Indoor-grown bud - better quality?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by InfectedWithMJ, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. InfectedWithMJ

    InfectedWithMJ Active Member

    I recently got some bud that is very different from what I always get. First of all, its soft. It doesn't smell as strong as other good weed I had, but it has so many crystals (its like kitten's furry paw...). The smell is also different, and the actual weed smell is almost non-existent.

    My dealer is clueless but my friend was growing bud before and he told me that this weed is indoor grown and indoor weed tends to be better quality.

    Is there any truth to this?
  2. Everlong2019

    Everlong2019 Sr. Member

    i dont know, i mean if it doesnt have to fight with the elements it can focus on growing bigger and stronger so...why not?
  3. sterbo

    sterbo sailor dog...

    It's a matter of the strain and how it's grown, regardless of indoor/outdoor...
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  4. 29yeartoker

    29yeartoker New Member

    This conversation is turning this thread into growing discussion which is against the posting guidelines. Please continue the growing disscussions to our sister site GardensCure which you will find the link in my signature. :)
  5. InfectedWithMJ

    InfectedWithMJ Active Member

    Hmm. I think crystal abundance is the only factor that makes weed great because the smell (strong or weak) has little effect on the high and so does stickiness. It is all about the crystals.
  6. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    LOl....where do you think the stickiness and smell come from? DING DING DING....we have a winnner.....the CRYSTALS! Once you get "used" to different weed types, you'll notice a distinct coorelation between the stickiness factor, the smell, and the amount of crystals. AS far as this stuff not having much of a "weed" smell.....honestly, the only times I thought ALL weed had a similiar scent was when everything I was smoking was basically low-end stuff. Now that I smoke the good stuff, every bag smells slightly different. it might smell like skunk one day, pine the next, and like mangos the next time....but it will all be sticky and covered with crystals too
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  7. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Theoretically, growing indoors would give the grower an opportunity to give the plants exactly what they need at exactly the right times, yielding the total potential of the plants' genetics. The best I've ever had was grown indoors, which is not to say you can't grow awesome weed outdoors. Outdoors, you have to depend on the vagaries of nature. Indoors, you can control every aspect of the environment.
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  8. Tired of Sex

    Tired of Sex New Member

    indoor is fucking shit, it's full of chemicals

    outdoor for life
  9. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    :rolleyes: Not all outdoor bud is "organic" nor is all indoor pumped full of chemicals. top quality buds can be grown either indoors or out, dirt or hydro, "chemically enhanced" or not.
  10. king cola

    king cola Sr. Member

    Wouldn't it make a difference if your talking Sativa and Indica? A pure Sativa would need a full season outdoors for a year near the equator to develope and the high is going to be different on a Sativa compared to a Indica.
  11. Dinglesberry

    Dinglesberry New Member

    Indoor is usually better, because your playing nature and you can control the heat, the water etc.

    Outdoor can be equally as good, except its harder to grow.
  12. Chunkz

    Chunkz New Member

    Just smoke it, And you will soon become wise.

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