im 13 and wanna try smoking

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  1. rollinsk1ll

    rollinsk1ll New Member

    sup guys well my parents are going threw a bad divorce right now and i really wanna smoke weed me and my freinds hurd it relaxes you which i have alot of pressure i use to be in every sport besides soccer and golf and i make A`s and B`s Will weed make me stupid or do u think i could smoke it and it would just relax me?!
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  2. Hick727

    Hick727 New Member

    Smoke it bro! Just dont get lazy and rely on it. Just smoke it when your feeling sad, stressed or when you wanna have fun. And it will not make you stupid at all. Its been shown to actually stimulate your brain cells. This stoner at my school smokes weed three times a day and he got a 28 on his ACT. You will be fine. Just remember that nothing bad can happen to you. It is impossible to overdose. Just take it slow the first time and enjoy. Also i would recommend using a bong with ice in the water your first time. It cools the smoke down so you wont cough as much. He is a plan for a homemade bong : [ame=]YouTube - homemade bong[/ame]
  3. Danny420

    Danny420 New Member

    If you use it, but don't abuse it, then yea you'll be just fine, and a bit better. Do some research around the forums with the handy search bar up top. In my opinion, being 13 is pretty early to use marijuana, I would maybe try other means of relaxation and de-stressing. My little brother is 13, and if he asked me, I would strongly advise him to wait until second year of high school more or less. It's not like your first time will chill you out right away, for me at least I had to learn how to use it.

    If you're really keen on it, do it with others, preferably people who already do smoke.

    Here's a lot of info about the myths of marijuana, good place to start:
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  4. sub_graf

    sub_graf Sr. Member

    I would say wait. The reason I say this is because you stated that your parents are going through a divorce. I know firsthand how hard that can be and I also know firsthand how easy it can be use any type of drug to escape those problems. I'm not saying that you will become addicted to pot or anything, but in your situation and at your age I think it would be far to easy to begin using marijuana the wrong way. I'd say give it some time, let your brain develop a bit more, and then give it a go. This, of course, is only my opinion.
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  5. tdlex420

    tdlex420 Sr. Member

    Very good advice. Using weed as a way to cope with or escape from reality isn't the way to go. If you are 13 you should be more worried about your school work and whatnot than weed. Give it a few years and make the decision when you are a little wiser.

    Are you really advocating a 13 year old use weed to cope with his problems? What horrible advice. Not only that but you say to remember nothing bad can happen, but do you really believe nothing bad can happen while high? I've seen a few accidents that were the result of weed and the person not being familiar with it's side effects. If you are going to give people advice at least make sure it is good advice
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  6. Guru

    Guru Sr. Member

    I would say wait until your 16, I will tell you how it is from my side of the story not going to say it's the same for everyone.

    I started at around 13-14 out of my group of friends who smoked with me at the time 90% went on to abuse the ganja. Luckily I did not and maintaned a healthy relationship with it.

    Now im touching 18 years of age, I have other friends who smoke, they didn't start so young and have not thrown away goals and opportunities in their lives for herb, although they enjoy it, they don't abuse it.

    I understand your parents divorce may be tough for you, but turning to any form of substance could ultimately end up making things worse, now how would you feel if you were caught, by your parents who are going through a tough time, how do you think they would feel?

    My 2 cents, give it a while and if you do choose to smoke it at this young age, do not overdo it and make it your number one priority, trust me son, I know first hand what can happen.

    Good Luck, and welcome.

    THC FOR ME New Member

    I tried it for my first time when i was around your age, maybe i was 14. Likewise my parents divorced around that age. While weed does absolutely help to calm your nerves and even cope with difficult emotional situations i feel you should wait. Weed is an enhancer not a diffuser... the problems you are having will not simply go away if you get high :) you will just forget about them. It's best to talk through situations like this not bury them under smoke. Have a talk with either of your parents, friends who have divorced parents, or even a school counselor. You sound like you are doing really well in school and sports so stay away from the ganja for a little while. But this is my opinion, best of luck with whatever you choose to do.
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  8. Big Worm

    Big Worm New Member

    I say wait a little man. Maryjane is a beautiful woman and if you respect her she'll treat you well back, but at 13 it isn't the best idea. Its an expensive luxury and at 13 I fail to see where you'd get the money. Concentrate on school and help your parents get through the tough times, hang in there little man and think about toking up when you're a bit older.
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  9. Buds_Of_Steele

    Buds_Of_Steele Your Undisputed Disputer

    At the end of the day it's your life and your choice but given the circumstance you have to ask yourself, am I responsible enough?

