in what countries is it legal?

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by jsmoney, Feb 26, 2001.

  1. jsmoney

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    Being a U.S. resident I know it is illegal but in what othere countries is it legal? I know from my friends that it is legal in Holland. Is it legal anywhere else?
  2. The GCW

    The GCW Banned

    Is it?

    Holland, legal or just heavily decrimilized?

    I think it is legal in a few Baltic states, isn't it?

    Not legal, but pretty open in British Columbia I think. Depending on what happens soon in Canada, there could be full on legalization. App. last Aug. 1st, those 3 Appeals Court Justices gave Canada 1 year to legally fix their constitution to make provisions for the sick that need cannabis or there will no longer be ANY law making cannabis unconstitutional.
  3. jsmoney

    jsmoney Guest


    Let's hope it becomes 100% legal in Canada. Because if that happens everyone knows the story that follows. Just like during prohibition when they could not stop booze from coming across the border the US will soon realize they can not stop Marijuana and will repeal the prohibition on Marijuana.

    Now, if I go to British Columbia, is it easy to get weed? Or is it that if I get stopped with it they just won't care?
  4. The GCW

    The GCW Banned

    FULL ON?

    jsmoney, I have read and heard that it is easy to get in Vancouver and your unlikely to get jailed for small amounts.

    Very recently, the U.N. has verbally thrashed Canada for its laxness.

    Hopefully some B.C. awareness will come this way...
  5. mirage

    mirage Banned

    i think canada will decrime it soon. i think alot of countrys are on thinging hard. if canada does decrim and great brittin, alot more places will.

    sadlly good ol usa will be 1 of the last more then likey
  6. dom

    dom Guest

    remember, there's a diffrence between legal and unenforced. There are some countries where the goverment has much bigger problems to deal with and weed is very common. It may be illegal, but nobody cares. (Most of south america would fit under this category)
  7. Suabakey

    Suabakey New Member

    The Canada Situation

    There was an appeal thing-a-ma-bob on June 30, 2000, stating basically that if a new law isn't made regarding medical marijuana use (since the current ones suck &#*$), there will be absolutely no marijuana prohibition. You can smoke it on Parliament Hill and no one can touch ya.

  8. RIP JMorrison

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    That will put a big boost in marijuana traffic to US

    That would be soooo good for Canada and the US.

    The US couldnt stop marijuana imports in anyway if, it is legal in Canada. So either the laws will get tougher or get looser. Just think of how the prices will be if its legal in Canada. Like $10 an ounce! (I really hope). Or when I just get my car, every weekend take a trip up to Canada and toke, and then find a way to "smuggle" some ounces on the way back.

    (Doesnt "smuggle" always make you think of Han Solo? Maybe I am just a big Star Wars fan :) )
  9. The GCW

    The GCW Banned


    That will also mean U. S. farmers can RE-introduce cannabis as a component of American agriculture.

    Which means my small bottle of hemp seed oil that I've been getting as an import for app. $17 a bottle, may get cheaper and then that $ will benifit our farmers.

    The original diesel was designed to run on hemp seed oil.
  10. Bongwater19

    Bongwater19 New Member

    Re: FULL ON?

    why has the UN chastized canada and not denmark or the netherlands or germany? they are even more lax. and by the UN, i bet they mean the UN with America sticking it's **** in their ***, so to speak.

    btw, i'm practically hyperventilating reading this page! it's spectacular news. watch traffick.
  11. Nasarius

    Nasarius Guest

    In Switzerland, it's legal to grow (with a permit) and sell (but only as 'fragrant pillows' or something silly like that), but you can't smoke it. Perfect place for breeders. I hope to move there someday...

    In Belgium, you can use it and grow small amounts (3-5 plants per person, I think?), but you can't sell.
  12. TomServo

    TomServo Guest

    Its not legal in Holland, but its tolerated.

    Canadas government will have to re-write the laws by July 30. They will definitely make medical marijuana legal, and might decrimnalize it.

    Belgium is doing the same thing as Holland.

    More and more countries in Europe are following Holland.

    The "UN thrashing of Canada" of which someone mentioned just happened a few weeks ago, but its a little more complicated than that.

    You see, a year ago, the US State Department praised Canadian police for working hard at putting the evil potheads away, but criticized Canadian judges for being too soft on marijuana users. It also called British Columbia a "Holland on the Pacific." The Canadian government didnt like the US government criticizing them when the US has a much worse drug problem than them.

