Indo, Chronic, KB, Dank??!

Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by WhiteyCM02, Apr 20, 2001.

  1. WhiteyCM02

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    Ok fellas, I really need to put something to rest that's been bugging me for the longest time. I've heard so many different explanations of stuff it's not funny. I really wanna get it straight once and for all. As far as I see it, there's 3 different types of weed generally. Shwag, dank, and KB. That's sorta going from worst to best. At least that's how I see it. I know there's all types of different KB, like northern lights and maui wowie, and other stuff like that. I've heard many times the word indo used. Is this just a term for weed, or Kb, or is it a strain of weed? Same with chronic, which i've heard plenty of times. I used to think chronic was weed laced with cocaine. Now I'm not sure about that. I heard it was just a term for really good weed, but I thought it might even be a strain of weed by itself. I'm really confused on this one. The chronic problem has really been getting on my nerves. Does it make you trip out and see things? Is it better than KB? I know in the movie Friday Ice cube starts tripping out and chris tucker just tells him it's the chronic. That's sorta what confused me about this.

    Thanks for your help
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  3. Panama

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    They're all just slang expressions for the quality of weed. Schwag being the nasty headache in bag variety and dank being at the opposite end of the spectrum.

    KB = Killer Bud, sometimes referred to as KGB (Killer Green Bud).

    Chronic does mean coke laced weed in some circles, but it's generally just wicked good weed aka "dank" dubbed because of the cough it's supposed to induce IE; a chronic cough.

    The first thing you have to do is forget everything you ever learned from TV or the movies about pot because 9 times out of 10 it's wrong or extremely exaggerated.
  4. Bailey1138

    Bailey1138 Senior Member

    Here's basically how quality of weed works. On the bottom you got your schwagg. Also known as commersh, it's the nasty stuff that you probably started on and can get the easiest. $20-25 an eighth in ohio.

    At the top you got dank, kb (kind or kine bud), chronic, they all mean the same thing, really good ****ing weed! Real bright colors, sticky with resin. KB is not a strain, it just a word for good weed. Indo might be a strain, it's not a term I'm real familiar with. For the most part, if someone tells you the weed has a name, it's dank. $50 an eighth in ohio (sometimes more, but rarely)

    In between you got your midgrades or middies. Sometimes it'll be stuff that would've been dank, but a male got to close to it, or it's just a pretty common commercial strain that's better than schwagg. $30-$40 an eighth in ohio.

    That's at least how we use these terms. One of the problems is different terms are used in different areas. Like panama said, in some areas, Chronic means there's cocaine in it, but if I tell you, "we're smoking some chronic" I just mean it's some real good bud. Hope this helps.
  5. Nefarious

    Nefarious Guest

    Origion of Chronic

    Chronic was a term that Snoop Dogg, and Dr. DRE Made up in their cirle which meant basicly "Good Shiznit" And Snoop and Dre did actuaaly make the term up, im not Bullshazzing its a fact. As for the other ones im not sure
  6. GhostPimp

    GhostPimp Guest

    i dunno if Snoop and Dre invented the term chronic, but they made it popular....with the 1991 album 'Dr. Dre Presents The Chronic'

    chronic just means some good buddha...not many people lace their weed with if its laced they will tell you mos def

    indo means indoor grown weed..

    outdo is the outdoor grown variety
  7. WhiteyCM02

    WhiteyCM02 Guest

    Thanks guys, you don't know how happy I am to actually know the answer to this stuff finally.
  8. biggie

    biggie Guest

    sad, but not always

    Most likely if you are buying weed that is laced with coke the dealer is going to tell you so he can charge more. But if your smoking with some asshole friend don't rely on the fact that he will tell you. You smoke a bowl of nugs laced with coke and you are going to smashed to all hell. Some punks like to mess with people that way, not cool in my book. Luckily it has never happened to me, but some freinds of mine have smoked a bowl with someone and after words the supplier then decides to let them know that they have just smoked coke laced weed.

    So be careful :)
  9. papichoolo

    papichoolo Banned


    indo comes from the word indica which comes from the word indonesian.So it is indonesian weed.Indica or indo produces more of a stone than the sativa strains.The Sativa strains have more of a cerebreal energetic up "Mind" highs than the indica strains which have down body highs that you feel like you dont wanna move.Man i know too much about weed for a f*ckin 15 year old.
  10. GhostPimp

    GhostPimp Guest

    Re: nope

    wrong boy boy

    your logic baffles me....

    indo = indoor weed (artificial light source grown marijuana or hydro)

    indica isnt indonesian weed...

    and the origin of the word indica isnt 'indonesia'...

    explain why there is a word "outdo" which means outdoor grown weed....
  11. manny

    manny New Member

    It's anyone's guess...

