Increased heart rate... bad thing?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Jewbutca, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. Jewbutca

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    I would not consider myself very medically knowledgeable, but I don't see an increase in ones heart rate through smoking MJ as being a major concern. People who work out increase their heart rate; people who jump out of planes have an increase in their heart rate (safe to assume at least); shooting guns, playing a sport, or even cheering for your home team can increase your heart rate... so why do anti-marijuana politicians use that as an additional reason of why they think using MJ is dangerous? I can understand that an increase in ones heart rate can lead to a heart attack, but anything that increases your heart rate can have the same result.

    Anyone know the medical reason why your heart rate increases through smoking MJ?

    Is an increase in a person's heart rate through smoking MJ really such a bad thing? Is it possible that it even strengthens your heart? (Again... I don't know much about the human body, but I'm just throwing this out there for discussion)

  2. Trocisp

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    My understanding is that for the first 3-5 minutes after smoking, ones heart rate increases like they were at a medium-to-fast jog. That's not enough to strengthen the heart in itself. Repeated, continued use, will eventually add up - but it's not particularly significant.

    This, in itself, isn't a safety issue. It's when someone with a heart condition (Heart Palpitations, etc) in an already precarious situation smokes marijuana that this has the potential to be dangerous.

    Rule of thumb, if you're the kind of person who can't ride a roller coaster because of the "Heart Condition" sign, or some other health ailment, you shouldn't be ingesting, injecting, consuming or taking medicines/drugs/(even risky foods) without talking to your doctor first. OTC Heartburn and Headache medicine included.
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  3. Vicki

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    I'm sorry. I do not know.

    I would have to say that depends. If a person only uses a moderate amount of marijuana, a small increase in heart rate is to be expected. If a person uses too much marijuana, it may not settle well with the person, maybe make them too lightheaded, heart racing too much, etc. Especially if the person already has a heart condition. Then, it could be a bad thing.

    I doubt it, but I guess anything is possible. :)
  4. dirtbomb

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    I've had 2 Heart attacks and as long as I can pass a cardiac stress test, I'll keep smoking. Any time I've had Angina while using Pot, can be traced to the other medications I was taking.
  5. koikomoru

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    Marijuana constricts the blood vessels, increasing the heart rate. Just remember to relax and don't worry about it too much. But if it gets to the point where it starts to bother you, then you may want to take a break from M.J.
  6. weedidas

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    Only temporarily. Marijuana is a smooth muscle relaxant so it actually dilates and relaxes the blood vessels, it's just during the onset that blood pressure increases, then it decreases. Heartrate is ellevated about 20-50% for the first hour, mostly in the first 15-30 minutes. You might notice if you don't have worry about it, that it will not increase as much either.

    This should answer a lot

    Cardiovascular Effects of Cannabis

    I have a heart condition called mitral valve prolapse, and seemed to have been fine but then I started getting anxiety and panic attacks while high so that also gave me adrenaline so the and weed don't go to well together so i quit. In a "healthy" person it shouldn't be any problem. Maybe benneficial.
  7. 420lovethatCHRONIC

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    Increase in heart rate is very common, i agree, and i can see no concievable danger in an increased heart rate, if anytihing it can sometimes be a good thng, increasing blood flow to other parts of the body, but i guess the reason politicians think its dangerous is because the same thing happens when you use amphetamines, and those can be very dangerous if used to much, but marijuana and amphetamines are two completley different things, i dont know, it makes no sense to me
  8. NOVAKANE1884

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    The only concern I can see is if someone is overweight and has a family history of heart problems. IF you're overweight you're already putting and abnormal strain on your heart, adding marijuana is going to increase the heart rate further. So be mindful of your health.
  9. MrProtein

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    I have never found a medical reason for heart rate increase. I have tried searching but the information just is not out there? I wonder why? If it was dangerous, you would think they would tell you why its dangerous.

    My best guess as to the medical reason. Has to do with blood pressure. Since blood pressure drops, your heart has to pump fluid through a larger space. imo, thats the best short answer I can come up with.

    If I am correct, that is 100% negligible to your health, and probably why they dont tell you the medical reason as to why it increases heart rate.
  10. MestUp7

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    They will spew all kinda of bullshit to prevent weed from being legalized. I once read something that said weed is dangerous because use of marijuana and cocaine at the same time leads to an unsafe heart rate.
  11. Sinic

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    Well is not really that bad to increase your heart beats, why ? because some times you have lower beats, sometimes i got 64 beats/sec. and that is really bad, is a good thing if weed increases heart beats, coffeine is magic too, even if people are suspicious about it.
  12. 420 Medical

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    I did not know that.;)
  13. Plainsman1963

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    Like whoaaa! Are you saying that people who have had heart attacks, angina, mitral valve prolapse ans still continue smokin reefa? Do you'all ever have a fear that the next puff puff could be the "trigger" that causes onset of these conditions to a bad level? I know I'd be scared shi*tless if I was diagnosed with cardiopathies and then smoked or even vaped cannabis. But then again, at the local Ymca where I work out I often see people who have had open heart surgery fire up a ciggarette outside after they finish working out on the stair climbing machine. It blows my mind tho. I guees if they smoked herb it would be less harmful--but still egad!?

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