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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by phrozyn311, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. cofergus

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    this guy has obviously gone out of his way to provide proof that he failed using the Canadian Quick Fix. As a fellow canadian quick fix user, I would like to know what others think about this post in particular. When someone says they fail, all the naysayers tell him/her to provide proof and they never do. What do the experienced mods or users have to say about all of this? Are they catching on? This person's proof and story seem legit.
  2. The Green Lantern

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    the OP DID provide proof that i cannot argue with, BUT...

    He failed for the creatine levels being off, which is VERY odd. if it were anything else, like "not human specimen", which i have heard people claim happen... then I would be worried.

    i passed a D.O.T GC/MS a few years ago with QF, and i know for a fact that creatin levels were checked, and i passed with flying colors using QF version xx (whatever, ALA 2007 or 08)

    I'm wondering if he had a batch of recalled QF? There are a few batches being recalled by spectrum.

    If he bought directly from spectrum (or some other retailer)... There are counterfit QFs out there believe it or not. again, see the spectrum QF homepage and recall info - along with a warning and how to spot counterfeits.

    Or possibly he didnt shake well before heating, after heating, and right before giving sample?

    Again, I passed a GC/MS subbing with QF a few years ago... And people report to this day of passing easily using QF for most all pre-employment screens. except in Washington/Oregon from what i hear.

    Hmmm... so wondering...
  3. The Green Lantern

    The Green Lantern New Member

    Sorry bout the double post!
  4. Texjas420

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    Hey guys new user here but I thought this needed to be said...

    I live in the Houston area and took the 28239N SAP 9-20/2000 A300 DISA pre-employment test that went to Quest Diagnostics lab. It says on my form Quest Diagnostics Courier as the OP stated. I used Quick Fix the American version 2 oz bottle with a urinator I bought from a local head shop and it was Batch F9A-11. After reading this post I was sweating bullets and thinking I was screwed. I have never been so stressed in my life because I was clean but I went to a party and someone slipped some freaking drugs in my drink and I took a home test failing for benzodiazepines so I had to sub. But I started my job last week and I never heard anything about failing and am enjoying my new job! Hopefully this never pops up after the fact and I am knocking on wood even now but Quikc Fix worked for me! Mine was just a single sample though unlike the OP it was not a split sample. Hope this helps someone who is stressing like I was and saw this same post.
  5. The Green Lantern

    The Green Lantern New Member

    just to update this thread for anyone searching and freaking out about their upcoming eScr.

    got the Canadian version with UREA (Uric Acid) Batch was made in Jan 2012. (also had a batch from DEC 2011, that looked more yellowish - IE: More like PISS) The canadian batch was very light, almost looked like the piss from someone that was trying to dilute... so that made me a little nervous) but confirmed the batch with Spectrum and it was good. so added the Uric and went to drop my sample.

    Sample was capped and sealed in a vial to be initialed (no split sample) and it was sent off.... Temp good... etc. Guy told me it would be 48 hours. so as long the phone doesnt ring with an MRO on the other end by COB today... At the home stretch! Will update this afternoon.

    And yes, i will be flipping out if it is not good news, so you will all know!
  6. The Green Lantern

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    oh, and while the newer versions of QF have no smell, they do certainly foam when shaken... (Which if i remember from back in 07 or so it did not) So while having all the basic characteristics of P, it does certainly foam as well... just no smell. and if the collector is whiffing all of the specimens they collect, there is something VERY wrong with them!!!

    they dont get paid enough to smell cups of piss all day! Unless they have an unusual fetish!

  7. The Green Lantern

    The Green Lantern New Member

    ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL PASS with subbing & QF! Thank you Spectrum!!! i need to celebrate the new job with some NUGGETTS!
  8. DrugTestDave

    DrugTestDave Moderator

    All very interesting stuff. I have to agree with cofergus on this one. What do you guys think? It's true that people are asked all the time to prove QuickFix failed them. Here it is. Hopefully the other OPs on the boards right now who have recently used QF will be ok. Please keep us posted guys.

  9. SVC1123

    SVC1123 New Member

    What was the batch # on your Quickfix? I can find this more believable now. On Spectrum Lab's website today they listed a new list of recalled batches from 2011. Hope this helps bring some clarity.
    Quick Fix Batches # C091-11, C0101-11, C101-11 are under recall. Please check the batch # on the insert in the box. Do not use the product. Return unused product and packaging to Spectrum Labs for a free replacement or exchange.We apologize for the inconvenience.
  10. lostsurferinbc

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    Going to bump this thread, instead of mine. Going in for a test this week with QF Canadian batch pin-12. I will post the results here and in my thread so there are more up to date results on google. :)
  11. lostsurferinbc

    lostsurferinbc New Member

    so I went in for my non-DOT test this morning with quick fix 5.7.1 batch pin-12. The collector was a 30 something like me, it was an unsupervised test WITH A LOUD FAN RUNNING so I was able to get QF into the cup no problem. Now here is where I get nervous as he SMELLED IT and asked if that was my urine because it smelt flat, I replied calmly yes it is. He replies back OK if you say so. He puts his five panel test in the cup after splitting the specimen and all the right bars for negative are clearly shown. He puts the 5 panel test in the bag with the specimen and proceeds to fill out the paperwork. I was closely watching the paperwork and there is a big box half way down the page that has a check list that says Substitution, Tampered etc. He looks up again and says Its your pee right and I said yes. So he doesn't check off any of those boxes, folds the paperwork up and puts it in the bag with the specimens, and 5 panel test strips, seals it with tamper proof tape puts a bio hazard sticker on it and sends me on my way. My company calls and says they need me up North by Thursday so this is a rush deal as they have already booked my flight on their private jet. Still really unsure, but I will post me results.
  12. colakoala

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    That is nerve-wrecking right there. You did the "right" thing by being "honest". Hope all goes well for you. I'm sure he asked that because a lot of people will just freak out when they get questioned and that's how they can tell. Don't forget some of the dudes working in there aren't too different than you and know what's up, but so long as they go through the motions it's all cool.
  13. DrugTestDave

    DrugTestDave Moderator

    Please post your results when you can. The QF story seems to never completely unfold :)
  14. lostsurferinbc

    lostsurferinbc New Member

    well I passed with quick fix Canadian Batch pin-12 in Canada.

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