    If you're hoping to get everyone to come to a consensus about the meaning of any of these terms, you're dreaming. Different terms have different definitions in different places, among different groups of people, and often, from person to person.

    Here's the commonly accepted definitions around where I live:

    Schwag(g): Anything from dirtweed (almost no THC) to commercial.
    Dank: Really good weed (also a reference to the smell).
    KB: Kind Bud (also really good weed).
    Indo: Definition varies. I've always understood it to mean Indonesian weed.
    Chronic: The best weed you can buy* - generally gets you f**ked up after 2 hits.
    Commercial: The most common quality of commercially sold weed. Average bud.
    Midgrade: Same as commercial.

    * It is commonly accepted that the best chronic available anywhere is BC bud. Some claim that US Government-grown weed (G-0 - G-13) is even better.

    ** uc
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  12. LMFAO!!

    Indo & Outdo!!! Thats the most hilarious explanation Ive ever heard!!!

    Indo=Indonesian, doesnt really have anything to do with Indica though because a lot of the time its Sativa...
  13. caliskunk1

    caliskunk1 New Member

    In my area, there are 3 types of bud: stress (schwag), green bud, and chronic. People never really know what strain it is when they normally hook up.

    stress- $30-100 per oz, depending on the hookup
    green bud- $10 gram
    chronic- $20 gram
  14. ToP DoGgY 86

    ToP DoGgY 86 Guest

    here we have most occasionally 2 kinds of weed-commercial (most commonly known as weed around here) and dro (or hydro and what not) and dro is supposed 2 b twice as good which is why it costs twice as much
  15. theDUKEofBC

    theDUKEofBC Guest


    I was always under the impression that KB was kind bud but isn't it a special way to grow weed dealing with the soil.
  16. Bailey1138

    Bailey1138 Senior Member

    KB means kind or kind bud, just another way of saying it's good stuff. Hydro or Hydroponic growing is a way of growing without using soil. Most hydro is good, but it doesn't have to be, you can grow schwag hydroponically, I imagine it just wouldn't make good economic sense.

    For myself, there's schwag at the bottom. Next up are middies or midgrades. Commersh can be either schwag or middies, usually I use the term meaning stuff that came from a brick, but that's me.

    At the top is KB. Some KB is dank, which, to me, means dripping with resin, it actually does seem dank, there's not a better way to explain it. There are many many many strains of KB, such as Northern Lights, Purple Haze, Orange Crush, California Big Bud, just a few that spring to mind.

    Now, keep in mind, this is just what I think of when I say or hear these expressions, slang varies greatly from area to area and group of friends to group of friends.
  17. WhiteBoy

    WhiteBoy Sloth


    aroundn here in cali we have:

    stress/mex - cheap ass dirty sh*t, the stuff you dont wanna even touch or smell.

    alright sh*t - midgrade, takes alot to f*ck you up but it can actually f*ck you up unlike stress.

    chronic - the local chump smokers around here refer to anything good as chronic because they have been listening to too much dr. dre... i dont, i use actual northern lights, white widow, etc.

    dank, good sh*t - is my ghetto term for anything good that the dealer cant identify, usually called so because when someone pulls a sack of this out of their pocket, the smell explodes and you can smell it across the room...

    i dont even know why i posted this when like 20 ppl have answered you... but im high so who cares :)
  18. cannabearbeblue

    cannabearbeblue New Member

    Chronic is a strain of marijuana. I know because it was th 3rd place winner of the hydro division in the 1994 High Times Cannabis Cup.
    Hope that helps :D
  19. hmm

    yes, chronic is a strain of marijuana but that was invented after Dre n snoop made it popular. Of course their sales would rise. Um... to that one guy who laughed at the Indo & Outdo thing:

    you are a really lame idiot.

    Do you think people would actually care about kronik specifically grown in indonesia I mean it doesn even make sense. One person prolly made that up in their head when faded (another Dre term) and it caught on just because people dont know. But yes, there is indo and outdo the VERY GENERAL terms for indoor and outdoor weed because there is such a GIANT difference in yield and quality. you think a giant difference like that would not have any slang? of course it does you illogical mental midget. that is INDO and OUTDO but usually people dont generalise like that, they like to be more specific. A lot of indo is indica though, because those are easily grown indoors and are big n bushy.

    I sware some of the people that come to this site get too stoned.
    but it's all good when your blazed
  20. atucker20

    atucker20 New Member

    Hey you didn't have to call anyone a "real lame idiot" or anything else in fact. Terms are VERY different everywhere man. I've been so many places and you never know what the good chronic will be called, might even be what you might call schwag in your area?


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