when I run out, right up until I get more, then I start back up! :bananaride:
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  3. Jodawg27

    Jodawg27 New Member

    This actually happened to me when I went snowboarding this weekend. I stopped smoking Thursday and started again on Monday. Over the weekend, I had a slice of pizza and about 10 goldfish crackers to eat and that was about it. Take into account that during this entire time, I was doing an incredible amount of exercise and was burning thousands of calories. I couldn't eat a damn thing and I just didn't feel good the entire weekend. Before I smoked on Monday I was able to eat a bowl of soup fine, so my appetite started to come back after 3 days of not smoking. If you just wait it out, you'll feel better. Or you can smoke again.
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  4. TreesNSpliffs

    TreesNSpliffs New Member

    I didn't 'quit', per se. I haven't had a ton of extra cash lately so I've cut back on weed for financial reasons and then Sunday I went and smoked 3 or 4 good sized bowls with my buddy, which was fine. I felt perfectly fine, same high as always, meaning a great high. Monday morning my dealer was indisposed and so I couldn't get anymore and yesterday was when I started feeling really crappy. So I wouldn't say I've officially quit, but more like an odd set of circumstances has led to me not smoking for almost 3 days now and the further along I get having not smoked, the crappier I feel. I don't want to go to the doctor's and pay the co-pay and do all that for them to say "you're fine. this is essentially withdrawal because you're stressing about quitting pot because you don't actually want to".

    Which, by the way, is the case. I don't WANT to stop smoking weed, it just sort of happened and now I'm wondering if I should smoke again.
  5. TreesNSpliffs

    TreesNSpliffs New Member

    I've also been exercising more. I was in my car all of Monday because I had 3 back-to-back dates (another reason I wasn't smoking) and so Tuesday I exercised. I went on a 3 mile walk, took my dog on another walk, did push ups, sit ups, etc. Basic stuff but still a good amount of physical exertion.
  6. Jodawg27

    Jodawg27 New Member

    Yeah, everyone has occasional dry spells where they can't smoke pot. It's times like those when we realize just how much marijuana is in our lives. I call it a green hangover, not being able to eat and feeling shitty because of not smoking.
  7. TreesNSpliffs

    TreesNSpliffs New Member

    So then here's a follow up question: I've had times where I couldn't smoke for a few days. I went on a trip to NYC two weeks ago and couldn't smoke for about 60 hours (2 1/2 days) and never felt any sort of withdrawal effects, per se. Nothing noticeable at least. I even slept alright, which is unusual for me in hotels.

    So what the hell is the difference?
  8. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    It's not unusual for people whose bodies have adapted to a steady influx of THC to feel kind of crappy for a few days when the THC flow stops. It should pass pretty soon.
  9. Jodawg27

    Jodawg27 New Member

    It's hard to say what might be different, but the same holds true with me. Sometimes when I quit I'll feel shitty, but other times I won't. When it's there, you just gotta deal with it and push through it. If it's not there, great! Just luck of the draw I guess. There's nothing I know of you can do, so just hope you don't feel shitty when you go cold turkey.
  10. Shellshock

    Shellshock Subscriber

    Loss of appetite can also happen when like somebody, it happens to me and a couple of my friends. When I start to really like somebody, I have absolutely no interest in eating for some reason. Could also be the reason you feel like crap, you've been burning calories but haven't consumed them.
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  11. TreesNSpliffs

    TreesNSpliffs New Member

    Good point about the calorie burning. I caved and smoked from the vape today. Got pretty baked. Had a decent meal, took a nap. Haha. I feel absolutely fine now. I guess THC does have some physical addiction properties...
  12. 024

    024 Sr. Member

    addiction no, habituate yes.
  13. smoking Joe2

    smoking Joe2 New Member

    would vaping be better for the heart than smoking?
  14. greenmonster2420

    greenmonster2420 Sr. Member

    When I have quit smoking herb, I have had similar effects to the OP. I lose my appetite, get irritable, have trouble sleeping and cough up tons of phlegm (which has like a dark tint to it from the smoke). After I saw the phlegm like that, I was driven to get a vaporizer. I dont want black shit coating my lungs.

    I dunno about your heart, but it would certainly be better for your lungs.

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