If you are a farter please read this

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by elpablo, May 26, 2009.

  1. elpablo

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    Hello My friends well to me marijuana is more than just getting stoned or blazed or whatever you want to call it to me marijuana signifies a rebellious streak a belief that while I am proud to be an American the US government does not know what is best for me. I would like to share with you all a problem that I have had and a hope that one or more of you with similar problems will read this and be able to benefit from my experience and solution.
    Please keep in mind this is a serious and not something you would probably admit to I mean I cannot believe I am posting this I am very serious though and am sincere because nobody want to talk about this
    I have been a gassy dude ever since I was born. I could fart like nobody’s business. The most important thing about reducing farts (other than avoiding food that gives you gas for example Grape nuts cereal makes me fart like a yard dog) is to take time to take smaller bites and chew your food until it is a paste please please please do this.
    Next guys if you are taking a lot of whiz’s during the day. Please cut back on your caffeine intake. One cup of coffee and one 12 oz coke is all you need or you may have get irritated prostate that makes you take a lot of trips to the bathroom

    Also no matter how small of a fart you think you may have let loose and you think that people can’t smell it well I would like to say that they can. So please learn to hold those little air biscuits in until nobody is around. I have lost more jobs friends girlfriends due to left cheek sneaks than probably the biggest pot head has lost to pot so please listen to me.
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  3. 5drive

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    Avoiding foods that give you gas (this can vary with the person) is definitely helpful, but you can also greatly decrease the smell by improving the quality of your diet. Adding a significant quantity of chlorophyll can make a big difference, assuming your other food choices are also good. Chlorophyll can also help with bad breath and body odor. I get a lot of it from powdered Chlorella, a highly nutritious edible algae. It has more chlorophyll per gram than any other plant. It's also a great detoxer for heavy metals. You can also get chlorophyll as a supplement in tablet form. It really is possible to make the claim that 'my farts don't stink'. :laugh:
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  4. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    Or, you could take Beano before, and there will "be no" gas........I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. :p :laugh:
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  5. macphearsome

    macphearsome New Member

    I can't even tell how serious this post is, but I'm usually a pretty gassy guy.

    My problem was simple, though. I was just eating too much. All the time, eating too much. I'm a skinny guy so I guess I can get away with gluttony to a point, but I'd say the gas just isn't worth it.

    I've been eating really well lately and eating much smaller amounts. No gas, simple.
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  6. Csharp

    Csharp Sr. Member

    hm,well i have IBS,so i will always have at least alittle.i'm 18 and only 130 lbs,and i have the bowel of a 45 year old fat man :eek:
  7. Guru

    Guru Sr. Member

    Man, i've had a few "off topic beveridges" tonight and I honestly can't stop farting! Better pass by tomorrow, i have an exam :eek:
  8. elpablo

    elpablo New Member

    Hey I can sympathize me too
  9. elpablo

    elpablo New Member

    beano does not work all the time
  10. elpablo

    elpablo New Member

    I agree
  11. elpablo

    elpablo New Member

    Weight loss is the best way I have lost 60 lb!
    Please tell me how you lost your weight
  12. macphearsome

    macphearsome New Member

    Ah sorry, my post wasn't clear. I've always been skinny, but I eat a lot so I get gas. I couldn't be overweight if I tried.
  13. Kushy

    Kushy down

    Haha I'm such a farter it's ridiculous. No lie right as i clicked this thread I felt a hot one seep out. good thing i'm home ;)
  14. elpablo

    elpablo New Member

    I used to be the same way it will change unfortunatley so start eating right and learn to hold in the farts until later when you are alone
  15. elpablo

    elpablo New Member

    Well Please don't end up like me I mean farting is very serious people get tired of it so please hold it in and stop eating the foods that make you fart

    N0TaCRIMINAL New Member

    beano is supposed to work ive heard.

    also, your signature is horrible. no offense
  17. elpablo

    elpablo New Member

    Beano works great for a month or two after that farts are back
    Hey I understand you do not like my signature and I understand no offense taken I will not say more about it because it may offend someone. I am just a marijuana purist
  18. ganja-man

    ganja-man Groovy

    Going vegan pretty much eliminated any gas problems I had before, I still fart on occasion but they don't stink anymore. Red meat is the worst for producing stinky gas, dairy products are pretty bad too.
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  19. elpablo

    elpablo New Member

    I have to agree
  20. CyroCZ

    CyroCZ New Member

    I fart all of the time. I actually like farting when I'm alone... I enjoy it! Its when I'm with people that it gets difficult to fully enjoy... I do have a lot of the same problems you do though... I will try the whole chlorophyll thing though.

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