Influence your dreams with cheese!

Discussion in 'Science' started by newcarcaviar, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. newcarcaviar

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    I was listening to Coast to Coast earlier in the week and one of the guests was a guy named James Nestor who has written a book about natural highs. Things like binaural beats, different herbs and foods, optical tricks, meditation, breathing exercises and so forth.

    At one point he was talking about different cheeses and how they can influence your dreams. I found it truly fascinating and so I did some research on it. Thought I'd pass along some cool links to study results for you to mull over. :)

    From NPR
    Study: Eating Cheese Can Alter Your Dreams : NPR

    From Daily Reporter
    Cheese unlocks your wildest dreams, says study

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  2. Kushy

    Kushy down

    That's awesome I'd definitely like to experiment with that. Just the fact that i could control my dreams for shits and giggles just seems fun :cool:

    I can just imagine a whole new cheese industry popping up "selling dreams" in the form of cheese haha. Oh, but you know how the government is... As soon as everyone starts having fun experimenting with cheese they're going to create a cheese prohibition outlawing all unlawful sales of these "drugs" known as cheddar, swiss, feta, etc... (different strains). Eventually the government will create a crusade against not only the cheese itself, but against parts of society that used it to alleviate stress or get nicer dreams. Putting millions in jail, the government will justify their ruining of American lives to the cheese war by saying "We will not allow individuals in this country to use cheeses for any reason". Eventually, a rebellion of passionate cheese eaters will lead the fight against the governments prohibition. The fight will be many years and many people will be imprisoned, arrested, and even killed. Many people will be doubtful but there is always a happy ending when enough people are passionate about their fight, and i'm happy to say that eventually cheese will be legalized! Well... RE-legalized... The good side will always win ;) Don't give up hope ;)

    Oh wow sorry haha I'm not rambling*at all :rasta:
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  3. Linkus420

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    Idk..doesn't it feel like thats going on already? Maybe its just deja vu lol
  4. Kushy

    Kushy down

    No idea dude... think you're just a bit too high :p
  5. Orange Bud

    Orange Bud Banned

    Too bad you couldnt smoke the cheese... or can you? 0_o
  6. Dark

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    Mmm I love cheese too. This is a win win! Bring on the blue cheese with soldiers and kitten-guns!
  7. Sykes

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    I've been in that downward spiral of experimentation for couple weeks now, with different cheeses.

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