If you're high right now, post in this thread!!

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by 420shredder, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. 420shredder

    420shredder New Member

    What's up guys, i'm a little toasted right now. And i thought of a good thread idea, the one your reading right now. So yes, post something if your high describing your high, or to simply just mention it if you want. bye..... :bananaride:
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  2. IndiStoner

    IndiStoner New Member

    hmm.. well its 10:30pm and am toasted after like 15 bong hits.. and good marijuana.. my body feels heavy whereas my head feels light.. am with friends .. good fun.. am actually.. STONED!!
  3. KiD NoVa

    KiD NoVa New Member

    hell yea im high just got doing a spliff now im about to do a gravity bong hit
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  4. 420shredder

    420shredder New Member

    ah yeah, a spliff... never done a gravity bong before. tell me how the hit was man!
  5. KiD NoVa

    KiD NoVa New Member

    Im making the gravity I need to find a screen tho and i dont kno wat to make it out of lol
  6. Narmdo

    Narmdo New Member

    Don't post very often but I must say I am very high. Celebration for moving into new apartment! :cool:
  7. JROD420

    JROD420 New Member

    I am pretty torched right now because I have to be taking an online alcohol class for school and its the only way I can tolerate the BS haha
  8. Ziggy Fry

    Ziggy Fry New Member

    It's good to be here.

    JROD that sucks. I've never heard of anything like that around here.

  9. Vish

    Vish New Member

    Super baked right now.
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  10. jakspar0w

    jakspar0w Tak!

    just smoked 4 bowls, feeling pretty good!
  11. p0th3d

    p0th3d Sr. Member

    Well its 8:20 AM were i live..and im completely blazed...nothing quite like a good ol' wake 'n' bake ha...
    especially when you've just been handed a free OZ of lemon skunk...freshly cropped, dried and cured haha....DAMN this shit is good haha..tastes beautiful aswel lol
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  12. WolfGang Paco

    WolfGang Paco Sr. Member

    Poop haha/
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  13. that_dude_555

    that_dude_555 New Member

    i am very blazed and very glad to post in this forum once more after 2 or so years. i wasn't counting myself, had a new private message from 07 thats all. all great stuff to come across. makes me think back to 2007 and what i was doing on the day i recieved said private message. as i think i can't really remember. thanks bong.:wasted:
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  14. KushBandit

    KushBandit New Member

    pretty baked right now.
  15. AmnesiaHaze965

    AmnesiaHaze965 New Member

    Baked on a mix of super fruit haze and amnesia haze. things couldn't be better.
  16. xX420zwill

    xX420zwill New Member

    Soo high and about to eat some ribs :munchies:
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  17. Nico420

    Nico420 New Member

    My stepdad and I are both dry so I am NOT high :( First day in probably 6 months haha.
  18. 420shredder

    420shredder New Member

    haha funny posts, guys.
  19. Kargil

    Kargil New Member

    Just smoked out of my new vape! Very baked
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  20. Sambuca

    Sambuca New Member


    Just smoked a fat J..

    Pretty high right now haha!
    -Sambuca :spin:

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