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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by phrozyn311, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. phrozyn311

    phrozyn311 New Member

    I wanted to pass on this information.

    I took a Urine Screening last Thursday the 9th of February. The test is part of DISA and is identified as 20239N SAP 9-20 2000 A300.

    I purchased QuickFix 5.7 with UREA (Uric Acid) and substituted my sample using a Wizzinator.

    The temperature was between 90-100.

    Today I received a call from my employer stating that the test came up inconclusive and they are asking me to retest.

    I have asked for documentation of the results and I will post the documentation to this forum. I currently live in Texas.

    It looks like the testing facilities are now winning the war, and synthetic urine is no longer an option which is very disappointing because I have passed tests for years using Dr. Johns Famous Pee Pee that didn't have UREA.

    I'm hoping that having an inconclusive urine sample will not constitute the next Urine Test to be observed. Otherwise I am in a world of hurt, and will be trying my damndest to clean up this weekend (sweat, sweat, sweat, exercise, exercise, exercise, water, water, water) until Sunday when I eat big, be lazy and follow the dilution method.
  2. ScottyR

    ScottyR New Member

    Unless it is court ordered, I don't think it can be supervised by law.
  3. phrozyn311

    phrozyn311 New Member

    I believe that if the test is considered "suspicious" the employer can request an observed test. Someone correct me if I am wrong?

    I will be asking for a report from the lab on tuesday and I will post.

    I always thought Synthetic Urine was fool proof. Then I heard about the Northwest Tests checking for UREA. So I went the safe route this time and bought QF w/ UREA and that is what I used.

    It took nearly a week to get the results, and was told by the owner that it didn't fail any tests, but further testing came up "inconclusive". I'm not sure exactly what that would be.
  4. HomeBoyPooping

    HomeBoyPooping New Member

    Who tested you?

    Quest? Labcorp?
  5. phrozyn311

    phrozyn311 New Member

    I gave my sample at an Urgent Care facility. Then they send it off to be tested. I will find out who tested it.
  6. xposterx

    xposterx New Member

    My employer just re-tested everyone in our plant but to check for nicotine, cholesterol, triglycerides, blood glucose, in addition to drugs. Several fake pee users failed because it's not designed to work for all the other checks. So your test was not for a pre-employment drug screen then, your existing employer?
  7. HomeBoyPooping

    HomeBoyPooping New Member

    Hmm, did they give you any receipt or paper after you took your test?
  8. HomeBoyPooping

    HomeBoyPooping New Member

    I did some research on those numbers you posted:

  9. phrozyn311

    phrozyn311 New Member

    Ok, I have the e-mail stating why I failed my test using QuickFix 5.7 w/ UREA.

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  10. phrozyn311

    phrozyn311 New Member

    The image is attached to the message above.

    QuickFix 5.7 w/ UREA is supposed to cheat drug tests is it not? I used it perfectly. I did not put it in direct sunlight. I received it a month before testing, the temperature was perfect (between 90-100). How can this be possible?

    I had to retest and of course failed. Thank God my company could not live without me and is giving me a pass.
  11. phrozyn311

    phrozyn311 New Member

    For all of you that believe this is a fake, and I am trying to discredit QuickFix 5.7 w/ UREA, you are sorely mistaken. I posted this information to let the community know that if you are having to take a test that is listed as 20239N SAP 9-20 2000 A300, that QF 5.7 w/ UREA will not work.

    To those that private messaged me telling me I wrote a bogus e-mail, you are dead wrong. In no way am I trying to bring down or QF 5.7. I am trying to make the marijuana community aware that there are tests out there that this substance will not beat.

    To think that you guys are trying to twist this subject around makes me sick. I am a avid marijuana smoker who believes in the purity and goodness in marijuana, and if I could still smoke right now I would be. I am doing my damndest to help the marijuana community, and for you to have the nerve to tell me I am a liar, makes me want to puke.

    What more evidence can I provide to prove to you that I failed this test using QF 5.7 w/ UREA? I will do my best to provide it, unlike many of the other threads where people say they will post results and don't.
  12. phrozyn311

    phrozyn311 New Member

    I can say with absolute truth, on the soul of my dead father, that the e-mail I have posted is a true e-mail, not forged by my own hands. I removed the senders e-mail address to prevent myself from getting in trouble, and for ignorant assholes like some on here from e-mailing the DISA representative.
  13. phrozyn311

    phrozyn311 New Member

    And by the way, this e-mail was never e-mailed to me. It was e-mailed to my HR dept. My HR Manager printed it out and showed it to me. I scanned it and used paint to remove information that does not need to be shared.
  14. phrozyn311

    phrozyn311 New Member

    Here is the e-mail I got from HR after I failed my OBSERVED retest.... I had to call the MRO and they told me I failed for marijuana, and they asked when I last smoked. They also gave me a number to discuss how I can change my now "inactive retest" to "active status".

    This is not a farce!!!!
  15. phrozyn311

    phrozyn311 New Member

    Upload wouldn't work. Here it is. I am going to post my QF 5.7 purchase receipt, and every other piece of documentation I can find so all you haters and ignoramuses that this is not a joke.

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  16. phrozyn311

    phrozyn311 New Member

    QF 5.7 Receipt, you can see I even asked for the Canadian version that contains UREA. I bought this immediately when I found out my company was starting to conduct urine testing. I have been in the company 4 years and they just started.

    Notice the EPCC Consortium on the DISA e-mail. I believe it means Exploration and Production, but not exactly sure. Something to do with an Oil/Gas Industry consortium which is what I work for.

    Again, this is not bullshit. I am trying to HELP!

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  17. DrugTestDave

    DrugTestDave Moderator

    phrozyn311, this is certainly not the first time I have heard of QuickFix failing. If people choose not to believe the information you are providing, let them find out the hard way. There are many other threads on this forum that indicate QuickFix has failed a number of people, and a lot of people refer to failing due to a specific batch number, etc. Others say that if you get the Canadian QuickFix it works better. My thinking is that once urine gets to the GC/MS phase, it gets pretty hard to fool the techs and machines. Urea is not the only essential content of urine that needs to be there, and the pH, creatinine levels, and specific gravity have to be right too. As far as I know, it's not possible to fake ALL of that, especially when you're talking about lower cutoffs due to secondary or split sample testing.

    I'm sorry you had such a tough go, but am very thankful you were able to hang on to your job--so many people here would give their eye teeth for that shot. Thanks for sharing what you found, and for all the evidence you have shared as well. Keep us posted if you find anything new.

  18. phrozyn311

    phrozyn311 New Member

    Finally, someone who speaks with reason. Thank you Dave. I use this forum quite often, and if it weren't for this forum I may have been dishonorably discharged from military because of my beliefs in marijuana. I am just doing my best to pay it forward.

    I have a great company that knows I provide fantastic services, and I am very privileged to have them stand by me during this time. They have offered so much help for me.

    Thanks again.
  19. phrozyn311

    phrozyn311 New Member

    And yes, the original sample with QF 5.7 was a split test. The second test wasn't because I couldn't produce enough urine (shy bladder).
  20. DrugTestDave

    DrugTestDave Moderator

    Anytime, anytime. Glad I was able to help out :) Be well, and know that I am here if you need anything in the future.


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