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Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by Doors Allan Coe, Aug 3, 2002.

  1. Doors Allan Coe

    Doors Allan Coe New Member

    Well, I'm just posting to share some ideas and hopefully get some new ones...the easiest to use, and easiest to make has been the waterfall bong, for's easy..just take a 2 liter bottle and poke a hole in the bottom...plug hole with finger...fill bottle with water...screw on packed cap/bowl...let the water drain from the hole and let the smoke fill the bottle..presto now you have a bottle filled with very thick smoke (depending on the size bowl you pack)...I strongly recommend trying this one out...anyone have anyone other good ideas?
  2. BmoGreen

    BmoGreen Guest

    Using the same basic principle as your pipe I suggest that you cut the bottom of the two leiter off and cover it with a whole newspaper bag, tape it on and your good to go.

    Brian Morrissey
  3. zongmaster

    zongmaster New Member

    you know, i made a waterfall bong, and it worked perfect, pulled in a huge cloud of smoke (it wasn't filtered though, because i didn't run a hose or tube down into the water) but i have to say, that it was the worst smoking experience i've ever had. the smoke tasted horrible, was very hot, and irritating on the lungs. i don't think i'll ever use a waterfall again. it may have been because i didn't run a tube down and filter it, but still it doesn't matter, its just more work than rolling a jay or packing a bowl in my zong :D
  4. SmokerForPeace

    SmokerForPeace Jr. Activist

    Sounds like you would get some great hits, but im not a big fan of homemade smoking products. Hit a 2liter or a 3 foot chong glass bong?
  5. RIP M.C.B 113

    RIP M.C.B 113 New Member

    well now i have a real bong but when i didnt i made a very portable good working bong

    what i did was i got:

    mini mm's tube (you know the longer tube ones you get them at an am/pm or a liqor store)

    a metal slide bowl but just the bowl and not the handle thing

    ok so drill a hole just smaller than the diameter of the bowls stem

    then forse that bowl into the hole or you can burn the hole so it slides right in there

    bend the stem at an angle so when you fill it with water the bottom of the bowls stem is under water

    then make your carb by drilling a smaller hole preferably at the top of the bong

    now to finish your bong off tighten that bowl up with some crazy glue

    then pack some dank ass nugs

  6. jrs2001m

    jrs2001m Banned

    hmmmmmmmm.... i got a bong idea:

    get one of those stand alone water-based kicking bags. drill a hole on the side, insert a stem and bowl. use the top fill hole for a mouth piece... enjoy all 4 feet tall and 2 feet diameter of it.
  7. Freakish

    Freakish New Member

    I made a pretty cool waterfall... I got 2x 2 litre plastic bottles and cut the bottoms off then stuck them together and made it waterproof (theres a post about it somewhere in the methods of use forum)

    One end of the bottle you need to make the hole smaller by blocking the neck up a bit... but leave a hole so the water can drain out slower... then you fill it with water and put the bowl in the top... its handy because you can carry it around and keep your hands free..then you just unscrew the bottle cap on the bottom when you want to drain the water.

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