if you don't know how to grow cannabis, then i advise you buy a book.

Discussion in 'Growing Topics' started by marlienme, May 16, 2012.

  1. marlienme

    marlienme New Member

    if you don't know how to grow cannabis, then do what anyone else does.. learn! go find a cannabis cultivation book at your local books a million or barnes and noble.. ed rosenthal is the author of a widely accepted book.. every thing he covers is perfectly taken care of.. though it's missing alot.. that's why i recommend mel thomas as well.. magazines don't really help much at all.. when higtimes or any magazine for that matter advertises, " how to grow large, dense buds " it's hit and miss and is never covering the whole process.. you have to know how to put the pieces together as you move along.. i promise you'll know enough if you can grasp the natural concept of this wonderful plant.. if you're thinking about breeding.. u need to grow a few years.. :)
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  2. Mighty Mcmean

    Mighty Mcmean New Member

    Hear hear lol
    Never a truer word said
    People just can't be bothered Bruv they don't realise the benifits it will bring
  3. blackshield

    blackshield New Member

    Wen I did mi 1st grow I couldn't believe the process involved.all those things people told me they'd done was mostly rubbish. So that's wot I did.bought a book, the indoor marijuana horticulture the indoor bible, by George cervantes. That's Wer I got this web site from. And people want heavy yields with no work. Ha.
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  4. marlienme

    marlienme New Member

    information is never in one place at a time.. you will always find yourself wanting more and more because you reach a certain point in time that questions begin to arise and once you answer that there will surely be another soon.. common sense plus understanding the plant itself is the only way you will surely find it useful to plant and love what you've harvested..
  5. marlienme

    marlienme New Member

    cervantes is amazing bro.. i like the part in the video where he's showing us how to guerilla grow.. he digs a half foot hole and puts the plant in the dirt lol.. i'm sure he did that cause he didn't want to dig a huge hole.. but i know alot of people would just watch that and do just as he did without reading further..
  6. Keith

    Keith Guest

    Great thread, marlienme. It's amazing how many posts I've seen on here that look like "i wana grow but have no money and dont wana read what do i do"... well, this thread is the type of thing those people need to read first.
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  7. Mighty Mcmean

    Mighty Mcmean New Member

    Lads those people will never get beautiful buds like us lol ;)
    U need to put the effort in ;)
    Keep tokin. My ganja soldiers ;)
  8. marlienme

    marlienme New Member

    and that's why people, to this day, rely on others to grow their own food.
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  9. blackshield

    blackshield New Member

    I'm (was) only on my 2nd grow and I've learned to listen to wot the plant tells me and believe me the lady tails very subtlety and if u don't pick up u cud have a failure on your hands.
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  10. Amanda Capp

    Amanda Capp New Member

    Books are defiantly a big help on anything. I know that's what I've been doing is reading everything I can get my hands on. :)
  11. AquaDonkey

    AquaDonkey New Member

    im working on my first plant ever right now, im not looking for some magic way to do things fast or anything but with all the info on the web is it TRUELY worth it to buy a book. im willing to spend money to get this done right but are there things the books uve read that i wont see on the forums if im willing to do the research just off the web?
  12. xZANGEITIx

    xZANGEITIx New Member

    Sorry i really dont have anything too say kinda came to this thread to lean. but all I really know is good soil, No watter, Good florecent lights and fans. Someone tell me if im wrong :mj2:
  13. Spaceballs

    Spaceballs New Member

    good advice... but which books?
  14. Spaceballs

    Spaceballs New Member

    not even a book nor an author...
    half the advice is the same as no advice at all

    There are tons of authors & books. Not everything is made equal. The most popular is often not the best.
  15. freshair

    freshair New Member

    Books are good and have a lot of information. Collecting it on the internet is more fun. Or you could just ask your good buddys. :wazzup:
  16. johndknguyen

    johndknguyen New Member

  17. MrsD0ta

    MrsD0ta New Member

    I have Cervantes' book and I've watched some of his videos, but there are things that get missed because they're so basic. For instance, on my first grow, I didn't realize that plants need filtered water in my area. I even tried asking in a forum and got next to no help, just "dude u need to go learn how to grow". I managed to figure it out on my own, but I could have saved three perfectly healthy plants if that info had been available.
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  18. Green Dreams 97502

    Green Dreams 97502 New Member

    I agree, I have read books and watched videos but they seem to skip the simple stuff that and experienced grower takes for granted.

    I for instance was told to use "Jiffy Pots" because they are biodegradable and easier on the roots when transplanting. Well I just lost 4 plants because the roots never grew out of the Jiffy Pots.

    It's a simple thing but an experienced grower I was talking to at a glass shop told me he had the same problem when he tried that.

    I am not stupid enough to think I'm going to grow Medicinal quality Cannabis on my first few grows or that it's going to be easy, but little things that experienced growers take for granted and assume everyone should know sure help a lot.
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