    If you believe that you can smoke weed and know when it's time to put the bong down and do your homework then you should be fine.

    Don't be worried, the weed will always be there tomorrow
  10. metanoia

    metanoia Smoke. Weed.

    Ask yourself, are you mature enough and ready to deal with the illegality of cannabis, and risking your situation? Your parents have just gotten divorced, I know this may be tough, but if your moms finding some clothes in your closet and a bag of weed falls out of a pocket, are you going to be ready for her unhappiness? Would you be ready to deal with the consequences if you got busted with it? Are you mature enough to know what's right and wrong? Are you psychologically ready to try drugs at such a young age? Do you have someone that already has smoked weed that will smoke with you? Are you sure you want to spend your money on weed? If you can answer all of these questions with a yes, go for it. If not, wait a little bit for yourself to mature. Weed is a drug, never forget that. While it being a drug it also goes along the title of being illegal. Don't forget that it is illegal, and a normal cop will get you for it. Overuse is abuse, no IT won't make your grades worse, only your will to do your work will determine your grades.
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  11. DutchSpliff

    DutchSpliff New Member

    Ah man. Goodluck with that.

    Cheers from Holland this toke's for you!
  12. O High O

    O High O Sr. Member

    Go back to your room and don't come back out until you're 18!

    You may want to consider this:
    New study: Young marijuana smokers at higher risk for psychoses

    Notsaying this study is 100% true, or even 50% true. However, it is true that YOUR brain is not fully mature, and on an off-chance that this article is true, you may not want to smoke pot at 13, or 14, or..(I can keep going and going..).

    Also, you're going through a hard time dealing with the stress of your parents divorce and you're already looking for a way out of your problems through drugs. That is not a good sign. You're 13! Be a kid.
  13. metanoia

    metanoia Smoke. Weed.

  14. O High O

    O High O Sr. Member

    Dude. Reading comprehension. I never said it was a new study. It has not been proven wrong. Or right. And I clearly, never said it was true.

    Here's another article. This one says those who may be vulnerable to psychosis may be more apt to use marijuana.

    Pot-smoking young adults aren't doomed to psychosis just yet | Booster Shots | Los Angeles Times

    My main point still stands. He's 13. He should not even be thinking about smoking pot. Anyone who disagrees, is probably not much older.:)
  15. Danny420

    Danny420 New Member

    Actually, no. Although marijuana DOESN'T CAUSE schizophrenia, people (usually at younger ages, by younger I mean up to around 25 even) it can trigger it. As in if you have a family history of psychosis, and/or you are susceptible to it, it could potentially trigger it. The chances of that happening? I have no idea, but it is not that common. Although it's not that significant, it is still possible. I'm not discouraging weed, I'm just saying.

    EDIT: Dammit, I posted too slow.
  16. Rocketman

    Rocketman Sr. Member

    Yea I think 13 is cutting it a little close.

    But I think all of the "mess with your brain" is just another thing parents do to scare you. Unless I read a study that is 100% true, with kids that have never drank, or smoked or done any other type of drug.

    I started around 15. I would wait a couple years, and smoking weed because of a divorce seems a little to far. My parents got divorced last year, but drugs shouldn't need to help you.

    I would wait a few years, until your more mature and have a little more knowledge so you don't get caught.
  17. Frostb1te

    Frostb1te New Member

    make sure it's not laced with anything ^^ but if you really want to try it, be my guest
  18. Danny420

    Danny420 New Member

    That's awful advice. Lacing is extremely rare (at least to my knowledge and experiences), and everyone else here is saying he should wait, with logic backing it up. You're kinda scaring him and leading him into possible future problems here man, and he shouldn't really be your guest because you won't have to deal with him.

    Listen to everyone else kiddo.
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  19. Shellshock

    Shellshock Subscriber

    You're 13. I would definitely recommend that you wait man. You guys should be at the age where you eat candy and watch the latest horror movie, not getting blazed. I'm not saying it would be particularily bad for you, but i'm looking out more for your freedom. A parent that finds his/her son or daughter smoking weed at 13 will most likely be concerned. There are better ways to deal with stress when you're that young.
  20. PepeTheMano

    PepeTheMano New Member

    Too young, in fact I'm probably too young as well. Not to seem cocky or anything but I'm responsible with weed. I don't know you but if you know you are responsible enough to not abuse it, go ahead.

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