If you're high right now, post in this thread!!

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by 420shredder, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. Julius Drivesetter

    Julius Drivesetter New Member

    Bubblers are cool :)


    joints are too...

  2. Love4TheNugg

    Love4TheNugg NorCal MushroomCloud

    Lit after some Sour Grape Haze bong loads.
  3. stonerdude80

    stonerdude80 New Member

    I have indulged recently (24 mins ago) and can quite possibly say that my internet tabs are literal places of being and i have the power to teleport. Shaka Shaka Ite Ite Everyone, have a good night.
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  4. Australianpothead

    Australianpothead New Member

  5. Sm0ked-one

    Sm0ked-one Sr. Member

    smoked a shit ton of bud this weekend out of a hella nice bubbler it had a percolater and everything in it, it made you cough your balls off, my unc gave me a free two bowls of blue dream (DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELicious) we smoked that out of my new bowl (That'll i'll post a pic of in the paraphrenalia section
  6. Sm0ked-one

    Sm0ked-one Sr. Member

    this kids fuckin high before 4:20 pm :) fixing to take a walk outside for a hit at fourt twenty
  7. Australianpothead

    Australianpothead New Member

    Just had a nice fat joint outside while looking at the moon and stars.
  8. greenfish13

    greenfish13 Active Member

    wow I have got to say these posts including my own are hilarious to read sober. hehe, it's been a week since I've smoked, but I can affirmatively say I was clinically depressed before I started smoking this year, but now that I've stopped the depression has gone. That is after the two or three days of withdrawal symptoms stopped.
    Heck I am way more attentive and even assertive in class, sober after a week of not having smoked. All's I gotta say is thank you Mary Jane; you have gotten a fat slob off his ass and back into gym and world during the day. You additionally have given me something to smile about every day even if we are not having our conjugal visits. haha I can't wait to get more.
  9. SeaDragon

    SeaDragon New Member

    What a funny morning. I was looking up the best way to smoke this morning, so I didn't waste so much and especially so it's better for the lungs. I liked what I read and the people here, so decided to join and while doing so, I got stoned. Then I found this post and was going to comment, but then red this last one.

    I've been wrestling with quitting too. Hell I can't believe I started back up again in the first place, as old as I am. Thought I woulda known better. Nope. Anyways, even though I know it's bad for my lungs, I can't, and don't even think I want to quit, though I feel like I should. I know it's bad on the lungs, not to mention just plain spendy. I'm smoking all day long now. I'm getting things done though and exercising more, even starting to run now. I wrestle with depression too, and now even friggin meonopause. HAHA.

    It's like I've made a full circle though, because what just hit me too. Way back when, when I started wrestling with this, I came to a marijuana site and think it might have been this one, because some guy named John something-or-other said he quit and started a web site to help others. I tried to quit, failed, decided I liked smoking atleast for now to keep sanity, but now came back to find a healthier way to smoke. Now seeing this post above about how much it helped, but yet still able to go without and be happy. I'm thinking, wtf why can't I atleast go a day without it, maybe I really should still quit, but damn, between the depression, menopause, taking care of my mom and such, it helps to get through life. Not to mention to keep sanity because body and mind are doing all sorts of crazy things, with 2012 coming, soul's waking up, body's tingling, third eye's opening..... All kinds of interesting things lately.

    Well wow, what a way to introduce self. Anyways hello all, from this crazy lady ;)

    P.S. Oh yeah, forgot to add that the way I'm smoking right now I think is the most efficient for saving the pot. Yes I still call it pot, weird to see it called weed. Anyways I smoke with a metal pipe that has a lid and I use the fine mesh metal screens, not brass because the coating isn't good. Lighting through the lid, then covering the hole between hits. But, it's probably about the worst for lung health too I'm guessing. There's tons of goop (probably thc and such, black tar and probably getcha seriously stoned, but that's GOT to be totally bad for lungs) in the pipe that I have to clean out like once a week. But right now I'm smoking like 30 hits in total a day through it, wild guess but now that I think about it, think I'll start keeping track again to see how much I'm smoking. Saying that sounded horrible. sheesh.
  10. youngblood00

