In my opinion, the best way to cook.

Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by dontask, Mar 10, 2005.

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  1. dontask

    dontask New Member

    Hey guys.

    After trying countless recipes and finding that they either

    A) arent potent enough
    B) taste like crap or
    C) smell up the kitchen/whole house

    I stumbled into my new favorite...

    Pilsbury ready-to-bake cookies.

    All you do is cut slices of the dough, put ganja in ( mix it+knead ) and bake for 10 minutes. No smell. Potent as any from-scratch recipe ive ever tried.

    Let me know how it work for ya :D
  2. weezer420

    weezer420 New Member

    I'll have to try that. How much stuff you gotta put in the cookie dough and, maybe a stupid thing to ask but I've never done the whole cooking with pot shtick but, what kind of quality of pot do you need to use?
  3. dontask

    dontask New Member

    Just like smoking, the amount and quality are directly related.

    I live in BC and get premium ganja, I used maybe .5 grams per cookie, one cookie gets ya good and buzzed, 2 gets you FRIED for hours.

    If you dont have the best hookups, try using maybe 2 joints worth per cookie, then increase if that isnt enough.
  4. weezer420

    weezer420 New Member

    Awesome I'm gettin hooked up this weekend hopefully so maybe I'll try it.
  5. marji1

    marji1 New Member


    :liplick: I've been looking for a really simple way to make pain relief ready -to -eat. Looks like a good idea. Actually, I thought of it before and never tried it. Your saying it works is getting me to the grocrey store this morning. I'll let you know the results. :laugh:
  6. Phantazmagorea

    Phantazmagorea New Member

    i did this with a tiny bit of dro once. it tasted really good, but there was just like a little pinch in each cookie, it gave sort of a buzz. i gave them to my sisters and one of their boyfriend. and ate some too, tasted good as well. weed taste great cooked in anything but chocolate
  7. zorro777

    zorro777 New Member

    now what ??

    I'm also newbie cooker, I tried some cookies a pal made & they were very good so now I want to make my own

    I tried getting some biscuit dough, split 1 in 1/2, tossed in about 1g little pieces, folded the thing back together, smushed the edges so the little pot pile was in the middle, cooked the thing for about 11 minutes at 375

    very mild buzz after 1 hour, 2 hours etc like maybe 1-2 bong hits WASTE OF POT :( :nono: :mad2: :huh: :doh:

    what went wrong ?

    my pal said he made the cookie dough from scratch with butter, eggs, flour, just mixed it all up & tossed in some ground herb from food processor. he didn't make the canna-butter stuff, but his cookie dough was green-ish, smelled like pot alot, kept in fridge, he just gave me dough & I cooked it

    I like this easy approach my next attempt will.......

    1. break up the buds into smaller pieces
    2. mix up the bud pieces with the biscuit dough
    3. cook longer

    will this work ?

    being scientifically oriented, I think the canna-butter stuff is a bit of a crock. too many preps I've seen say stuff like heat the cannabis, boil etc but not too long or the vapors escape. what b.s. those vapors have all the THC !!! I use vaporizor too those are awesome but use too much pot compared to bong. 1 prep I saw the idiot actually recommended to put herb on cookie pan & brown it HAHAHAHAHA what's left ? dried vegetable matter

    anyway breaking the bud smaller more surface area for heat, mixing better means will activate better ? I don't like grinding 300/oz pot because it leaves all the resin on the blades etc
  8. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    Your problem: you used 1 gram of herb. You need probably 3 grams, assuming it's decent bud. Second, it's best to extract the THC.
  9. zorro777

    zorro777 New Member

    hmm... yes bud is fairly good most recipes say 1gr or 1 joints worth is fine ?

    I will try again when more supply incoming, experimenting is expensive
  10. hello me

    hello me New Member

    back to resin

    can you bake resin into things? ie cookies
    if you do, how much should you use?
  11. zorro777

    zorro777 New Member

    I thought the resin contains the THC active chemical in herb to achieve lift off ?

    so I don't want to grind that stuff, or even handle it too much because resin rubs off fingers get sticky

    more resin = more vapors = more flight time
  12. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    What recipes are calling for 1 gram? You need 3 times the amount of bud that you smoke to get high to bake with. And you aren't even extracting the THC, so you would need probably 3-5 grams in there. And if by resin, you mean pipe residue (that nasty black crap) then no, don't bake with that. If you mean resin, like the trichomes of the plant that contain THC, then yes, by all means use it.
  13. zorro777

    zorro777 New Member

    What recipes are calling for 1 gram? lots of recipes I've seen show the amount of bud per person somewhere between .5 to 1.5 gr or more depending on quality etc I could post some links but I'm too lazy

    as for extracting THC I thought the heat did that ? those biscuits I used were 50% fat calories so I guessed they were full of fatty bread which given enough heat should extract THC ? when I made that biscuit I put all stuff in blob in middle then squeezed the edges.

    the cookies I got from my pal didn't use canna-butter approach either, but I don't know how much stuff he put into dough. He mixed eggs, butter etc then put in freezer & cuts off a few cookies at a time. I think he used mid-grade stuff & alot of it like 2-3 gr maybe more per cookie because they really smelled & tasted like pot

    the 300/z stuff I had was all buds & fairly sticky with resin, so just getting rid of the big stems my fingers got sticky stuff on them. that black gunk left over in pipes does smoke but it's yucky hack hack
  14. zorro777

    zorro777 New Member

    heh I didn't want to be post 13 :) :)
  15. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    You don't have to use kindbud, you can simply use midgrades if your budget doesn't afford you the luxury. You really need at least 3x more than you would to get high though; so if a gram of mids gets you high smoking it, then 3-5 grams would be nice in a single serving recipe.
  16. JussBL4ZE

    JussBL4ZE Banned

    okay okay okay lets get something straight here so everybody and their mother understands.. by resin you mean KEEF.. not resin resin.... So I dont wanna hear any stories about how one of you cats used resin from your bowl in a cooking recipe instead.. cuz i think that may well make me throw up
  17. kodiakcasey

    kodiakcasey New Member

    honestly i think resin would make it taste like my experiences the best way is to get a coffee grinder, grind the weed so fine that it's all crystal-ish then melt it into the butter and use the butter in your recipe...
  18. CardBoardBox

    CardBoardBox New Member

    I've made a cup of weed-hot-chocolate with only a grm and a half of mid-grade bud and it gave me a nice stone for a few hours. I ground it into powder and stirred it into the pot of chocolate milk as it heated up. Prolly for about 20 minutes, then I chugged it. Yuck, it tasted like bunk. :p Barable though and well worth the buzz.
  19. freeyayo187

    freeyayo187 New Member

    lol i thort the resin contains the thc active chemical in herb to "achive lift off?!!" lol to achive liftoff lol thats some funny ass thats the just strait funny
    me and my m8s achived liftoff today
  20. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    Kodiakcasey...I think I love got it!
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