Incriminating Text Messages?

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by zweedJR, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. zweedJR

    zweedJR New Member

    Okay I am on edge right now because of an incident that occurred at my school earlier.

    My dealer/friend went to school on some off topics and was arrested for being under the influence of narcotics, he also had an oz of marijuana and some other off topics in his bag. I usually text him when I need bud because he is reasonably priced. Can the police search his cell phone and get a warrant to search my home or my person at school after reading texts that say "got any bud?"? I am more worried about my house than anything, I am not stupid enough to bring drugs to school with me.

    Any insight on this situation?
    Google didn't help much.:confused:
  2. Cosmic_Smoke

    Cosmic_Smoke New Member

    In short, no you wont get in trouble. They would need a warrant to search the kids phone, unless the kids parents alowd them to, and they wouldn't go through the trouble for some high school dealer. No offense dude, but high school really isn't where its at. I went to a huge school and there was really only a few good dealers, and they were like 19 and only went in for 1 class. Cops aren't going to crack down just for a few dealers. Now if your friend was a 20 something bigtime dealer, making 1000s a week selling bud that makes you fuckin crazy for a few hours, then they might get really intrusive.

    BTW, for me and my friends (and my dealers) its always been a rule that if we HAVE to say somthing about pot in a text, its really discreet. We'll say stuff like green.

    Oh and another thing. I've been busted before with my phone. I wasn't a dealer, and they new I bought pot. They definitely wanted my dealers names because they were just asking. So the only explanation for them not searching my phone, which was right there, is that they legally couldn't. I remember telling them my dealer was "mark emery" they didn't get it I guess, cus they seemed really proud of themselves for getting that information out of me.
  3. Maximus

    Maximus Sr. Member

    Probably not a big deal, but nonetheless I would not text anybody regarding illicit content unless proper code words/phrases were used. It's not the cops you need to watch out for, it's anybody. Situation; Dealer leaves cell phone on counter, visitor/family hears *beep* that notifies one of a message. Nosy visitor/family member picks up phone and reads message, now it's an issue. That's just one situation out of many that can result from texting. Find a quiet area and call the dealer. No paper trail, done and done. Just my suggestion.
  4. metanoia

    metanoia Smoke. Weed.

    texting always ends up in drama, use phone calls and instant messages for contact next time, it's a lot easier and clearer
  5. Rellsun

    Rellsun New Member

    we use the code-name turkey idk why maybe it was around thanksgiving but it has stuck. just make a code you and your dealer both know and your set from now on.
  6. zweedJR

    zweedJR New Member

    Thanks for the replies everyone. My parents know I smoke and they smoke too, I was worried about the well being of my family and legal issues,not other random people finding messages. I can rest a little easier now, thanks a lot.:hail:
  7. Bodhi1976

    Bodhi1976 New Member

    If they search his phone, any identifiable drug transactions with your name attached could be the basis for a search warrant. Anything you put out there will be archived on some server, even if you wipe the phone. The smart thing to do is not put out anything identifiable as an illegal transaction.
  8. MetallicaFan495

    MetallicaFan495 New Member

    Well one time my parents overheard me making a deal (I told my friend how much money I had to throw forth the QP) so my dad called the police. When the police officer searched my room he took my phone and looked through it. He got my dealers number who I had been txting and tracked him down. He started getting random piss tests the same week.
  9. ngever

    ngever New Member

    you should be fine but next time say something els besides bud, lol my friend/dealer always calls it green snacks.
  10. Sproggs

    Sproggs Sr. Member

    There are TONS (not sure on the exact number, probably around a few hundred) "code words" cops have logged so they can find out whenever someone is talking about marijuana. Whenever I shoot someone a text about anything pot related I always just say " any?" or "Hey, do you have any..?" They know what's up, they know what I'm talking about. The last thing I need is the government going through my phone :p

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