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    I'm about to travel to Switzerland and have done some research about the so called "hemp stores" there. I was wondering if anyone out there has been to Switzerland since they supposively started cracking down on buds. Can I still get buds at hemp stores, or do I have to find a street dealer, what is the word?
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    About to go to Europe, and want to drop in to Switzerland IF it's still possible to buy and use recreational marijuana there. Before it was. Now it seems it's not?

    Does anyone have fresh information about enjoying weed in Switzerland, in which cities is this possible, and where does one go in those cities?

    Thanks for your help,

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    You will enjoy this

    this, in fact is my first time on this website. I come from the US, but have been in college in switzerland for 3 and a half years. There are many hemp shops remaining in Switzerland and depending on the canton(state) it can be perfectly legal. In Biel/Bienne, for example there are multiple weed shops called "trendshops". In Luzern, there are four remaining "hanfshops"near the lowenplatz. In Zurich there are almost none left because the laws were changed recently and 32 shops were closed this summer. In Bern there are still shops near the train station, Though it is not necessary to get weed in shops in Swiss, due to the overwhelming amount of reliable dealers it is of course fun to go to a weed shop somewhere other than Holland. Depending on where you are going and how long you will be there, you may easily find several dealers just by asking on the trains. just a year ago I used to smoke joints on the trains between Zurich and Luzern, but the smoking sections on the trains have been closed over the summer, so there are no cigarette smoking sections anymore. Swiss-Germany is full of hippie looking people who all know dealers and usually speak english and would probably be happy to direct you to a weed shop or perhaps sell you some from there stash, Ive had that experience many times. So all in all, Switzerland's laws are very lengient on marijuana use and the police rarely bother people. With a US passport you may need to pay a fine if caught and you at least will need to give up your stash. So, Enjoy your stay in the second most lengient country in Europe on weed. all the best
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    :wave: Bonjour, Greutzi, Bonjourno, Hello
    This is my first time on this website and I have enjoyed the threads I have read so far. I thought I might add a bit of information on swiss laws and swiss "hempshops" I have encountered during my studies in Switzerland for the last 3-4 years.

    Firstly, I must describe the organization of Switzerland, Switzerland is a confederation. There are 14 Cantons. or, States each fairly independent in creating laws. nearly all of those canton's laws are very lengient on marijuana users. Some of those cantons have the legal ability for citizens of switzerland to sell cannabis for tea in a governmentally regulated shop. These only exist in Luzern, Biel, and Bern, but you may find other shops, juszt as reliable in Zurich, Interlaken, lausanne, Geneva, Lugano, Agno, and many other cities across Switzerland. Switzerland is divided into three parts, The German speaking part consists of nearly all of northern Switzewrland down to ST gotthard pass and over to bern. The French Speaking part consists of south western switzerland and the italian speaking part consists of the southern ccentral tip of switzerland.

    Not only are there shops, but even every small Alpine village has dealers who are easy to find, Just ask. Everywhere I have gone I have easily found fine indoor and greenhouse. Go to the local pub or bar and it is likely someone there has weed on them or knows a local dealer and would be happy to help, especially in the german part. Most Swiss-Germans speak English, Many Swiss French do as well.

    Now the police in Switzerland are very tolerant of marijuana use. Even by forgieners. Usually if they catch you, they take your stash and keep it for themselves, but sometimes you may get a fine, and if you are not form Europe, US or canada, there may be trouble, however unlikely. the swiss in general are very unobtrusive and libertarian, they are not at all likely to call the police on anyone for marijuana reasons.

    So, I hope this encourages travels to Switzerland form readers because from my experiences there I find it is cheaper and easier to travel there than most of western Europe. Because the Swiss have still not adopted the Euro it is actually less expensive then France and Germany for basic necessities. The swiss franc is worth about 70 cents US. dont pay more than 20 swiss francs a gram for really good indoor, normally it should be ten-12 per gram. There is also very nice greenhouse grown cannabis available for less.
    Enjoy your travels
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    Greutzi mittenand

    I have lived in Switzerland for 4 years and am there now. There are still easy to find shops in Biel, Bern, Geneva, Luzern, and maybe Zurich, but it is still as readily available outside the shops as it ever has been, there are dealers in every little ski village, just ask around. It is not technically legal in most cantons, but usually no one enforces the laws against it. Also the swiss are not likely to call the cops on you ever for anything to do with weed.
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    Laws are getting tighter. A few shops in Biel/Bienne closed recently and that was where I usually got my shit. There are still a couple shops around but you have to look for them...

    Zurich still has a couple....

    Looking for one in the Valais/near Verbier, anyone got any info?

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