    Then a week or so ago, the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) issued its 2000 report. Strangely, this report said pretty much the exact same thing as the US State Dept. report from a year ago. It praised the Canadian police, but criticized the judges, and called British Columbia a "Holland on the Pacific." It also praised American policies. But this time the Canadian government had no objections.

    Go to if you want to learn more about international news. And if you want to learn more about this latest story then I suggest you go to You really should go to that last link. Theres no reason not to. Just click the link and read. All I did was pretty much re-phrase everything that Dan Gardner (a canadian reporter) said. So you should just read that story because Dan Gardner is a better reporter than me.
  13. tennstash

    tennstash Guest

    where is it legal?

    A problem we still have to deal with when it's legal in Canada is coming back from a weekend smokefest and having to go to work the next week to take a pee test.I'm glad the world is waking up. It's just embarrassing to be an Americian and to be treated this way!
  14. TomServo

    TomServo Guest


    The Canadian governments deadline to change the law is July 31, not July 30.
  15. The GCW

    The GCW Banned


    Cannabis, hemp:

    This is not the begining.... of this paper.
    It is legal to grow industrial hemp in: Austria, Australia, Canada, Chile,
    China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany,
    Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Korea Democratic People's Republic,
    Republic of Korea, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Poland, Portugal,
    Romania, Russia Federation, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland and
    the Ukraine.

    Australia allows research of industrial hemp. China leads in the export of
    industrial hemp paper and textiles. France first harvested a substantial crop
    in 1994. Many technologies and products are being developed in Germany, but
    they are importing raw materials for clothes and paper. Hungary is rebuilding
    their hemp industry and is exporting hemp fabric to the United States. Russia
    maintains the largest hemp germ plasm collection in the world at the N.I.
    Vavilov Scientific Research Institute of Plant Industry in Saint Petersburg. It keeps going....!

    hemp masters
  16. NZ Green

    NZ Green Guest

    Re: IT

    This is not the begining.... of this paper.
    It is legal to grow industrial hemp in:

    , New Zealand

    Not just yet. The current Labour Government is finally going to allow trials to start this coming summer, but it's been stalling for some time (it seems to be pre-occupied currently with scandals over MP's abusing their parliamentary priveliges)
    A farmer who was sick of this stalling tried to grow some non drug hemp last year, but ended up in court. He was discharged without conviction after crop samples showed minimal THC, but he still had to pay court costs and (I think) the police ripped out his plants.
  17. jsmoney

    jsmoney Guest

    Legal in alaska?

    I was talking to one of my friends in Seattle and he was telling me that marijuana was legal in Alaska when he lived there but he did not smoke it back then. Does anyone know of this is true?
  18. The GCW

    The GCW Banned

    It was a few years back.

    For personal use you could have legally had it in your house growing it but that ended app. 1988. Hopefully someone will add the full scoop.
  19. KWhite

    KWhite Guest

    *He grins*
    I will take a stab at the original question.
    Ummm not anywhere that I know of.
    Holland is NOT a country where it is legal.
    It is decriminalized in an effort to separate marijuana users from the harder drug markets. (works too)
    A person can possess and use up to 30 grams, Amsterdam has a City limit of 5 grams.
    There are also strong lobbies to both legalize completely, and to recriminalize totally.
    That is the bad part of decrim.
    Switzerlands Governement has approved the legalization of marijuana, it should be voted upon in June. Smoking in public will remain an offense.(better than nothing)
    Germany is Varied, but by and large possession for personal use hangs around the 5 gram mark. the Polizei will confiscate or not, depends on the cop, and the Bundesland (State) you are in.
    Belgium has recently decriminalized personal possession and use, as has Spain and Italy. DO NOT travel top Sweden with weed, they are almost as rabid as Amerika.
    Other than that and the obvios movement in canada I know little more.
    Colombia and another S. American Country are openly calling for legalization, mainly to get America off of their backs, and to cut the money available to Drug dealers/rebels.
    So, its a brighter day than it was, but the clouds are still hangin'
    Hope this helped.
  20. jsmoney

    jsmoney Guest

    I heard it is legal in Morocco

    I also heard that it is legal in Morocco and that a lot of weed is grown there....but i hear it is not legal to transport it out of the country???

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