    youngblood00 Active Member

    have yo ever been high? its pretty cool.
  11. RenoShade

    RenoShade New Member

    Soooo high right now. Feeling good :]
  12. greenfish13

    greenfish13 Active Member

    Marijuana is the plant created by God himself. This herb that we all smoke and come to this site to gather and discuss our experiences for was created so that all could gather and manage to find sanity among the insane. i always who's to say what's normal and what's abnormal? personally I notice that it just seems to be the concessions and opinions of individuals in a population.Any way i was hoping to communicate that smoking isn't just something you're doing to be high, it's really a religious experiance for your body. My religion is happiness, and marijuana makes me happy. God simply wants us to be happy, that's why every body says they just want to get high.

    Ever hear of the law of diminishing return? In economics it states that a consumer only enjoys a product in small amounts. that is for each time a product is used the satisfaction being taken from using the product diminishes. This law applies to weed too. there is only so much you can smoke over a period of months that you can smoke before the effect from smoking it disappears. Tolerance breaks enhance the enjoyment of being stoned, but withdrawals from heavy smoking can really fuck you up if you're not careful, and smoked too much at one time within a week. The withdrawals can lead to suicidal tendencies from deep depression, this is my personal experience, but this might be avoided if you're in the company of several people, I was incredibly lonely at the time. I tried to quit once, but I was so miserable the entire time and spent more time than you know alone, but smoking made life bearable again. That's why I smoke, I am mentally working things out that don't make sense, or that maybe I can find a reason to be happy again and not need the weed again. But for now I am happy and in love with the warm hug of Mary Jane.

    Lady, I really like the idea of using screens, it seems as though you get to burn your bud into smaller pieces than if there is no bud. In my mind smaller particles had to come from larger particles, so it's all good!! Well shoot I'mma go fishing before 420!!!! Stay stoned! Stay Happy!!!! May the force of the THC make you happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH what HOLA!!!!!!!
    :angel: :hijack::bong2::fish:
  13. C_D_B

    C_D_B New Member

    Im fuckin zooted dude.
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  14. Adelaideyouth

    Adelaideyouth New Member

    Baked as a mo'fo'. I should be doing tafe assignments but instead im baked and about to go buy more weed!!! Perhaps download a movie?? Any suggestions people? apart from all the OBVIOUS stoner movies. HELP ME OUT!?
  15. greenfish13

    greenfish13 Active Member

    Go watch Half Baked and Saving Grace, both stoner movies, but epic stoner movies at that. If you're the philosophical type I hear waking life is really good, google videos has it online free i have read on line. other wise type any name of a movie you want to see with the phrase 'watch (X MOVIE) online free'. Shit off I go get food and baked!
  16. Adelaideyouth

    Adelaideyouth New Member

    I have infact seen HB and Saving Grace and I have to say I was disappointed in Saving Grace, I didn't find it all that funny. Half Baked on the other hand is a classic! LOVE IT!
  17. meltingpot26

    meltingpot26 New Member

    Cali vape is so OP - In$ane high on super sick bud bag style
  18. metalman04

    metalman04 New Member

    smoked a spliff and smoked a bowl, "BLUE DREAM" here i come!!! :) 420 all day baby
  19. greenfish13

    greenfish13 Active Member

    what genre of movie do you want to see? google best comedies, epic stoner movies, best zombie moves, most bloody horror films, etc... You'll find some articles give a description, usually the author's writing story is really hoaky and bad, like something out of cosmic magazine, but the movies are usually pretty good.

    I don't remember watching Saving Grace very well, because I was so baked when I watched it i practically blacked out, so i can't argue with you about it. Half Baked stoned or sober I agree the best classic.
    Almost Famous comes to mind, and Forest Gump, my favorite movie is With Honors (so many family memories with this movie personally), and one you don't hear about this movie much, but I remember Rocketman by Disney being a classic. the actor is a natural stoner, but Disney doesn't show that part. Hm, come to think of it I'mma watch it now, hey here's the link if you have DivX web player installed on your computer. If you don't you can download it for free:

  20. predator12

    predator12 New Member

    i have a threat that i m doing lots of exercise and and ruing but my belly is not decrease and i have wish that my belly is finished and i will be satisfied when my belly is finished and i have six pack

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